The Vehicle was Waiting

Europe is under attack by inanimate objects that somehow gain sentience and then immediately target the kuffir. From "bad streets" in sharia law no-go zones, to "knife attacks" and self-driving trucks it's clear that our ancestral homelands are facing a bizarre Maximum Overdrive crisis. Well, that or it's just enemygrants and the Fraud News refuses to address this disaster, this might also be the case. Still, things are much better since we stopped putting tricolor filters over our Faceberg duck-face photos and just immediately memory holed the moe-ham-head malfunction. For example, today's story about an autonomous car and its suspiciously unidentified driver plowing over soldiers trying to control the mudslime violence in El-France didn't even rate a mention by the liar press. We have to focus on what matters, like war with Russia, war with North Korea, war with Iran, war, war and more war. The jew wants dead Whites.

French police have searched the home of a man suspected of driving a car into a group of soldiers in a Paris suburb on Wednesday morning, injuring six, to establish if he has links to terrorist organisations.

Cue wacky Pink Panther music as this bumbling investigation into the latest alien jihadan begins. Could this unnamed "man" have been connected to mainstream moon cultist beliefs? By the time we find out, you'll be distracted by something else, right?

The man, shot and arrested earlier after a motorway chase in northern France later on Wednesday, was reported to be a 36-year-old living in a north-west suburb of Paris.

We decided that the age of this snake idol worshiping sand monster was the most salient detail, so that's all you're getting.

Police confirmed the black rented BMW stopped by armed officers was the same vehicle used in the attack, but were unable to confirm the involvement of the driver who was reportedly unarmed.

Unarmed and innocent "man" who was probably Christian. Mangled bodies splattered across the road. Say, is that Africa Ball on your talmudvision? I really like the negroes on "Red."

The incident in Paris occurred at about 8am during the changeover of soldiers stationed at Place de Verdun, not far from the town hall in Levallois-Perret. Six members of the 35th infantry regiment were injured in the apparent ambush, three seriously.

Paris under martial law, walls around our monuments to prevent "attacks," constant fear, dark alien faces full of menace, strident calls to mahound dog-posture sessions, "Is this Africa?" You can't build your future with other people's children.

Europe is for everyone.

The vehicle was driven the wrong way down a one-way street before it struck the troops.

Undocumented right of way, no direction is illegal. There is zero connection between foreign invasion and crime and it's obvious when you see soldiers patrolling your dying city and then being cut to pieces by jihad on wheels.

Balkany described the attack as a “deliberate aggression”.

Yeah. No shit.

“It’s without doubt a deliberate act … This vehicle was waiting for them,” he said. “The BMW accelerated very quickly the moment they came out. This happened in the middle of the town. It happened very quickly.

The car, driving itself and even having human thoughts, lay in wait for the enemies of islam. "Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush." Nothing to see here, just a BMW that went bad on its own, the legacy of an evil Germany that is also being rapidly destroyed, I mean "enriched," by jew-ordered sand creature invasion. 

“Levallois is a calm place … this is an odious aggression against our military that nobody expected.”

Who could have predicted this? We've never seen anything like it! For at least a few weeks, anyway... 

The soldiers were deployed as part of Opération Sentinelle. About 10,000 soldiers and 4,700 police and gendarmes are involved in the operation, which was launched under France’s ongoing state of emergency introduced after the January 2015 terrorist attacks.

"Diversity" is our greatest strength. When Paris was homogeneous and boring we didn't need to launch failed military campaigns against the civilian populace, but now we do and it's so vibrant and exciting.

Although French authorities remain cautious as to the motives of the driver, the incident appears to be the latest assault on France’s security forces.

It was probably a "right wing" extremist, just you wait and see.

It came four days after Opération Sentinelle soldiers arrested an 18-year-old man with a history of psychological problems at the Eiffel Tower, where he had brandished a knife and shouted “Allahu Akbar”. He told investigators he wanted to kill a soldier, sources close to the case told Agence France-Presse.

The motives in that attack also remain undetermined. Might be "climate change."


  1. Wow, this was a lightning-fast attack. Those six French soldiers didn't even have time for proper surrender.

  2. I saw what you did with that Spectre quote, emphasizing where the wicked old jewess said "they" in reference to Europe. Nice touch, good eye. We have always been and will always be THE OTHER to jews (and to every non-White, in fact), no matter how much they've screeched about having always historically wanting to "be accepted" by ethnic European society, having their feelies hurt over being themselves seen as "the other". Just a bunch of screeching from jews it was... and still is. Same with the rest of the non-Whites.

    I wish we Whites would, as a group, wake up and realize what has been done to our minds, how we've been tricked into including the very people who want to replace us and destroy us as "one of us"... just because they're bipeds, or that they happen to be standing on our "magic dirt".



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