NFL Death Watch: More Empty Stadiums

It's a surprisingly crowded field, but seeing the Liberia Ball wither and die might be the most satisfying story produced by The Current Year. Once an unstoppable jewish juggernaut that used its massive popularity to push every sort of kosher degeneracy, today's Negro Felon League can't even find enough debased, gelded and thoroughly cucked White losers to fill the stands. It appears there is in fact a limit on what the average legacy American will tolerate, and that limit was reached the day animals straight from a nightmare decided to protest symbols that are meaningless to them but still hold resonance with the Whites who are expected to fund this grotesque spectacle. Now the semetic swine ball is dying and it feels so good.

As the nation prepares to celebrate Christmas Day, it looks like Santa didn’t come to fill the NFL’s empty stadiums for the league’s Week 16 games.

The congo rugby finds an ugly dark mess in the stocking instead of presents from slumbering Whites. The jew owners allowed their 70 I.Q. slaves to run wild and are now paying the price where it hurts the most. Santa didn't come down the chimney, instead the precious six million dollars were lost up the chimney, the greatest outrage and crime of the goyim.

The NFL’s Week 16 began with an admission by the Baltimore Ravens that the mass player protests during the playing of the national anthem when the team was playing on foreign soil in Britain’s Wembley Stadium, has seriously hurt its attendance all year here at home.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate, coal black mess of a "team!" Shame you have to leave the puzzled British (Why are those "Asians" kneeling?) and come back to freshly awakened Whites who are no longer interested in "look at that boy run."

The Ravens sent a letter to season-ticket holders, sponsors, and suite holders, commenting on the number of empty seats at M&T Bank Stadium and specifically citing the anthem protests as a factor causing the no-shows.

Dear White Devil,

We really need you to come back and resume wasting your geld on this idiotic children's game played by evolutionary dead-ends. We're sorry the nightmare animals acted up, please return to your mindless and self-destructive consumerism. Did I mention that a lot of these schwoogies can run fast for several seconds, make another negro "hurry," or pile on top of each other? You remember how much fun that was, right? What about your "fantasy" team, where you look at the wall and suck on a ball gag while the game is playing on your talmudvision? Please come back. We dyin' hee-ah, as our dark undifferentiated property might say. Seriously, we need your money.

Your Friend,

The Jew

 Look at all the "diversity."

Despite last week’s mea culpa, the stadium was still practically empty for Saturday’s game. Photos of show a massive number of empty seats at M&T Bank Stadium as the Ravens took on the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens won the points, but not the fans in a 23-16 final.

Wow, 23 entire "points." I bet you feel pretty silly about staying home with your family now, gentiles. 

The Cincinnati Bengals weren’t able to turn out fans at Paul Brown Stadium on the riverfront, either. The Bengals did beat the Detroit Lions, though, 26-17, though. So the day wasn’t a complete loss for the “Who Dey” crowd.

Gots to get up on dat "Who Dey" and sheeeet. If this moronic monkey-talk isn't enough to get you excited, let me remind you that we just handed Detroit another indignity to go with the bankruptcy, the ruins, the magic negro that failed, the crime, the plan to sell everything to China, the knife fights at Christmas giveaways, etc.

Meanwhile, in a snowy Chicago, the Bears trounced the Cleveland Browns 20 to 3. However, apparently the fans stayed home where it’s warmer. Only about half of Soldier Field’s seats were warmed by a fan this weekend.

Come to Chiraq, enjoy endless negro pathology, freezing temperatures and a thrilling game featuring two completely interchangeable teams of dangerous morlocks.

Very few Whites in the Midwest Mogadishu.

Finally, football in New York is still struggling as the Los Angeles Chargers traveled east to MetLife Stadium to face the New York Jets. The Chargers won 14-7, but fans stayed home regardless.

I know, I was surprised, too. It's almost as if the bread and circuses are no longer pacifying a people being targeted for destruction in their own homeland.

I can't believe most Whites don't want to be like this bloated degenerate.


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