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Muh Holohoax: More Should be Done

You've probably never heard of the holocaust. The humble religious jew possesses neither power nor wealth and has little, if any, voice. Few remember the precious six million murdered by evil White not-sees in homicidal gas chambers, fire pits, electrocution belts, skull smashing machines operated by pedals and the like. This is the forgotten genocide, the silent scream of the disastrous jewish century, the most obscure historical event that needs to be dragged into the light by heroic merchants. Fortunately, this process is slowly being achieved by the poor and downtrodden Light of the World finding a small platform in film, for example. This success in gentile-controlled Hollywood is heartening, but much more needs to be done, so much more. My entire family up a chimney and made into a living room set, the special and unique sufferink.

The Tribeca Film Festival's 25th anniversary reunion of Steven Spielberg with his Schindler's List stars Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Embeth…

Muh Brilliant Oratory

Please watch the following amazing video. Okay, you don't have to watch all of it, but make sure you absorb at least some of the human calculator and master debater brilliance.

Yes, it's the newest nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) brilliant beast, yammering a mile a minute while saying absolutely nothing that has even the slightest value or approaches actual insight into the problem of how queer bodies can't survive and White Europeans are 100% responsible for the ills of the world. This tar animal is the best orator of the new generation, move over Micro-Machine man and that negro who rapped about Aunt Jemima and plantations.

Brianna Aaron wasn't on her game at the start of the high school debate season.

The ability to spit out word salad requires dedication and training. It's not easy remembering that "dat races" refutes any argument. It took time for the babbling baboon to really find dat groove, mudda fudda.

The Science Park High School senior from Newark couldn…

Swedish Woman Supports Rapefugee Invasion with Predictable Results

Sweden is doing an excellent job with immigration. The self-driving truck attacks, detonations, five-day riots, burning cars and rapes are a small price to pay for the joyful enrichment of sullen and hostile glares from the brown aliens who are rapidly destroying your homeland. Today we'll be looking at a profoundly broken woman who honestly believed an even more delusional version of the above and paid the usual toll in Afghan buggery during a "sexual emergency." It seems like there might be some kind of lesson to be had here, but it's really unclear what it might be. After all, the "multi-culti" is a powerful good, just ask the jew promoting it and the virtue-signaling leftist useful idiots who have yet to experience a destroyed rectum via the enemygrant.

A Swedish woman in her 40s was brutally raped by an Afghan teenager while another migrant man molested her, a court has heard. 

Just another ordinary day in Swedenistan, in other words.

Anwar Hassani and …

Your Nineteenth Anniversary Breakdown

We need common sense car control. First, an immediate ban on high capacity fuel tanks. I don't claim to be an expert on automobiles but I know this: if that "motive unknown" van driver had to stop and refuel more often fewer people would have died. We also need an immediate ban on fully automatic transmissions. This method of shifting is clearly militaristic in nature and should be confined to tanks and the like, not something a private citizen can own. It's also clear that the constitutional protections on vehicle ownership were put in place for well-regulated hot rod clubs, which of course no longer exist as the framers intended.  Give up your cars. We have to think of the children being killed by these inherently dangerous and criminal devices.

An 11-year-old boy from Parkland Middle School in El Paso, Texas was hit by a car and killed during the National Student Walkout to protest gun violence on Friday.

If you enjoy bitter irony, and if you didn't you wouldn&…

Classic Anti-Semitism

Are you ready for the Liberia Ball slave auction, shkotzim? What could be more exciting than watching identical looking and behaving negro mercenaries being selected to represent the righteous and holy cause of Blue in its eternal war against the hated villains of Red? Will Barkevious join "your" team? It's very important. Besides, it's not like it's all idiotic tar creatures. There's also some bloated Samoans. Please come back, debased White sports cucks, we need your shekels. Would you change your mind if you found out there was an heroic jew athlete in the otherwise monolithic dark horde? Did you know this chosenite has suffered from "anti-semitism?" Still not interested. How about that.

For most of last year, many predicted that UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen would be the first player chosen in the 2018 National Football League draft.

Usually the one jew around ten negroes is a communist wire-puller in the "civil rights" movement giving th…

Walk By Shootings and Robbery Attempts Gone Wrong in Chiraq

Incredibly, the latest efforts to appease the "African-American" and place the blame for their consistent failure on anything other than their own violent idiocy have failed. Just like all the other, similar, attempts over the last six decades. The tar monster will get better tomorrow. Meanwhile, you need to give up your rights, your guns and your legal protections. Just ask the jew, they'll tell you. We're so close to fixing these vile monsters, you just have to make more sacrifices. Brought here out of "economic necessity" in semitic chains, turned loose after a disastrous brother war, now a constant reminder that genetic reality doesn't care about your greed, your affected righteousness or whatever kosher delusions you've decided to swallow. Deportation is the only solution.

Shootings this weekend in the city of Chicago have claimed the lives of four people and left at least 21 more wounded.

More tribal warfare as the summer "busy season"…

Two Passionate Public Servants

The rule of law is "racist" and wrong. Attempting to hold the negro to any sort of standard, no matter how minimal, is bad. They must be allowed to run wild and destroy. In Bodymore, Murdaland this is the consensus that has been reached by the magic inferiors charged with running a city that has been completely ruined by the content of their character. Now all that remains is the apologizing and groveling, which is sure to win the respect of moronic living fossils. We're deeply sorry we tried and failed to turn you into pathetic imitation Whites. We'll just let you murder, rape and destroy in peace. It's the right thing to do.

Baltimore’s police commissioner addressed a crowd at a hip-hop concert alongside the mayor, but the audience didn’t seem interested in what he had to say.

In between mumbling (c)rap "music" about killing Whites, receiving oral sex, killing their fellow tar monsters, doing drugs, selling drugs, killing everything walking and loiteri…

A No-Use Number With No-Use People

White lives don't matter. Our jewish enemy wants us violently dead and the dark inferiors it uses as a biological weapon against us are more than happy to oblige. You need to be armed. We can't delegate our survival, we can't rely on a rotten system to come to the rescue when civilization collapses and the dark monsters emerge from the ruins they created, seeking victims. Until then, recognize that the "911" emergency number is mostly a body disposal service after you've used your fully automatic machine assault gun to defend yourself from the content of their character. Any other application of these magic digits has dubious use, especially with Aunt Jemima waiting to take your call with all the energy, courage, intelligence and civic responsibility we've come to expect from these human calculators.

A former 911 operator who hung up the phone "thousands" of times on people attempting to call in emergencies in Harris County, Texas has been senten…

An Open Letter to the Negro

Hello black bodies (Ah!). This is your old friend: the White, liberal, open-minded and endlessly appeasing legacy rump state. Recently, we have realized that expecting you to conform to the standards of White behavior is "racist" and needs to stop. You're simply unable to follow rules, I guess because of slavery and institutional "racism." We were wrong to attempt to civilize you, as evidenced by the over-crowded prisons. Fortunately, a plan has been formulated that will continue to recognize your value in a highly delusional and hypocritical fashion while for the most part shielding us from your savage behaviors. To this end, we are designating special areas where you will be given room to destroy and run wild.

These areas will be Starbucks coffee shops.

Yes, you heard correctly, you will now have special law-free zones where you won't be hassled by the "five-oh" or held to even the lowest of expectations. Your local ice cream and caffeine concer…

There's a Reason

The benefits of illegal immigration just keep piling up. It's hard to believe anyone would be opposed to foreign invasion and the demographic disaster that follows when you consider all we're getting in return. Did you even consider muh Gee Dee Pee? Already obscenely wealthy jew bastards are earning so many new shekels that it might even cause a notable improvement in their already bloated and parasitic existences. Isn't that wonderful? Another victory for the market. More competition is great, lower wages drive prosperity, you're going to be replaced by brown slaves. We haven't even talked about the food and music. They're great drivers, too.

An arrest has been made following a road rage incident where a car rammed into a motorcyclist, pushing him off the road in Sarasota, deputies announced.

A la-teen-oh pile of shit climbs behind the wheel and demonstrates why "diversity" is a mighty strength. Endless conflict caused by racial and cultural differenc…

Faggot Fuel

The successful jewish promotion of sodomite degeneracy as something healthy and normal remains one of the most amazing kosher shucks of our time. It doesn't take a degree in medicine to realize that the purpose of the anus is not to house an erect penis, light bulbs, small animals or wet cement and it doesn't take a degree in kosher psychology to realize that the completely broken individual participating in these vile acts is severely mentally defective. Despite these seemingly insurmountable barriers, the merchant has used a combination of endless lies (They're just like you!) and outright coercion to promote a "lifestyle" that results in the complete destruction of the body, mind and soul. The merchant has worked tirelessly to shield the goyim from the actual truth, but occasionally some gets through anyway, like an "environmentalist" ass pirate immolating to teach us all a valuable lesson.

A “green” activist who was a pioneering lawyer for gay and tr…

Judea Declares War on Hungary

Europe is for everyone. It makes sense to move the entire population of Africa and the Middle East into White homelands. The magical soil will immediately convert the brown hordes into good little globalist consumer units and because every human being is exactly the same (jews are special and better, Whites are evil) it's critical that we win the vital "people race" with an endless flood of dark inferiors. Any resistance to this jewish plot is deeply wrong, because the jew said so. If you're not willing to peacefully slouch toward the demographic gallows, the nation-wrecker will attack.

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee will ask MEPs to vote for Hungary to be sanctioned over alleged violations of the rule of law, just days after Viktor Orban's decisive re-election.

Muh civil liberties and justice. Words stripped of all meaning are deployed against a nation resisting the semitic planned demolition. The European Econom…

We Deserve Way More

They're going to do the jobs you won't. It's an economic necessity. They're natural conservatives Christians, once removed from their superstitious devil worship. This is not going to change the demographics or lead to massive societal upheaval and besides, you like money, right? These were the kosher arguments for negro slavery. Brought here in jewish chains, released as a permanently dysfunctional underclass, now a threat to our future and very survival, the tar monster sure was a semitic bargain. And we're not done paying yet! The wasteful dead-on-arrival "fix the negro" programs, the endless appeasement, the Dane-geld paid to try to limit the destruction caused by this inferior invasive species, it's not nearly enough. More needs to be done. Gibs me dem repp-ah-ma-ray-shuns. Deportation is the answer.

Concerned about the plight of black people in her Missouri district, a Democratic state senator on Tuesday called for reparations for former slaves a…

Get on the Bus

For reasons unknown the "active shooter" incident we're about to examine, featuring a "fully-automatic military quality machine gun," has failed to gain any national traction, despite seemingly conforming to the goyim control narrative that stridently blares from the electronic synagogue at all hours. It really is an impenetrable mystery, just wrapped up in enigma, why this specific crime was immediately placed down the memory hole, but we'll try to solve it as we go.

Authorities said the man suspected of fatally shooting three people on a party bus Saturday was still at large Monday when the Winnebago County coroner identified the victims.

If this doesn't convince you that you need to be fully defenseless, I don't know what will. Sounds like a bunch of White rednecks (this slur is okay because Whites are bad and need to die) shooting each other off in the country, on land stolen from "Native Americans," even. Why isn't this being blown…

More Holohoax Education Needed

One-third of our youth, our most precious natural resource after petroleum and "diversity," think the Earth is flat. This appalling ignorance is excusable as long as little Johnny knows about the precious six million jews murdered in fire pits homicidal gas chambers and why he's to blame for this and needs to die, but it appears the system is failing even on that count. Much more needs to be done. More tax dollars must be poured into learning Soviet war propaganda. To compete in an increasingly complex, technological and hostile globalist bazaar the future of America must have a comprehensive knowledge of pedal-operated head smashers, killer dogs with poison teeth, blood fountains, crematorium smoke color-coded by nationality, killer falcons with poison talons, and the horrific truth that the jew might have been forced to perform manual labor that did not involve usury in any way.

A bipartisan slate of House members is set to introduce a bill that would grant money to Hol…