Get on the Bus

For reasons unknown the "active shooter" incident we're about to examine, featuring a "fully-automatic military quality machine gun," has failed to gain any national traction, despite seemingly conforming to the goyim control narrative that stridently blares from the electronic synagogue at all hours. It really is an impenetrable mystery, just wrapped up in enigma, why this specific crime was immediately placed down the memory hole, but we'll try to solve it as we go.

Authorities said the man suspected of fatally shooting three people on a party bus Saturday was still at large Monday when the Winnebago County coroner identified the victims.

If this doesn't convince you that you need to be fully defenseless, I don't know what will. Sounds like a bunch of White rednecks (this slur is okay because Whites are bad and need to die) shooting each other off in the country, on land stolen from "Native Americans," even. Why isn't this being blown out of all proportion by the semitic media?

Killed were Daijon Sistrunk, 22, of Rockford; Martavies Blake, 21, of Rockford and Sean Anderson, 27, of Rockford, according to Coroner Bill Hintz, who performed their autopsies Monday.

Oh. Nigga bodies (Ah!) get blasted on dat party wagon. Is sitting in the bus now as dangerous as sitting in a car for the Crabgrass-American? One can only mourn what was lost: the scientific breakthroughs, the cancer cures and the rap lyrics about receiving oral sex that we will now be denied after "Daijon" and "Martavies," names deeply associated with success and virtue, were transformed into something that isn't an existential threat to civilization by dat extendo.

Martavies in happier times, after being arrested for possession with intent to distribute.

The men were shot while inside a privately hired “limousine-style coach,” said Laura Maher, a spokeswoman for the Rockford Police Department.

A vehicle full of genetically preordained failure becomes a shooting range for a living fossil.

“One of the individuals on the coach, identified as Raheem King, was armed with an assault rifle and shot three individuals who were also passengers on the chartered coach,” Maher wrote in an emailed statement.

The fully automatic assault military war evil cannon that might be able to fire cruise missiles after some simple modifications is deployed against tar creatures straight from a nightmare. Instead of taking down that animal Assad, it perforated the negro animal.

Evolutionary dead-end went Rambo on its fellow groids.

Maher could not comment on the ongoing investigation and declined to say how many people were originally in the vehicle. 

What's with the information blackout? I think the public deserves to know "how many niggas bee up in dat beech?"

The shooting is believed to have taken place in the area of Auburn Street and North Johnston Avenue but when the shots were fired, several people fled the vehicle on foot.

In case of an "open shooter" incident, be ready to perform the Jesse Owens act. You'll be fine.

The driver started to move and called 911 while traveling to a gas station on Springfield Avenue where he stopped and waited for police, Maher said.

I feel a song coming on...

I've got somethin' to shoot ya
I've got an assault rifle for you
Gonna put some simians in soil
Get ready 'cause we're blastin' through
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
Necrosis is just around the corner
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
We'll be ventilating you

The nigga bus is comin' and everybody's pumpin'
Killwaukee through Chiraq
A bleeding out dark meat sack
The projectiles of lead are turnin' and five-oh lights are burnin'
So if you like to party,
Get shot in your nigga body (Ah!)


  1. I'm sure they were on their way to a tent revival. Maybe to Spring Break Math Camp!


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