University Bugman Wants More Negro Rioting

We must celebrate the impressive achievements of Maffin Luffah Kang, who on this day 50 years ago was transmuted from a plagiarizing communist sex monster into a cultural marxist saint by high velocity lead. Instead of being exposed and ruined like every other jew-selected negro "leader," the tragic death of this leper messiah ensured that it would be forever above criticism, a dead symbol for five decades of failed negro appeasement, wasteful programs and spending, lies and spilled blood. As we commemorate the day this snow hoe aficionado and dusky collegiate xerox machine was taken bodily into heaven by the holy trinity of Big jew, the dark biological weapon and the delusional White cuck, one question that must be asked about this great and noble simian of peace has to be "Wuh bee muh rioting an sheeet?" Fortunately, a pathetic soy-sucking careerist turd is here to raise this vital issue. Seriously, why isn't everything burning yet?

On August 5, 1966, someone struck Martin Luther King Jr. in the head with a rock.   

Seems legitimate. Never forget the time our blessed brown beast got hit with a rock. If this doesn't convince you to flood your neighborhood with dangerous brown inferiors, I don't know what will.

The assault happened not in Birmingham or in Memphis but in Chicago. 

You see kids, back in my day the Chiraq tribal warfare was fought mostly with stones and sharpened sticks.

Earlier that year, King had moved into a run-down apartment on the city’s West Side to bring national attention to the plight of blacks trapped in slum housing and confined to overcrowded schools.

As opposed to now, where the Chicongo negro is a total success story. It's funny how the negro "plight" never seems to improve, no matter how much geld and how many sacrificial White victims are shoveled into the gaping maw of the tar monster.

That day, he was marching in a white neighborhood for the right of families like his to live wherever they chose.

A "right" can't make a demand on another person. You might think this would be obvious, but the author is a communist indoctrination center bug person, so I guess it isn't. I'll be moving into your house now, noodle arms. It's my "right." I can live wherever I chose. This is highly logical.

Gelded cuck wants more negro chaos.

The rock dropped King to one knee. He stayed like that for a moment, trying to get past the pain.

Wow, just like the heroic mulatto at the Liberia Ball.

While recovering from his injury, King said he needed to appear in public “to bring this hate into the open.”

Never has a scumbag so vile been made the object of secular worship.

King’s audience was amnesiac white northerners who had shielded themselves from the racial clash.

You know, kind of like how I preach this nonsense and then use my Ivy League salary to hide in a gated community, far from the rot I'm paid to promote.

Historically, whites have been the ones to cast the first stones, inciting and then dominating most American race riots.

This proves that "diversity" is a mighty strength and a totally natural condition that does not require systematic coercion.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921: Whites destroyed a prosperous black community, using machine guns and even dropping bombs from planes. 

Wut. Remember the time in 1921 when Whites bombed Wakanda? No really, this happened. You should feel very guilty and not have children and pursue destructive kosher nihilism and then die.

But the riotous images that loop in our collective memory are those of Watts and Detroit and Baltimore in the 1960s. 

Yeah. Those are the ones I remember and not the Big Chimping "room to destroy" monkeyshines from the last few years.

The unrest reached an epitome in April 1968, when black anguish over King’s murder saw city after city set on fire.

I'm so sad. I know what will cheer me up: burning my home.

The Holy Week Uprising, people called it, harking back to Christ’s own one-man riot, when he used a whip of cords to cleanse the temple of money changers and merchants.

Jesus Christ, the one man crime spree. No, really. This sickening blasphemy would stand out in even starker relief if this article wasn't packed full of degrading worship directed at a nigger pervert. 

Most white Americans blamed the riots on “looters and undesirables,” according to opinion polls.

Yeah. Can you imagine?

The cure for the blues.

What lawmakers saw was a fast-unspooling crisis. So they acted by providing more educational and welfare services, and by establishing seasonal programs for young people—cheekily referred to as “antiriot insurance.”  

We've been paying this Danegeld ever since. The evolutionary dead-end has not improved.

Fifty years later, our cities, in both the North and the South, remain sharp-line segregated. 

People like to live with their own kind? Could this evil and "racist" thought actually be true?

Not only that, but the decades following the Holy Week Uprising have witnessed a surge in mass incarceration that has disproportionately caged poor black men.

It should also be pointed out that criminal behavior is disproportionately committed by the poor old morlock and, if anything, they're less likely to be seriously punished by the "races" justice system.

By these measures, things have grown worse. Yet the streets, for the most part, have remained clear and quiet.

We only had a few major insurrections in the last five years. Where's the full-blown open War on Whites? Keep in mind this is coming from a pathetic waste of a man who would be literally killed and eaten if the state of nature returned.

Recent years have witnessed spates of unrest protesting police violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and beyond, but these have been short-lived affairs resulting in few serious injuries and restrained arson.

Muh restrained arson. Again, this piece of shit is paid to teach at the communist indoctrination center. 

It's under control, don't worry.

Why don’t American cities burn like they used to?

Honestly, I wanna know wuh it nawt be barnin an sheeet? It's not like the negro is getting better, so explain this one, genius! Better building materials, maybe?

The late urban historian Michael Katz observed that the federal government’s response to the Holy Week Uprising—criminalizing residential segregation—wound up reorganizing city neighborhoods in ways that tempered unrest.

(((Katz))) Every. Single. Time.

Trust me.

For much of the 20th century, riots often erupted after black bodies touched white bodies, were accused of violating white bodies, or even floated into white-claimed waters.

Nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) in waters that I've claimed for The Crown? It's more likely than you think.

“With so many whites gone,” Katz wrote, “boundaries became less contentious, eroding one major source of civil violence.”

All we need to do is destroy White people, explains the jew.

Yet just when they were making inroads into positions of influence, white flight eroded cities’ tax base, which worsened the plight of poor blacks left behind and muddied who was to blame.

At the exact moment the wasteful spending and groveling submission were about to lead to tangible improvements in the jungle monster, wicked and "racist" Whites had go and get tired of the poor treatment and move away. It's all your fault; the nightmare animal was going to get better tomorrow.

Mass incarceration incapacitated vast numbers of young black men, who in previous generations had been the main actors in urban uprisings, while police militarization allowed the authorities to meet rioters with a fierce display of force. 

Locking up criminals reduces the amount of criminal behavior. I'm learning a lot. How many thousands of shekels do I owe you in student loans?

The nation’s criminal-justice system “trains people for a distinctive and lesser kind of citizenship.”

It's a lot like how paying taxes to fund a pathological underclass of racial inferiors and then being blamed for their predictable failure creates a lesser kind of citizenship. Oh well, rest in pieces Doctor Reverend Saint Coon Junior, you really left an amazing legacy.

We need a "prison amnesty" to encourage more of this, explains academic con-artist.


  1. Fantastic takedown of pompous Joo drivel!

    1. Pompous and satanic hypocrisy from the rat(faced)race.....every fucking thing about them is repulsive....lets not even get started on the pavement apes.

    2. Pompous and satanic hypocrisy from the rat(faced)race.....every fucking thing about them is repulsive....lets not even get started on the pavement apes.


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