Judea Declares War on Hungary

Europe is for everyone. It makes sense to move the entire population of Africa and the Middle East into White homelands. The magical soil will immediately convert the brown hordes into good little globalist consumer units and because every human being is exactly the same (jews are special and better, Whites are evil) it's critical that we win the vital "people race" with an endless flood of dark inferiors. Any resistance to this jewish plot is deeply wrong, because the jew said so. If you're not willing to peacefully slouch toward the demographic gallows, the nation-wrecker will attack.

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee will ask MEPs to vote for Hungary to be sanctioned over alleged violations of the rule of law, just days after Viktor Orban's decisive re-election.

Muh civil liberties and justice. Words stripped of all meaning are deployed against a nation resisting the semitic planned demolition. The European Economic Union springs into action. Inside their Tower of Babel the demonic jew bastard schemes against nationalism, tradition and a future for White Europe.

"Time and time again, Viktor Orbán's government has undermined the independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press and the fundamental rights of its citizens," said the motion, authored by Dutch Green Party MEP Judith Sargentini, who has led an investigation on whether Budapest is in breach of "EU values."

Hungary has prevented the poisonous mushroom's campaign of corruption, has refused to admit hordes of enemygrants and isn't committing kosher suicide. These are not European values, declares the globalist financier. Here comes the charge of the kike brigade.

"This is not something we call for lightly. But the EU has an obligation to protect the rights of every single one of its citizens. With no sign that the Hungarian government will change course, the Council must initiate proceedings now," wrote Sargentini.

That violent Somali idiot, the moose-limb rape gang and the traveling merchant are the real "citizens." Change your course Hungary. Climb into the grave that's been dug for you.

 The jew's worst nightmare.

Article 7 has only been invoked once in EU history, against Poland in 2015, though no significant sanctions have come of it so far.

This isn't the first time the devil's children have unsuccessfully attacked a healthy White country.

Orban's government, which has been in power since 2010, is being incriminated for restricting the operation of foreign-funded universities and NGOs, which affected the George Soros-backed Central European University in Budapest and his foundations, restricting the rights of migrants, religious and ethnic minorities.

We have the right to invade and destroy your ancestral homeland. 

Fidesz says that the attacks on Hungary are a politically-motivated punishment for refusing to bend to EU rules on accepting migrants.

It's not like they're even trying to disguise it.

Indeed, a lot of the support for Orban's party in the recent election is thought to come from his tough stance against accepting migrants. 

The indigenous White population doesn't want to participate in this insane jewish experiment. Imagine that.

Since the start of the massive influx of asylum seekers in 2015, he has built border walls and pushed back against EU-inforced quotas on accepting migrants.

The wall is neither big nor beautiful, but it sure is effective.

Orban's sworn nemesis in this is American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who Orban accuses of "organizing illegal immigration" through a network of NGOs. This enmity has given a name to the landmark 'Stop Soros Act,' soon to be introduced by Fidesz, which aims to severely tax the work of foreign-funded NGOs in Hungary.

Hungary obviously has a bright future.


  1. Yes, it has to be called Judea.

    It is said the US is the sole superpower, but there is a power bigger than the US. It is EOJ or the Empire of Judea. It is the global network of World Jewry. Jews rule the US, and they feel no affinity with most goyim. That is why they push for Diversity and Mass Invasion(called 'immigration'). Jews seek to maximize gentile diversity so that gentiles will be too divided among themselves to unite against Jewish Power.

    If Diversity is so great, why do Jews allow only Jewish immigration to Israel? Jews know Diversity will lead to fracturing among gentiles, which Jews can exploit to maximize their own power.

    Anyway, the US is not a sovereign nation. Its media, banks, academia, entertainment, deep state, big pharma, casinos, and whore politicians are all owned by Jews.

    The US is to EOJ what India was once to the British Empire. The biggest prize but without national independence and sovereignty.

    Jews hide behind the US, UK, France, EU, NATO, and etc, but their strings are all pulled by Jews.
    Just as India, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, and etc didn't have national independence when they were subjects of the British Empire, most Western nations are nothing but fronts and puppets of the EOJ. Because Jews use white gentile nations as fronts, we get the impression that all these decisions are being made by white gentiles when they are nothing but shills of JUDEA.

    So, we must name the REAL POWER behind the US, UK, France, Germany, and etc. It is EOJ.

    We must call out JUDEA.


    Also, it is time we acted like Gandhi who told the British to leave. It is about time that all white gentile nations told Jewish Supremacist Imperialists, "It's time you left."


    1. Great comment, Andrea Daley Utronebel, and absolutely spot-on. Our formerly-White countries are indeed fronts for Jewish Power.

      I'd go even further and say that we and our various political apparatuses are like some unfortunate colony of insects that have been stung, invaded and taken over by a terrible parasite. The parasite has turned us into zombie-bugs, doing the parasite's bidding but giving no thought to even feeding ourselves... and all the while incubating billions of parasite larvae within our zombified brains that, when ready to hatch, will burst out of our heads and eat our corpses.

      Sorry so gross, but it's an accurate analogy, no?

  2. If the Hungarian language wasn't remote from the main three European language groups, it would be a matter of consideration, for people of European origin to apply for asylum there


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