Swedish Woman Supports Rapefugee Invasion with Predictable Results

Sweden is doing an excellent job with immigration. The self-driving truck attacks, detonations, five-day riots, burning cars and rapes are a small price to pay for the joyful enrichment of sullen and hostile glares from the brown aliens who are rapidly destroying your homeland. Today we'll be looking at a profoundly broken woman who honestly believed an even more delusional version of the above and paid the usual toll in Afghan buggery during a "sexual emergency." It seems like there might be some kind of lesson to be had here, but it's really unclear what it might be. After all, the "multi-culti" is a powerful good, just ask the jew promoting it and the virtue-signaling leftist useful idiots who have yet to experience a destroyed rectum via the enemygrant.

A Swedish woman in her 40s was brutally raped by an Afghan teenager while another migrant man molested her, a court has heard. 

Just another ordinary day in Swedenistan, in other words.

Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari, both 18, met the victim outside a hotel bar in Ljungby, southern Sweden, in the early hours of Boxing Day last year.

Fardi here is as Swedish as you are, explains our kosher enemy. Maybe more so, since it does the jobs you won't (like raping cultural marxist cat ladies) and will save your pension. In the critical race to have more humanoids, something like Anwar is very useful in making sure you don't run out of brown slaves, as promised by the talmud.

The victim later told police she took an interest in the teenagers, having been told they were migrants from Afganistan. 

A childless, mentally defective spinster wants to pet the dangerous animals. This is not going to end in an unwanted backdoor delivery, that's for sure.

She explained that she had been a member of a Facebook group which campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden.

It's like rain on your wedding day.

In a police interview she said that 'when others have thought that they [migrants] should go home again, she has opposed that'. 

Now the profound wisdom of "sacrifice my ancestral lands to the moon cult alien" is fully vindicated.

After smoking a few cigarettes with the pair, the woman said she tripped and hit her head and laid down on a mattress on the floor, feeling dizzy.

This floor mattress is the perfect place to recover from my jew-endorsed moronic hedonism and suicidal belief in "equality."

Hassani told her to 'be quiet' several times, and began raping her despite her screaming in protest. She said Hassani asked her why she had followed them back if she did not want to have sex with them.

"I had all the correct semitic opinions!" she screamed while moe-ham-head tore that ass up.

Hesari later told police during interrogations that Hassani had turned to him and said in Farsi; 'aren't you going to rape?'  

My Farsi to Swedish phrase-book has this as one of the first sentences you should learn to say, right after "Which way to the welfare office?" and "Let's go kill the kuffir."

The victim told police that as she felt Hesari masturbating next to her, Hassani suddenly penetrated her anally causing her 'excruciating pain'.

We need a lot more dangerous alien sodomites in Western Europe.

According to the victim, Hassani ran after her and 'offered to take her to dinner', but she walked off and called an ambulance. 

The rapefugee is very debonair.

The victim said she had been struggling to sleep and suffered other mental health issues following the rape. 

But it was worth it, right? You still think the entire adult male population of African and Middle Eastern shitholes needs to be moved into your country, don't you?

Växjö District Court found Hassani guilty of rape and sentenced him to 15 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay the victim 134,990SEK (£11,326) in compensation.

The "racist" Swedish court hands down a ridiculously harsh sentence. What part of "sexual emergency as a legal defense" didn't you understand?

Hesari, who admitted to sexual molestation, was handed a three-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay 23,990SEK (£2,013) in compensation.  

That's more like it.

Full Story.


  1. While searching for the root of our English word “black”, I came across the Hebrew words balaq (Strong’s #1110), “to annihilate”, balag (#1082) “to break off” or “to invade (with destruction)” and the Greek word βλάξ (blax), genitive form βλακός (blakos) which means “slack in mind and body, stupid, a dolt”. Are these also coincidences?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I used to do similar stuff with a Strong's, back when I was into Biblical stuff and esoteric studies. Sometimes you come across words that have, say, a Phoenician root (think of phonics), a word that makes you think "hmmm. That's interesting". Take the phrase "In God We Trust" for instance. There's a phonetically-similar word in Strong's spelled גָּד, pronounced "gawd", which means "fortune" but also "that troop", by extension military. When I discovered it, I thought "how strange!" So, looking at the term "God" phonetically, substituting it with the גָּד word (gawd) and it root meaning, military (as in armies), the term 'In God We Trust' becomes 'In War We Trust'. But then let's examine the word "trust" a little closer. Does "trust" always mean to place confidence in someone or something? No. Trust is also a term used in legalese, such as in banking, etc. It has to do with a third party being responsible for overseeing someone's property or money. So, then, can we get a little more insight into the term "In God We Trust" by examining the phonetically-correct term "gawd" and banking term "trust" in relation to the phrase that's printed on "our" money by the atheist Jewish bankers who print it? Might the phrase have something to do with THE BUSINESS OF WAR than with having faith in a supernatural sky-daddy?

      I'll say this much: words are very important in and of themselves, but phonetic similarities between words are also important. There's a very valid reason that many words have phonetic matches to others. One can of course get out in LaLa-Land, go chasing rabbits so to speak, if one gets too wrapped up in trying to divine the esoteric meanings that may or may not lie within certain words and/or phrases... but one can also tap in to some insight and experience epiphany.

      Keep on seeking, Lion's Den. But broaden your horizons: the (((Bible))) is limited stuff, to put it mildly. Study the words that originated from OUR people, White people, and look into OUR legends and ancient beliefs. You'd be very surprised at what you'd find. If the (((Bible))) can be seen as a "mountain of information", our White ancestral roots, which are far older and genuine (as opposed to the plagiarized stories in the Jew's "good book"), are entire solar-systems of information by comparison!


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