Sitting in a Car, The Video

Please watch the amazing video at the link below. Be aware that it contains graphic negro violence and as such should not be viewed by people who wish to hide from reality.

Cadillac Coleman Live Stream Accident

America clearly has a gun problem, just ask any jewish plutocrat and the condom-snorting brown children they use as a bludgeon against our rights. Vaguely humanoid creatures, nearly invisible in the darkness, emit noises that somewhat resemble spoken English. The executive summary seems to be that we're dealing with dishonest women of low moral virtue and in such interactions firearms are deployed. "You makin' me nervous." You're a negro, sitting in a car, next to a proud black women who don't need no man who is also recklessly waving around what the jewish media would describe as a fully automatic assault machine gun. I think those fears are justified.

Its fellow night terror in the backseat seems unconcerned. "She ain't got no clip, bud!" I don't see a bump stock or one of those scary forward grips either. Well, you should be fine. The agitated mule of the world is questioned about its place of origin, which is a micro-aggression according to what I learned at the communist indoctrination center, resulting in a single gunshot to the "dome." Aw sheeet, it bee leakin'! While the now much more aerodynamic tar creature performs an impression of "Corky," its fellow morlocks flee. We are one wasteful program away from fixing these worthless animals.

A man was shot in the head after he and two others were playing with a gun early Sunday morning, according to police. The Houston Police Department said the three were sitting in a vehicle at a Valero near Southmore Blvd and Almeda Road when the shooting happened.

After viewing this incredible documentation of why we used to have segregation and why we're going to need deportation, this dry language seems out of place. Playing with a gun, shot in the head, these creatures are fully human, honest.

The person who shot the victim said it was an accident, according to police. 

It's debatable whether the negro has any human agency at all.

He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital and is on life support.

Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this nonsense. Also, be sure to turn in your guns and make yourself defenseless, we dyin' hee-ah.  


  1. White people: Avoid the groid!

    Avoid their "music", avoid their "language", avoid their food, avoid ALL places they patronize, loiter or congregate at. Do not socialize with them. And NEVER consider even for a second having a "relationship" with ANY of them, male or female.

    A.V.O.I.D. T.H.E. G.R.O.I.D.


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