Muh Democracy: The Stampede to Lead South Africa

Attempting to control the natural destructive tendencies of the negro is bad, whether it be by police work, a court, or a national policy of separation. Common sense measures to minimize the damage caused by obvious inferiors are "racist" and the best solution is to remove the remaining protections against the content of their character and let them run wild. Just ask any jew, they'll tell you. By the time everything is burning and political murders are as common as a rainy day, the same kosher media that breathlessly reported the heroism of a marxist terrorist will be long gone. Your dead country is no longer world news, there's no more propaganda points to score, you are now a curiosity for the "Where are they now?" file.

Where you are now is an African hell, an endless nightmare from which there will be no awakening. When Whites are gone, when hope is gone, when the rudiments of civilization collapse, there's nothing left but the same backward and moronic savagery we tried to control and were declared irredeemably evil for doing so. All progress has been erased, the tolerant benefactors hacked to pieces with machetes, but at least we're not being called names by the same jewish enemy now laughing at our destruction.

Hundreds of ANC officials in South Africa have been murdered by fellow party members during campaigning for elected positions in a situation which one provincial leader has described as a “a stampede to lead”—but which is in fact just a typically Third World phenomenon of a violent struggle to gain access to the public purse for personal profit.

Soon the remaining vestiges of a civilized Democratic nation will be completely stripped away and we'll have warlords and child soldiers and endless, senseless all against all, just like every other nation, if they can even be called as such, in sub-Saharan Africa. In a few more years no one would ever guess that Whites once ruled here as the living fossils beg for the return of ones they slaughtered, screaming "We dyin' hee-ah" through blood-soaked teeth. Civilization is fragile, chaos and violence is the natural state of the negro and they will quickly return there when the "bigots" are dead or fled.

As recently reported in the far left Guardian newspaper, the murder of ANC rising star Sindiso Magaqa in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is “symptomatic of wider problem as political corruption scandals take their toll” in South Africa.

It's symptomatic of a wider problem of a 60 I.Q. average, a lack of future time orientation, an inability to connect basic cause and effect relationships, heightened aggression, diminished executive functions in a tiny frontal lobe, etc.

Hope and change.

According to that report, Magaqa, a former leader of the ANC’s youth wing, was gunned down in a machine gun attack—one of more than 80 such murders in KZN alone. All the victims have been ANC members.

The regularity of machine gun attacks on our corrupt leadership is a small price to pay to win the battle against "racism." When we're left with a smoking crater everyone is sure to marvel at our wisdom and basic goodness. This is far more important than stopping open tribal warfare.

The murders were “a phenomenon within the ANC”, Senzo Mchunu, former ANC Premier of KZN, was quoted as saying.

It's really something. No explanation for why poorly-formed communist simians are fighting for the chance to rule over ruins readily springs to mind.

Dis bee wat I doo to poe-lit-ick-all nem-en-nees, bee-atch.

Xolani Dube, a researcher at the Xubera Institute in Durban, the biggest city in KZN, told the Guardian that the deaths are the result of “feuds, resources and tradition. These are corruption killings, not political killings,” Dube said.

Well, that's a relief. It's just staggering corruption causing the jungle battles, not any disagreement over basic political ideology (Kill Whitey, muh dikk, more communism). This is the exciting and vibrant "tradition" of the Heart of Darkness. How many million should we put you down for, Minnesota?

The murders are so rampant that the KZN government even set up a “commission” to investigate the killings.

The Truth, Reconciliation and Nigga Bodies (Ah! Ah!) Commission.

Only a handful of police inquiries into the several hundred political killings in KZN over the last several years have ended with an arrest, let alone a conviction, the Guardian added.

No arrests were made, random isolated incident, election campaign gone wrong, good politician turning his life around, I think we all know the words to this song.

Don't blame me, I voted for Magaqa.


  1. Dis wuz a case of politicks gone wrong. The flora and fauna beez raciss for not suppoting the noble apefreakin. We beez all sad dat violence done broke out again. Damn daylight and raciss sun for showing dat to da wurld. We needs mo food and mo money. Mo money beez solutionizing dis outrage.


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