Women and Children Fleeing War Arrive in Spain

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide. This is a comprehensive 97 second refutation of every deceitful kosher argument for "immigration."

What you're watching is a scene from a nightmare. This is being filmed in Europe. Hordes of fighting age males display the sort of agitated behavior usually seen from the 65 I.Q. negro animal right before something burns, the looting starts or a mall gets put on tilt. This writhing dark metastasis is needed if Europe is going to survive, ask any jew. Shirtless tar monsters run down a street yelling tribal nonsense that might as well be "ooga booga." They're here to save muh economy and muh pensions. We will win the critical kosher race to have more people, while defining what actually qualifies as human as loosely as possible.

We're treated to more idiotic pathology from genetic aliens carrying foreign DNA not shared by any other race. One enemygrant is wearing a shirt for the local soccer club. Wow, can't wait to watch the amazing "pace" of this dark animal in the Africa ball matches. Drink that booze, pop those pills, shoot that heroin, everything is fine. Our football animals on "red" are better than the morlocks on "blue." This is a source of massive civic pride. Let me get this noose around my neck. Outside, everything is burning, Camp of Saints madness is unfolding, our nations are dying.

We care deeply about democracy, rule of law and free markets.

Still more Big Chimping follows. An ambulance pulls up. I guess it's time to receive the first of many free services from the dying land they just invaded. Congoloids yell and extend their fists toward the camera, full of unbridled exuberance for a future of endless hand-outs and plenty of free-range Legacy Europeans to prey upon. "Eye cant bee-leee dem dumm wites lat us een," is the thought that roughly coalesces within primitive brains completely incompatible with a civilization built and maintained by Whites. We're doing the right thing. A merchant with a weird little cap convinced us it was necessary. This is definitely not national suicide.

After more displays that prove we're all equal and that race is just "skin color," and probably not even that, the foreign sewage is finally corralled by legitimate authorities. The enemy army is made to sit on the ground like a rowdy kindergarten class being disciplined. Please, garbage people, save your worst behavior for after the cameras are gone. In the darkness the mob of living fossils is nearly invisible as confused representatives of a terminally ill country wonder what they should do next. At least we're "doing the right thing." That jewish eulogy for our rotting corpse is going to be mostly full of half-praise, just you wait.

Look at all the "diversity."


  1. The best, most-logical way to deal with this ABSOLUTELY REAL invasion is to mass whatever troops the West still has as far away as possible, namely on the Russian border, and to whine incessantly about non-existent threat from a white Christian nation...


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