A Bridge Too Far

Twelve-year-old Michelle Flores shared a special moment with her family at FIU this past Saturday: She and her sister Gabriela joined their parents, FIU alumni Leonor and Henry Flores MIS ’01, to watch a 950-ton section of a pedestrian bridge swing into its permanent position across Southwest 8th Street.

Leonor Flores ’98 is a project executive and one of 63 FIU alumni who work for MCM, the construction firm building the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge, which will further connect FIU and its northerly neighbor, the City of Sweetwater. She was excited to share her work with her family, especially Michelle, who is interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in school.

We need a lot more inept brown inferiors designing our bridges. Honestly, what could possibly go wrong? Employ idiotic and delusional foreign outsiders who check as many "victim" boxes as possible; this is our mighty strength. The "dream" of the Rio Grande night swimmer becomes a waking nightmare.

In a pathetic and hastily added update to this article, in all red text no less, we are assured that this particular wise la-teen-ah invader was not the author of the collapse that left six dead, despite the fact that this is heavily implied in the above paragraph, written before the fall. I'm left unsure if this is an incompetent wetback whose shoddy work killed others or if this alien was merely holding a token "diversity" sinecure that does absolutely nothing and as such can't be held responsible. Suffice it to say, neither of these conclusions paints "We need fewer Whites in everything!" in a very positive light.

Michelle said she might want to follow in her parents’ footsteps and go to FIU when the time comes, and that it was fascinating to see her mom’s work in action. “I’m interested in the architecture and the design of the bridge, and the math portion of it,” she said.

 The math portion.

Said Leonor: “It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

 A brown woman's touch.

The pedestrian bridge, which crosses Southwest 8th Street at the 109th Avenue intersection, will provide a safer crossing of the eight-lane thoroughfare for the 4,200 FIU students living in Sweetwater. Between its walkways and plazas, it will also provide 9,900 square feet of gathering and event space.

Yes. I foresee nothing but good things for this project. It will be nice and safe and provide plenty of shade for siestas

“From day one, this university has never existed in isolation. From an airfield, we rose for this community. We continue to grow for this community, and this project is proof,” said President Mark B. Rosenberg at a ceremony commemorating the move that day.

Every. Single. Time. The precious six lost in the may-hee-can construction holocaust, the greatest of tragedies. This project is proof of what we're turning into. When Whites are gone, when hope is gone, we'll be left with crumbling and collapsing ruins. Dark monsters who can't even maintain what used to stand, let alone build replacements, wander through the ruins, preying on each other and alternating between cursing Whites and begging for our return.

“We are so grateful that our standing can be enhanced in this act of cooperating that communicates very concretely that nothing is going to stand in our way of promoting our students’ safety and security, and nothing is going to stand in our way of progress. Nothing is going to stand in our way of doing what’s right for this community.”

Another victory for "progress!" Nothing can stop us, not the g*d I think I can trick, not the hated gentiles, not obvious racial realities, not gravity, nothing. We are invincible. Our multi-culti nightmare state is unstoppable! It's hard to believe anyone was ever fooled by this kosher arrogance.

Biology student Roshawn Brown, who lives at 109 Tower, said he’s thankful for the future pedestrian bridge and for a safer crossing to class every day.

“Having this bridge is a blessing,” he said, adding that it was cool to watch the rig move the section into place after having passed by it in progress every day since construction began in 2017. “It was beautiful. It was amazing to watch something like this, because I’ve always seen highways and bridges being built, and I’ve never understood how this is made possible.”

Negro superstition and savagery. Brought here in jewish chains, unable to comprehend the basics of civilization, this dangerous animal thinks a short-lived "diversity" folly is some kind of miracle. Sheeeet, diss bee dat blessin, mudda fudda. How dey do diss, I donn noe. Aw damm, I bee fallin. 

Students in FIU’s engineering and architecture programs came out at 5 a.m. to watch the theory they learn in class take form in a real-world application.

They ended up learning a lot more than they bargained for, mostly about the semitic lies we're expected to parrot and the very real and disastrous consequences of these fictions.

Civil engineering doctoral student Dewan Hossain said: “I would say this is magic. In five hours using that ABC technology and sensors, the bridge is already there."

Even more amazing is how you didn't even have to get on there and detonate to kill the kuffir. "Minority" incompetence did the job for you. Allahu akbar.

I would encourage more students to come view these types of projects to enhance what they learn.

Yeah. I really would.


  1. Probably Cuban rather than Mexican. I lived in Miami in the early 1980s. There was a bumper sticker that said “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag?”

  2. They built it. It collapsed. What's more to say? The damned thing was one big experiment in disaster! The only way it brought people together was for funerals!


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