Classic Anti-Semitism

Are you ready for the Liberia Ball slave auction, shkotzim? What could be more exciting than watching identical looking and behaving negro mercenaries being selected to represent the righteous and holy cause of Blue in its eternal war against the hated villains of Red? Will Barkevious join "your" team? It's very important. Besides, it's not like it's all idiotic tar creatures. There's also some bloated Samoans. Please come back, debased White sports cucks, we need your shekels. Would you change your mind if you found out there was an heroic jew athlete in the otherwise monolithic dark horde? Did you know this chosenite has suffered from "anti-semitism?" Still not interested. How about that.

For most of last year, many predicted that UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen would be the first player chosen in the 2018 National Football League draft.

Usually the one jew around ten negroes is a communist wire-puller in the "civil rights" movement giving the dusky "leaders" of the coal monster community their anti-White marching orders, but in this case it's a quarterback.

The sturdy 6-foot-4 signal-caller has racked up an impressive array of passing statistics since his freshman year in 2015, and analysts have praised the right-hander’s throwing mechanics, accuracy and poise in the pocket.

Wow, what a mensch. Did I mention that this poisonous mushroom has really good throwing mechanics and is used to being surrounded by the dark biological weapon its tribe brought here in chains and then turned loose?

he Cleveland Browns, the beleaguered franchise that holds the No. 1 pick this year, badly need a quarterback. The Jewish kid from Manhattan Beach, California, who had a bar mitzvah and is just now barely old enough to legally drink alcohol, was set to make Jewish sports history at Thursday’s draft.

Will the miracle merchant become the new secret weapon that turns Brown into a respectable team on par with Red and Blue?

But over the past few months, Rosen’s stock has begun to drop. In February, Todd McShay, a leading NFL draft analyst, predicted that the New York Giants would select him with the second pick. On Monday, prominent Sports Illustrated writer Peter King wrote that he “can’t find a likely spot” for Rosen in the top six picks.

Oy vey, the lines, the selections. The evil not-see guard coldly gestured for me to join the line being marched out of the top six. My entire family up a chimney, my "draft stock" murdered in a homicidal gas chamber tricked out to look like a shower room.

 ...and such small draft pick portions.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the New England Patriots are interested in Rosen — and they have the 23rd overall pick (although they could trade with another team to get a higher slot).

Well, there's nothing more "patriotic" than slavish devotion to the globalist nation-wrecker and their desert ethnostate, just ask any mainstream politician.

The reason for the slide? Apparently it has nothing to do with Rosen’s physical health or ability to sling a football, but rather involves who he is and what he has said off the field. And for at least one prominent sports TV personality, the conversation about Rosen has dipped into anti-Semitism.

So persecuted. They noticed my bizarre personal life. This is the worst case of "anti-Semitism" I've seen since a Swiss resort wouldn't let us in the freezer. 

Rosen has not just made headlines with his grid skills. He has criticized the college football system, arguing that the high level of play required by the sport and schoolwork don’t mesh. 

A jew doesn't like honest work, imagine that.

He once wore a hat on the golf course that read “F*** Trump.” He snuck a hot tub into his dorm room.

This weird, profane and slimy kike snake is the best hope to fix an ugly kosher monkey game that Whites are abandoning in droves.

He told Bleacher Report in August that he wants to get an MBA, create a business and “own the world.”

This is what is called "typical jewish behavior." 

The Sporting News reported in January that some believed Rosen was only interested in football to “make money and support the lifestyle he wants.”

I was shocked to discover the alien corrupter only cared about muh shekels and not leading Red to victory in the Botswana Ball.

“In retrospect, being Jewish is a big reason why I should have considered UCLA,” he said. “Just because of how Jewish Hollywood is, and they really want someone to look up to because they just don’t have professional athletes.”

"Yes, we control Hollywood," the jew casually mentions while talking about something else.

“First thing you say: doctor, Manhattan Beach … the first thing you think, at least I think: pretty affluent neighborhood, little bit of money,” Johnson said. “They could be broke as a bag of glass, I don’t know, but certainly doesn’t seem that way.

Top quality analysis from a schwoogie. My father, the doctor! Dat alien shylock might be all broke an sheeeet like a pane of glass in Bodymore, eye dawn noe nuffin, but I bett datt high-me gots mad bank.

For Tony Kornheiser — the sports writer and TV personality who stars on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” — this was the last straw.

 Watch your ESPN, gentiles.

“This is classic anti-Semitism. Absolutely classic anti-Semitism. ‘We don’t want this guy, this guy’s too smart,’” Kornheiser said in a rant on his podcast last week. “There’s no such thing as too smart … [T]his is anti Semitism in its most blatant form. It’s like, ‘we don’t want this guy.’”

Ah, these cattle, they hate us because we're so intelligent. It's all jealousy and has nothing to do with our comprehensive plan to destroy the goyim that's now entering its final stages.

Kornheiser, who is Jewish, and his co-hosts also likened the NFL’s fear of Rosen to its past prejudice against black quarterbacks, who on the flip side have been labeled as not smart enough to succeed at the demanding position.

The jungle monster isn't smart enough? Now I've heard everything.

 I hope Blue takes the nice jewish boy and not this creature.


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