The Brown Line

One of the biggest delusions Whites are guilty of is assuming that our empathy, concern for justice and altruism for strangers are universal values shared by the inferior races. In reality, these higher aspirations are almost completely exclusive to our people and almost unknown in the faceless, mindless brown hordes of "diversity." While we wring our hands over whether it's "fair" to "break up families," the la-teen-oh rapes, loots and destroys. While we shed tears over a dead sand child on a Turkish beach, the moe-ham-head-dan enemygrant steers a truck toward a crowded market. While we try to reach out to the "humble and religious jew," the same poisonous mushroom is plotting our destruction through poisoning the well of our culture and encouraging foreign invasion. And when it comes to the negro, it's debatable whether its crude animal brain is capable of any symbolic thought whatsoever, let alone comprehending highly abstract virtues. This has predictable consequences which must be ignored or rationalized away because we all know everyone is equal and Whites are bad and why haven't you died yet and all the rest.

A man was left to die on a Red Line platform in Boston Wednesday by a thief, according to transit police. 

Another scene from a dying nation, another symptom of the jewish metastasis devouring healthy tissue. "Diversity" is our mighty strength. It will bring us together. The negro is fully human. It was all a lie.

Anthony Stimson, 30, found a 52-year-old man suffering a ‘medical emergency’ on the platform at Downtown Crossing, police said.

You don't have to be Jane Goodall to protect the simian behavior that followed.

Giant nostrils, brow ridge, low receding forehead, a muzzle...this thing is not human.

He went through the man’s belongings and stole some of his possessions before leaving the man there, according to a report.

The content of their character. Looks like all that appeasement and spending isn't really changing genetic reality. Imagine that. 

Police say the 52-year-old man was pronounced dead after EMS found him unconscious and tried to resuscitate him. 

Hopefully we'll be more successful with our attempts to resuscitate America. The solution is deportation. Back to The Mother, back to building pyramids, flying and running around in goofy panther costumes. It's the right thing to do.

Police say Stimson took no action to help the man, but simply stole items from his belongings and left.

Pretty wild, huh? It's almost as if the American morlock is totally incompatible with even the most basic expectations of a civilized nation, such as "Don't rob a dying man."

Officers say they found Stimson on Summer Street with a pill bottle belonging to the victim shortly after and arrested him. 

Muh pills. Over sixty years of trying to fix an evolutionary dead-end, trying to miracle a genetic alien into a pathetic, low-grade version of a White person and failing miserably. "Lemme me run yo pockets whale yew bee dyin." We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Full Story.

In another MBTA Rosa Parks moment, this Somali "refugee" attacked a bus driver.


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