An Open Letter to the Negro

Hello black bodies (Ah!). This is your old friend: the White, liberal, open-minded and endlessly appeasing legacy rump state. Recently, we have realized that expecting you to conform to the standards of White behavior is "racist" and needs to stop. You're simply unable to follow rules, I guess because of slavery and institutional "racism." We were wrong to attempt to civilize you, as evidenced by the over-crowded prisons. Fortunately, a plan has been formulated that will continue to recognize your value in a highly delusional and hypocritical fashion while for the most part shielding us from your savage behaviors. To this end, we are designating special areas where you will be given room to destroy and run wild.

These areas will be Starbucks coffee shops.

Yes, you heard correctly, you will now have special law-free zones where you won't be hassled by the "five-oh" or held to even the lowest of expectations. Your local ice cream and caffeine concern is now a place where you can express the full content of your character, unencumbered by any attempt from a rapidly dying rule of law to prevent the monkeyshines. Starbucks will be replacing "Chuck E. Cheese" and your local pancake house as the one-stop for all your big chimping.

Seriously, try it out! Start by going in and demanding your "reparations" from the honkey devil behind the counter. "Wuh bee muh free coughee, mudda fudda," is the socially prescribed method of making this request. Be sure to get a few extra for your homies, too. You can just pour it down the drain outside if you don't care for that craka-drink. Don't forget to help yourself from the register, too. Remember, you wuz slaves and sheeet and it's the least the noodle-armed soy addicts and bloated snow hoes can do to make up for it. Anything else you want, just take it. Rob some customers.

Dis bee "races" an sheeet, gib me sum chedda.

How about some space to destroy? Yes, the Starbucks can now be a miniature Bodymore. Like hearing glass shatter? Of course you do. Put dat chair thru duh winn-daww, nigga. Don't forget to annihilate the bathroom, the one you were so cruelly denied by "racism," as if you're a la-teen-oh invader who just consumed a brace of burritos. How about putting some of dem ma-sheens on tilt? I bet they're expensive, go mess them up, playa. Remember, you're doing this for "justice" and to create a better world.

Now it's time for the polar bear hunting! That pipe-cleaner armed White cuck is practically begging for your brown paw to the face. How about some purple-haired fat-body with an "I had an abortion" shirt? Wind up and blast away, dawg. Hit dat milk so hard da beech will be thinking dat jaw is being aborted. You're allowed to do this, a couple of groids were told to leave, once. This is your free-range rep-a-ma-ray-shun all against all. Get dat free sheeet, bust the place up and then pummel someone fresh out of "racial sensitivity" training. I hope yo nose ain't sensitive, cuz it be gettin hit.

Then, late at night, you can emerge from the sewer you live in, drag away the weak Eloi and devour them.

In conclusion, come back to Starbucks, "African-American." We're very eager to show just how accepting of your pathology we really are.

  Your free ticket to endless negro mayhem.


  1. Serves the liberal shits right. I hope this latest insanity turns into a complete NIGHTMARE for them and their kike ownership. Burn dat bee-och DOWN, Mr. and Miss Jemima! Then, maybe... just MAYBE... the "silent" majority will FINALLY get fed up with your shit and we can begin the messy task of rounding your black asses up and bouncing you all back to "Wakanda".

  2. Nothing on earth more repulsive than a traitorous white cuck coward....with an incorporated soul....theres no motivation to fight for these lascivious, fish-handed fuckbags.....this is what fucks me up about the whole struggle: most of my race make my fucking skin crawl....
    Sigh...plenty of hate to go around though..

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