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Rhetorical Manifestations

International Holocaust Remembrance Day came and went Saturday without South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster passing a State Senate bill that would make his state the first to codify a universal definition of antisemitism.

Oy gevalt, the failure of the Palmetto State to formally define Thought Crime, in time for World Holohoax Day, is equivalent to another shoah. We need a clearly worded definition of anything the jew finds objectionable. Otherwise we'll lose another precious six million to fire pits, trained killer condors, Soviet submarine engines, electric belts, skull smashers and all the rest. Hurry up and surrender your rights, you dumb gentiles.

The Israel Allies Foundation (IAF), which initiated the legislation together with South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons, blamed the delay on one state senator.

The enemy within. A foreign nation is controlling our government. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Had enough, shkotzim?

“One bad apple has put a procedural hold on …

Liberia to Fix Muh Constitution

To the extent that nations even exist, they definitely aren't the people that form them. Instead, they are merely a set of good ideas enshrined in language that can be freely misinterpreted or ignored if it serves the present agenda. All people are exactly the same and equally capable, so it's reasonable to assume that as long as your amorphous propositions are high quality the resulting nation will reflect those exemplary and tenebrous ideals. This is why the moose-limb horde is a tremendous boon for Europe and the may-hee-can disaster is going to save the USA. We don't even need to bother trying to assimilate the alien hordes, a yellowed and rotting document written by men whose memory needs to be erased will do all the heavy lifting, don't worry. Liberia obviously knows this, as they prepare to transform their pathological Heart of Darkness into a paradise by changing a few words on a scrap of paper.

Liberian President George Weah said Monday he would seek to remove …

Cucktianity: Perverse Logic

If we're going to restore our homelands and our people we must also restore the healthy traditions that were endlessly attacked during the disastrous jewish century. The atomized individual, living for nothing greater than the next moment, represents no threat whatsoever to the nation-wreckers. Unfortunately, turning to our current "spiritual leaders" isn't any better and is perhaps even worse, since now the nihilistic evil wraps itself in robes of white and proclaims its virtue, rather than being an obviously destructive end product of apathy and systematic kosher demoralization.

Consider the cuck-o-lick church and its enthusiastic promotion of the islamic conquest of Europe. It's hard to imagine how this madness benefits the church itself or any of its handful of remaining adherents. This mystery is solved when the same dead faith turns around and warns us about "anti-semitism." Another institution is conquered and completely poisoned by the enemy wit…

Negro Felon League Animal in "Misunderstanding"

Don't forget to watch the "big game," shkotzim. This should keep you distracted from bipartisan efforts to legitimize millions of may-hee-can invaders and the slow demographic decline and fall in general. I mean, look at that boy run! These are the heroes of a decadent age, the worthless monsters propped up by the jew as proof that there is something the negro isn't completely useless at, namely crashing into each other and forming undifferentiated piles of writhing mud. Yes, be sure to watch that Liberia Ball. Cheer on "your" negroes in "red" as they wage a never-ending and unwinnable war with "our" hated enemy, the negroes on "blue." Drink that kosher booze, take your opiates, soil yourself in front of the talmudvision, you won't even notice that everything is falling apart.

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey has been charged with third-degree robbery, reported.

I'm pretty sure this arrest was caused by "rac…

The Anti-Semitism Cyber Monitoring System

The jew is the Light of the World, the best thing going on two legs, g*d's favorite, a being of pure light and goodness with a carpetbag full of love and a fractional reserve banking system of peace and joy. Incredibly, some people, and by that I mean everyone who has ever come into contact with the friendly merchant, are blindly intolerant of the Money Magician for no good reason. When everyone hates you the problem is clearly the entire world and not you. The solution might be a special computer program designed to catch the Crime Thought and then report it to the kommissars in control of your rapidly dying nation.

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs revealed a new and unique platform for realtime information and analysis of online anti-Semitism.

Holohoax Remembrance Day, aka every single day of every year in formerly White countries. Oy, the precious six zillion up the chimney, my family made into living room furniture, the…

Islamic Tribal Warfare at German Airport

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread it far and wide.

Welcome to Germany in 2018. An airport becomes the venue for open warfare between identical looking groups of foreign inferiors. The "diversity" has landed. We need a lot more of this in Europe, just ask any jew. The moose-limbs are chanting "fascist." Good thing we "won" World War 2 and prevented that, at least until now.

A mass brawl has broken out at a German airport, sparked by demonstrators protesting about Turkish military action against Kurdish fighters.

It sure is exciting how these exotic mud world tribal struggles can now express themselves in a rapidly dying White homeland.

Video shows protesters waving flags exchanging punches with a group of men, who ran towards them, and some of the flags being used as improvised weapons.

A army of conquest plants its flag, then uses it to try to skewer other moe-ham-heads. "Women and children" flee from "war,…

Criminal Gangs Have Also Diversified

We need a lot more illegal immigration. If this means pulling ridiculous political stunts and pretending thirty-year-old enemygrants are "children," so be it. The decades of foreign invasion that preceded the current "crisis" just didn't do enough damage: Whites still exist and aren't even a hated minority. We're even hearing stories about Heritage Americans having children and getting raises at their jobs. This must stop. We must have millions more from the may-hee-can sewer. If the whole system has to be destroyed to achieve this, it's worth it. The needs of la-teen-oh criminals are more important than yours, goyim. Also, describing the taco inferiors as criminals is "racist," despite the mountain of evidence confirming this that is about to be presented.

Mexico saw a total of 25,339 murders last year, official data has shown, after 2017 was already established as a record-breaking year based on killings carried out until November.

All ag…

Eroding Rule of Law in Texas

A civilized nation requires civilized people. This is so straightforward and obvious that it's guaranteed to go wrong. We need a lot more may-hee-can inferiors and once we've taken their worst there are plenty of other shitholes to mine for criminals and permanent welfare cases. It's important we do this because God told me to do it and if the voice of the divine happens to sound a lot like a jew lecturing in our media or schools, I'm sure that's just a crazy coincidence. Once they're here we'll do our best to bury the predictable criminality and if that doesn't work the Big Guy upstairs will give more detailed instructions in appeasement and cowardice re: the foreign invaders.

A Comal County judge said God told him to intervene in jury deliberations to sway jurors to return a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Buda woman accused of trafficking a teen girl for sex.

A senile and crazed piece of shit dressed in robes knows what's right. The Creator s…

Sweden's Foreign Fighters and the Gender Balanced Lions

A nation is an idea, a nebulous concept enshrined in words that are constantly changing or losing their meaning. Any human-shaped creature immediately absorbs this metaphysical construct upon breaking the plane of the border, so worrying about losing your country, as if it was ever yours to begin with, is silly. We have a people race to win, do-gooding is more important than survival and inside every ululating sand monster is a good little work unit that can be used to replace you and the children you didn't have with no loss of national continuity whatsoever. If there's the occasional five day riot or self-driving truck, that's nothing that can't be prevented by ugly statues with an even ratio of male and female genitals.

Sweden’s Security Service has warned of a risk of a new Islamist terrorist attack in the country in 2018. 

Yeah. I think that's a safe prediction there, Nostradamus.

Despite repeated warnings from the nation’s leading terror expert of jihadists op…

Pyramids of Supremacy

A publicly-funded university on Maryland's eastern shore now has a required class for elementary education majors called "Diversity and the Self," which employs a "Pyramid of White Supremacy."

If you're still not convinced that the communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it was formerly known, is a jewish con game I'm not sure what else I can say to convince you. Rack up massive pound of flesh kosher debt, shkotzim! Learn why your own existence is a crime and you need to die. Examine the supremacy pyramid, built from giant stones of semitic hatred for you and everyone you care about and mortared together with nonsense and lies. Don't start a family, don't learn a trade, don't do anything productive. Sit quietly in Room 101 and passively absorb the kosher shrieking and hissing. Now you're "educated" and better than the "rednecks" who are "racist" and need to die. By the way, your student lo…

A Non-Traditional Dutch Name

Every country is equally good and even if some, strictly speaking, aren't all that great you can bet they're packed full of high quality people who are only being held down by the lack of free markets and consumer options. It makes excellent sense to bring in all the amazing human capital of the mud world. If you disagree, you're a "racist" and I don't need to formulate any counter-arguments because you're in original sin and six million jews died in homicidal gas chambers because of people like you. The best news is that a massive foreign invasion will have zero consequences for your ancestral homeland. You'll still be able to pursue hedonism and materialism, you don't have any children so there's no point in worrying about the future and someone will be there to drag away your dead body. Everything is fine.

Dutch mainstream media reported that Noah was the most popular baby name for boys in the Netherlands, but a little digging turned out a d…

Baltimore: Buildings Responsible for Negro Failure

It's extremely difficult to explain the pathology of the American negro when the correct and obvious answer of genetic inferiority is off the table. Maybe it's the "legacy of slavery" or "systematic discrimination" causing the monkeyshines? Don't forget the "bad streets" where the very pavement has a distressing effect on the simian inferior, making them violent and idiotic. Well, it turns out the roads aren't the only construction causing the lack of future time orientation, heightened aggression and the complete inability to connect cause and effect relationships that typifies the "African-American." Apparently housing units are also responsible. What, haven't you ever seen a horror movie? Dem haints up in dem yew-nets bee makkin dem bruddas hos-tile, mann. Hos-tile.

Baltimore officials plan to relocate more than 120 families from a public housing project near where a black man who suffered a fatal injury while in police cus…

Good News Monday: Our Thoughts and Prayers

Happy Mattin Luffa Kang Day, everyone! And what better way to celebrate the impressive legacy of a negro con man who had the good fortune of not living long enough to be completely exposed, than a story of evolutionary dead-end idiocy from Detroit Rot City? Yes, this is the lasting impact of a Great Man who was transformed from a communist sex monster to a saint by high velocity lead. This is the dream coming true, the content of their character, the [addition plagiarized lines]. Animals from a nightmare cannibalize rotting infrastructure, only to meet with a truly shocking ending. The vibrant and electrifying negro, truly our over-cooked, in this case quite literally, equal.

Two people have been found dead inside a Detroit Public Lighting Department station on the city's east side.  

Morlocks come out at night to pick at the ruins, their moronic simian minds unable to comprehend complex White topics like "high voltage."

Officials said they believe the people were stealin…

Africa, El Salvador and Haiti are Shitholes

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court  that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States." - 1790 Naturalization Act