Good News Monday: Smuggling Boat Sinks

We need to be sad all the time. Some healthy self-loathing is also advisable. After all, six million precious jews went up the chimney after being murdered by Whites in homicidal gas chambers. You must mourn each of them individually and carry the massive guilt for your shared genetics with the not-see criminals. Don't forget the "civil rights" movement, where the poor, downtrodden negro and its jew buddies had to struggle to gain special privileges in a dark time when hatred of Whites wasn't socially acceptable and endlessly pushed in classrooms and on the talmudvision. Yes, this is all your fault. And now, we've got the poor hordes of invading jihadans in Europe, suffering and even dying during their selfless quest to loot rapidly dying nations and eventually take them over and set up kaliphates. Let's see those tears, goyim. You don't want to commit Face Crime.

A smuggling boat sank Saturday off a Greek island, killing at least 16 migrants including children, and a search-and-rescue operation was underway to find two others believed missing. 

Poseidon welcomes the newest "immigrants" to his kingdom. I'm sure they'll "pump" lots of value into the underwater ecosystem, saving the pensions of scavengers. "Help me allah!" gasps the invader in its ugly animal language as its lungs fill with water. So long, moe-ham-head. Too bad you'll never get to rape and murder in my ancestral homelands. Did I mention some of them were "children," meaning only thirty years old? This is really a horrible tragedy, stop smiling.

The wooden boat was believed to have been carrying around 21 people when it sank for reasons that were not immediately clear off the coast of the eastern Aegean island of Agathonisi, the Greek coast guard said. 

We don't know why it sunk, it's an impenetrable mystery. My own personal theory about the wrath of the Old Gods defending Europe from the moose-limb sand monsters remains unconfirmed as of this writing.

A massive search operation involving aircraft, the Greek navy and coast guard and a vessel from the European border agency Frontex was underway.

An enemygrant rape gang can operate for forty years because we're afraid of being called a "racist." Meanwhile, if a few mud creatures from the anus of the world drown we'll deploy the entire navy, even though our nation is completely broke and this nonsense is expensive.

Look at all the "diversity."

Despite a two-year deal between the European Union and Turkey designed to stop migrants and refugees from pouring into Europe from the Turkish coast to nearby Greek islands, dozens and sometimes hundreds of people still make the journey each week.

Save Europe. Stop the boats. Let's get going on a "two year" deal to start sending the moon cult trash back to wear it came from or, failing that, hell.

The U.N. Refugee Agency released a statement saying it is "deeply saddened" at the sinking.

I'm all busted up about this, it's really a bummer.

"Some 4,000 people, mainly women and children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, have arrived by sea to Greece so far this year."

"Women and children" fleeing "war." I thought the jew gave up on that particular low-effort deception, but here it is in Current Year. Oy vey, think of the "widows" and "orphans," you dirty shkotzim. Let them all in.

Today's tragic incident is the first shipwreck in the Aegean of 2018, but some 500 refugees and migrants lost their lives or went missing in the Greek Aegean Sea over the past two years," it said.

The precious 500 lost, the few isolated times when the "immigration" machine gun jammed instead of pouring hot lead into our guts.

The U.N. refugee agency said "renewed efforts are needed to combat smuggling and trafficking and to strengthen safe alternatives to the perilous sea journeys.

Safe alternatives like "stay out of my land."

"The latest tragedy at Agathonisi underlines in the worst and saddest way that human life cannot depend on the interests of smugglers, nor on the 'policies' of states," Greek Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas said. 

It's almost like our kosher policy of open borders and endless hand-outs is bad for everyone, not just the Whites it was created to destroy.

He said the solution to the problem is providing safe procedures for refugees and migrants while also cracking down on smuggling rings.

These kind of weak and cowardly mixed messages are sure to solve the problem of Europe being invaded by foreign conquerors.

 I thought it was whale shit, but it's actually a "woman and/or child" fleeing "war."


  1. "...the few isolated times when the "immigration" machine gun jammed instead of pouring hot lead into our guts."

    Man, you have the Gift! I can think of no one alive on this planet who can use words like you, Modern Heretic. The late great Revilo Oliver, rest his soul, is the only one who could.

  2. I agree completely with Jim B. Modern Heretic is the first site I read each day. I'm actually bummed on Saturdays and Sundays.

    A.J. should put warning labels on his posts, though. The caption under the last photo above made me laugh so hard, I spit my coffee onto my computer screen.

    "Whale shit." Priceless.

  3. One of them decided he needed more leg room so he drilled a big hole in the bottom.


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