Muh Food Box

Please watch the following amazing video.

The real life negro sure is different from the one you see on the synagogue in the living room. Here we get a "human calculator" reviewing the latest suicidal generosity from the working Whites that this tar monster hates. We're told this is a Trump food box. It isn't, of course. An already forgotten aside at a Presidential speech doesn't immediately become law; this is just the rotten fruit of another one of "dem programs" that should make the "African-American" less pathetic any day now. This would all be obvious to anyone with an I.Q. over 80, which I suppose is the problem. Whatever the source of this ridiculous largesse, the mule of the world is not happy. "Look at dis hee-ah." Work hard at a job you hate, don't have children and make sure you keep paying taxes to shovel food into the dusky gaping maws of worthless and ungrateful genetic aliens. This is the kosher madness of a decadent age. It's time to send them back to Africa.

Aunt Jemima continues to narrate. I mean, why not, it's not like you have any responsibilities or make even the slightest positive contribution to a dying nation. "Look at dis shit." Yeah, really. Take a long hard look, delusional White do-gooder. This is what you're supporting. Apparently the food isn't up to the extremely high standards of a coal-colored 300 pound welfare leech. The reward for sucking air, burdening a completely broken system and pumping out a bastard brood should be a lot better than what looks like perfectly acceptable fare. Wah bee muh lobb-stahh, mudda fudda.

"Dis suppose be chicken." Well, if anyone would know, it would be the poultry expert that is the North American nigger. More profanity and idiocy follows from our churlish black liability. This is your equal, your better. Just ask the jew that brought it here in chains and then released it as a biological weapon. A paw that's the same color as a bowel movement displays a biscuit. Again, not nearly good enough. Where's muh maple bacon, you White debil? Much more needs to be done. These animals should experience the best dining experience possible in return for the unbelievable damage they're causing via the loathsome content of their character.

The hard tack crumbles in the grasp of the genetic alien, much like everything else they touch. The vaguely humanoid creature in this video is allowed to vote. It has more rights than you. It has the mind of a retarded child, the drives of a demon from hell. There is no sane reason why we should share our lands with these dangerous inferiors. Deportation is the only solution. "We gonna be Ethiopia now." The broken clock is correct. If we fail in our struggle, if the jewish nation-wrecker wins, this is our future. African America, the endless dark night of savagery and ignorance after "muh biscuits" stop coming in the mail, after the welfare spigot shuts off, after everything burns.

Make the diet of bloated dark parasites great again.


  1. I left this comment for 'City Swift' on the video (which will probably get either deleted or receive some interesting replies):

    "Stupid ass jig complaining about the quality of fucking FREE food... and y'all wonder why no one in their right minds wants to live anywhere that large numbers of your kind live. Y'all even hate being around yourselves! Self-entitled, self-important, idiotic, violent, ingrate baboons. The government should have sent all you greasy motherfuckers some RAT POISON disguised as "gumment food"!! And what's up with saying that Trump sent you anything?, like he himself sent you the food! That food came from a governmental organization, or a company that is under contract with the government. But if Everyone's Favorite Nigger would've still been in the W.H., y'all ignorant jigs wouldn't even have gotten THAT much kindness. Fucking fool. Always blaming any White man for some imagined slight, ready to riot, loot, and "burn dis bitch down", never just being thankful that you're not starving to death ...or being ethnically cleansed, as your entire race deserves to be! Tax-payers, mostly decent White folks, payed for that goddamn food. But it's not good enough for you? Were you expecting a fucking year's worth of Red Lobster?!? SMDH"

  2. Further down in the comments was this gem from 'Andrea Edwards':
    "Stfu more whites on welfare than blacks do your homework.."

    To which I replied:

    "Andrea Edwards: Idiot, here are the actual stats (IF you can fucking read):


    Welfare Demographics/Percent/Total Number
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Caucasian/16.8%/11,405,000
    Percent of welfare recipients who are black/39.6%/26,884,000
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic/21.2%/14,392,000
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian or Pacific Islander/18%/12,220,000
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Other / Mixed/4.4%/2,987,000

    Now, consider this: America has a population of about 300 million+ people. Blacks make up about 14% of that number, Whites close to 70%.... yet blacks represent almost 40 PERCENT of the entire number of Welfare leeches! Which means that NON-Whites (or "people of color" if you prefer, including blacks) account for 83% (+/- ) of the total Welfare leeches.

    Do a little actual research, you anti-White bitch, before popping off like you're telling someone something factual."

    *Nogs and anti-Whites are SSOOO fucking stupid!


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