Muh Brilliant Oratory

Please watch the following amazing video. Okay, you don't have to watch all of it, but make sure you absorb at least some of the human calculator and master debater brilliance.

Yes, it's the newest nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) brilliant beast, yammering a mile a minute while saying absolutely nothing that has even the slightest value or approaches actual insight into the problem of how queer bodies can't survive and White Europeans are 100% responsible for the ills of the world. This tar animal is the best orator of the new generation, move over Micro-Machine man and that negro who rapped about Aunt Jemima and plantations.

Brianna Aaron wasn't on her game at the start of the high school debate season.

The ability to spit out word salad requires dedication and training. It's not easy remembering that "dat races" refutes any argument. It took time for the babbling baboon to really find dat groove, mudda fudda.

The Science Park High School senior from Newark couldn't get past the early rounds at three major tournaments in the fall. Each time, she'd come up short and was eliminated. Aaron, 18, was frustrated and questioned her ability.

Clearly, the problem was systematic institutional discrimination against a truly exceptional mule of the world.

"I was kind of depressed. Like, wow, I'm a terrible debater," she said.

When the negress emerged from the Dunning-Kruger haze long enough to notice reality, before returning to a jew-promoted fantasy world where its embarrassing jive talk act is given awards by terrified White judges. 

No one in debate circles expected that kind of slump, either, from one of the top five Lincoln Douglas debaters in the country. This was her specialty -- debating one on one, taking on a moral issue -- and she was struggling.

I was all set to address the moral issue of "Whitey be bad," but somehow choked and couldn't get the staccato "ahs" out in a fashion that satisfied a ridiculously patronizing system. When achievement and excellence mean nothing, when succeeding on merit is "races" because the negro always fails, this is the kosher mess you end up with.

"Everyone had high expectations of me, and I just flopped," Aaron said. "I just had to get out of that groove in order to bounce back."

Wow. What a hero.

Thank you to please be doing the debate needful (Ah!).

Forget bounce; she went on a tear. After a mental reset, Aaron began racking up debate points at major tournaments to capture the Dukes and Bailey Cup, which means she is the best Lincoln Douglas debater nationally for the 2017-18 school year.

Got damm, dis beech bee duh Mikkel Jourdan aw dee bating.

Winning the cup is highly competitive, with little room for error.

Make one slip up while rambling incoherently about nigga bodies or blaming Western Civilization for your genetic inferiority and you'll get merked up in hee-ah, suckah.

"To lose three tournaments at the beginning of the season, it's almost unheard of to actually come back and be awarded the overall season-long excellence award," said NDCA chair Shunta Jordan. "It was a phenomenal feat."

I was a little skeptical about the value of these comical and pathetic monkeyshines, but if something called "Shunta" thinks it be good, who am I to disagree?

And Aaron did it at the most prestigious and largest tournaments in the country, one of the criteria the association takes into account when points are earned.

In Clown World "prestigious" doesn't mean what you think it does.

Aaron faced top debaters, many from some of the wealthiest public- and private-school programs. She made it to the final round of the five tournaments, winning two of them, against more than 100 participants each time out.

Look at this wealthy cracka, he need to stay in duh shade/No wonder he come out, he already in duh gay parade/Gonna tell you who the best be, by the hour/He like Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower.

"To be able to get into five final rounds at major national tournaments all over the country is incredible," said Jonathan Alston, debate coach for Science Park. "Her overall performance was better than everyone else."

The bold decision to just spray out a stream of verbal diarrhea about "colonies" and "Whites" in between nonsense monkey sounds paid off big time, let me tell you.

She spent time answering the opponents' arguments, pre-empting them, too. Lastly, Aaron said, she focused only on winning each round and didn't allow herself to think ahead.

I mentioned how that other nigga (Ah!) did not really almost go to jail the day before the debate and actually lives in a suburb, for example.

Aaron advanced her arguments, using critical race issues to debate several topics. One of them was should plea bargaining be abolished from the criminal justice system in the context of reproductive rights.

Because the plea bargain colonization evil Whites be all up on this races criminal justice system the queer bodies (Ah!) can't get dat abortion tobacco colonies in the Caribbean reparations reparations reparations POINT NUMBER SEVENTEEN over-crowded prisons nigga bodies (Ah!)...

In her research, Aaron learned that prosecutors have made sterilization of women and men part of plea negotiations.

Fortunately, this brief spasm of national sanity has ended.

In the debate room, Aaron would be aggressive, making her point that the practice should end. That's her style -- to be confrontational and to attack.

A negro female that's aggressive and uncouth in social situations? Now I've heard everything.

In Lincoln Douglas debating, Aaron thrives on the fact that she is solely responsible for her success or failure.

The morlock honestly believes this. Sad.

"I said 'I want to get this award,' " she recalled. " 'I want to be the number one debater,' and I ended up doing it."

Congratulations, Sista Soulja, your triumph in this goofy competition is another small example of the decline and fall of civilization via the dark inferiors unleashed by our jewish enemy.

Full Story.

The negro appeasement cup.


  1. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point formal debates adopted a “stream of consciousness “format.

  2. That was fucking hilarious. Ah! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

    I had one start that shit with me in a Wal Mart after I confronted it for parking in a handicapped space and striding into the store..... Told me (in just that way) "I have cervical damage, and, and, and, and, uh, uh, mudda fucker can't judge me.... I really got it going when I informed it that cervical damage cannot possibly be cause for handicapped status, and it had to hang tag or disabled license plate (The law here states can't walk without mechanical assistance, or walk more than 50 feed without supplemental oxygen.) I know this because I rolled my late wife across many a parking lot in a wheelchair when the nogs took the spaces......

    I let it yell at me for a while as I had already called the local cops (who have their own spaces at this store they are there so frequently to arrest thieves.)

    It was so "vocal" (..... sub-vocal) when the cops showed up that instead of just a ticket it won a trip to jail. I just stood there and smiled while it got more and more worked up.

    Fun Stuff! :)

  3. This is some retarded crap. How can that shit even be considered human language, much less "debate"? It's more like auctioneer rap, except not as professional.


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