Paris: More Friendly Fire for the Jew

How intense is the jewish hatred for Whites? The globalist parasites hate us more than they love the almighty shekel, more than they even value their own safety. Obviously, flooding a dying, spiritually leprous nation with moe-ham-head soldiers of jihad is not going to be a massive boon for the nation-wrecker, but they're either so insane in their blind lust for gentile blood that they can't see the consequences of their own deranged scheme or they honestly think they'll somehow insulate themselves from the coming collapse, maybe by escaping to Israel. If only we had a nation of our own to flee to, but that would be "racist" and dying is preferable to being called names and maybe facing mild social rejection from people without a shred of value. Meanwhile, moe-ham-head continues to run wild, this time bagging a holohoax survivor.

French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder.    

All animals are equal, but some much more so. This isn't a bunch of goyim run down like dogs by self-driving trucks or shot by "motive unknown" sand monsters. This is g*d's chosen, the Light of the World. We need special investigations, we need to post soldiers in front of the synagogue of satan.

The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 times and her body was set on fire.

Where the not-see war machine failed, a snake idol worshiper that her fellow tribals imported succeeded.

Leading Jewish group CRIF said the 85-year-old woman was slain last week in Paris' eastern 11th district. The victim had reportedly escaped a round-up of Jews in Paris during World War II.

LOL. Muh "round-ups" and selections that didn't seem to catch a single rat person. Super Teutonic efficiency and heartless evil couldn't even wipe out the jew larva.

The group says a neighbor who had previously made anti-Semitic statements was one of the people under arrest.  They didn't confirm reports that the man was Muslim. 

It was probably an evil White "racist" who voted for "far right" candidates (Limit immigration? That's fascism!) and resembles an extra from an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger. Come on, use your imagination! It certainly wasn't a stone cube cultist, that's for sure.

Maybe this other article from the Jew York Slimes knows more? Let's take a quick look:

The Paris prosecutor’s office declined to characterize the origins of the two people; Mr. Kalifat said the principal suspect was of North African origin.

It was a moose-limb enemygrant. I know, I was surprised, too.

CRIF asked for "utmost transparency in the ongoing investigation so that the reasons for this barbaric crime are known to everyone as soon as possible."

You know you're getting "transparency" when every effort is made to hide the embarrassing truth. The biological weapon released by the merchant has turned on them. "Diversity," our mighty strength.

The group plans a rally in her memory and support of her family on Wednesday.

Time to sing "imagine there's no heaven" for a jewess that recently entered hell as we rend our garments and wail in hebrew for this dead rodent. Get your little candles, shkotzim, this is all your fault. Somehow. The answer is clearly to remove more rights from the indigenous population and accelerate their genocide.

The body was found the same day a gunmen killed several people in an attack on a supermarket in southern France.

That explosion of typical desert alien behavior is not a useful crisis and has already been placed in the memory hole. 

Full Story. 

 Based Rag-Head.


  1. If the Kebabs had killed an old white Catholic woman, no one would care.

    Btw, Islam is not the worst of it. It's the Jungle. Black Africans. Why? Europeans don't worship Arabs or Muslims. They worship the Negro for being tougher in sports, and white women got Jungle Fever.

    Jihad at least wages war on the Jungle. As long as white people allow the Jungle and encourage ACOWW -- Afro-Colonization of White Wombs -- , it will be the Jihad that defends any semblance of civilization.

  2. All I want for Christmas is to see one dead lampshade every day on the news. Israel better start working on building a second floor to house all the European rat Jews that will soon head for the exits.


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