Sentencing the Scum

There's another "good boy who didn't do [anything]" mythology currently unfolding in Sacramento, but honestly, there isn't much to say about it. These incidents are about as predictable as anything can get: start with a worthless criminal negro who gets "limited," make up stories about the imaginary virtue and innocence of this animal, pretend that police could tell what was being waved around in its paws and decided to blast it anyway because of "racism," invite professional victims to wail and call for violence against Whites, maybe burn down the city and then see the entire kosher narrative slowly unravel, after all the damage has been done. No, that's not really worth a deeper analysis. Instead, here's another story from Sacramento, involving an illegal la-teen-oh turd that attacked the Blue Lives that Matter and now faces deeply "races" justice.

Illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes smiled again Tuesday as a California jury handed him a death sentence following his conviction in the 2014 killing of two sheriff's deputies, but this time, the deputies' families gave the cold-blooded killer a taste of his own medicine.

This paragraph implies the greaser dog shit was put down by the families of its victims. Sorry to get your hopes up, that didn't happen. We must seek "justice" in a semitic court of law. The system is working just fine, that's for sure. The glacial process of punishing the foreign invader drags on, full of psychopath smiles, profanity-laden rants, "this biological weapon is definitely human" and similar grotesque moments.

"I was smiling back at him purposely," Jeri Oliver, Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver's mother, told The Sacarmento Bee after court. Debbie McMahon, the mother of fallen Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael Davis Jr., agreed “to smile at him for a change." 

Wow. Take that, foreign murderer. Here's my teeth. Enjoy your free food, cable television, weight room and the company of your fellow brown sewage in "The Machine." That'll teach you.

The convicted cop killer made headlines during his trial in January when he smiled and went into a profanity-laced rant in court, saying, “I wish I had killed more of the mother-------s,” and promised to “kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me ... There's no need for a f---ing trial."

Natural conservatives, here for a better life. "Immigration" is an act of love. They do the jobs Americans won't. They are better people and citizens than you, even though they're technically not supposed to be here. These are "dreamers." They serve in the American Golem. They makes burritos. They are "enriching" our dying nation with "diversity." We need to provide a pathway to citizenship for the foreign opportunists here to loot and kill. No human being is illegal. We can't break up families. They've been here for years, it's not fair to send them back. A wall is hate. The rule of law is hate. Your refusal to die is hate.

 The biological weapon and the jew that released it.

He also shouted in court that he was guilty and asked to be put to death. The defense tried to convince the judge to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.
"My client is clearly loco," explains the jew attorney. Look at how wild it's acting! Clearly this mud monster from the may-hee-can anus just needs some semitic psychiatry to fix that entire "kill the gringo" problem.

After hours of deliberation Tuesday, a Sacramento Superior Court jury ruled that Bracamontes will get what he asked for and receive the death penalty for his heinous crimes.

Yeah. Great job, jury. Maybe in another four years we can actually ashcan the foreign trash. 

As the verdict was being read, the illegal immigrant from Mexico was silently clapping and smiling, sometimes at the families of the slain deputies, the Sacramento Bee reported.
Some, I would assume, are good people. We haven't found one that isn't a vile scumbag, but you know, law of averages and all that.

Bracamontes went on a multi-county killing rampage in 2014, murdering Oliver and Davis.

They're going to save the Republican Party. We'll get them to vote for small government, tax cuts, free trade, defending Israel, everything that's really important.

"I feel free to say it now. He's a despicable and evil human being and the death penalty is totally appropriate," Placer Sheriff Devon Bell told the Bee. Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones said the verdict “is a step along the road toward justice.”

The long road to justice, paved with laughing and leering Mexican nationals, endless motions and appeals from jew lawyers, and a speedy trip down the memory hole. 

Despite the sentence, however, it remains to be seen whether Bracamontes will actually be put to death. The last time California executed an inmate was in 2006. An average waiting time for the execution is nearly 18 years due to legal challenges to the state’s methods of execution.

It's California, formerly America's worst state and now a province of may-hee-co, so I'm sure they'll find a way to fuck it up.

The convicted cop killer will return to court in late April for a formal sentencing by the judge. Families of the killed officers will address the court and Bracamontes.

Muh fair and speedy trial.

The kosher defense team and the wetback slime.


  1. Yes, I agree that this beaner is a piece of dog crap... but forgive me if I tend to have very little sympathy for the cops these days. After episodes like Charlottesville and others, where these agents of ZOG have shown us that they DON'T think that White lives matter - even when we were chanting "Blue Lives Matter" - I'm just not inclined to give a damn anymore about brown people killing them. In fact, I now hope many more of them reap the whirlwind they've helped sow. Maybe karma can teach them what they ought to know by instinct.


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