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A Coordinated Effort

The warm weather is back, a deeply "racist" example of climate chaos that provokes completely expected pathology in the "minority" burden we're forced to drag around because some jew said "It's the right thing to do" and/or "You'll make shekels off this rot." From negro tribal warfare in our cities to horrific crimes from la-teen-oh animals, the rich summer "diversity" is coming. I trust you're armed and as far away from the brown malfunction as is practical. Meanwhile, in the California sewer, it's time to hit the pool to enjoy swimming and then get targeted by the "sexual emergencies" of alien scumbags allowed into our lands by weakness, cowardice and delusion.

The Roseville Police Department arrested seven men on Monday after multiple girls reported men inappropriately touching them at the Golfland SunSplash water park in Roseville, said Rob Baquera, department spokesman.

Those crazy "men" and …

Sensitivity Training

Please watch the amazing video at the link below.

Starbucks "Anti-Bias" Training Video.

Yes, this is real and not an elaborate parody, a disclaimer that has never been more necessary than here in the final hours of our dying country. A pan-faced negress discusses the savage inequalities of Amerikkka, including getting followed in stores. Shame. Shame. Shame. Pattern recognition is bad. Self preservation is bad. The rule of law is bad. Noticing reality is bad. You're hurting nigga feelings (Ah!). You need to die. She then describes herself as a "teen of color." Is there any other kind?

Next up, another genetic alien has a rare moment of introspection when it realizes it's disturbing people merely by its presence. Maybe we'd all be happier with our own kind instead of being forced together in an ugly jewish globalist bazaar. I know, pretty wild. Instead, let's learn to pretend we're happy around Curious George, develop the "American Look"…

Mistakes on a Plane

We gain numerous benefits from the presence of the negro. I'm not just talking about the "economic necessity" of doing jobs Americans wouldn't two hundred years ago. Consider the vibrant diversity of a massive and worthless population of identical looking and behaving dangerous morons. Isn't the tar monster hip and cool, goyim? Looking at how pathetic and hateful the "African-American" is, it's hard to believe this kosher shuck ever gained any traction and a true testament to our cowardice, apathy and inability to figure out how exponential growth works. Now, here we are, surrounded by living fossils who are above criticism, not subject to laws and given every hand-out and special treatment imaginable. The only solution is deportation.

A drunk passenger was escorted off a flight from St. Croix, to Miami on Wednesday, after getting into a fight with another passenger on board the aircraft.

Welcome to the soul plane, where the jungle animal becomes hos…

Honoring the Chiraq Fallen

Today we should take time from stuffing our fat faces and inflicting our pathetic out-of-shape bodies on onlookers to put down the estrogen drink with the little "U" on the bottle and remember those who sacrificed for our zionist occupied government. Let us honor the sodomites, the women, the illegal immigrants, the negroes, the "minorities," (and, I guess all those dead White males, yuck) the cross-dressers, the diesel dykes and all the other "heroes" of the American golem. They died for the jew, they were cannon fodder for soulless globalism. Let's also take this lucid moment before you go back to your empty materialism and self-destructive habits to remember the tar monsters lost in the Chiraq war. Every morlock "limited" is a terrible tragedy, so much potential for future criminality lost, the slow victory in endless tribal warfare between racial inferiors.

At least eight people have been killed and 25 others wounded in shootings across C…

Method Actress

Before we get to the main course, an hilarious discussion regarding the lighter side of the slow and agonizing death of everything we care about, I want to present an amazing image that I feel speaks volumes about the kosher sewer we're presently living in. In fact, I would go so far as to say this is the definitive, Platonic representation of the negro phony grievance industry and its actual kosher controllers. Taken in Killwaukee, we have representatives of the NAACP (Negroes Are Always Causing Problems) protesting against the rule of law with the jew puppet master right there, literally sticking its hand up the back of the biological weapon it brought here in chains because of "economic necessity." The semitic demon and its child-devil weapon, captured in a shockingly candid moment, the criminal scum that's more equal.

The jew and the zoo.
Former NAACP official Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who posed as African American for years, is now facing charges of welfare fr…

Directed Against Jews

Europe is being destroyed by a combination of spiritual sickness from within and rapefugee invasion from without, so it's important that we focus on what really matters, namely some mild and highly dubious incidents of "anti-semitism." With our ancestral homelands being transformed into mud world kaliphates, it is somewhat surprising that g*d's chosen aren't receiving better treatment, both from White gratitude for finally erasing our inherent "not-see" guilt via kosher genocide and from the amazing tolerance and love of that great religion of islam. Incredibly, the enemy within is experiencing minor blow-back from its scheme to leave Europe in burning ruins and you should feel very, very bad about this, you unclean cattle.

Discrimination against Jews in the Netherlands nearly doubled in 2017, reaching a five-year high that accounts for 41 percent of all the xenophobic incidents recorded.

Without hyperbole, we can say this is equivalent of a second holoc…

NFL Death Watch: The Whole 15 Yards

Be sure to watch the Liberia Ball, shkotzim! Don't worry, we've got the brightest semitic minds working overtime to ensure that last season's negro ugliness will either be confined to areas that aren't captured by your electronic synagogue or are harshly punished by ceding valuable gridiron real estate. Yes, the cargo cult ceremonies dedicated to your dead nation (Be sure to support our brave women, sodomites, la-teen-oh illegals and Iowa farm boys in Iran!) will no longer be ruined by the legendary gratitude and discipline of the "African-American" and the tragic mulatto. Gulp that estrogen drink with the weird "K" on the bottle, stare glassy-eyed at a vile tribal spectacle and for g*d's sake, keep spending. Seriously, we dying hee-ah, as the schwoogie might say.

NFL owners on Tuesday mulled the possibility of assessing an in-game penalty against teams whose players kneel in protest during the national anthem.

This penalty will cause the kickoff…

The Way Racism Is

As we all know, your local Starbucks is the designated space to destroy for negro monkeyshines and la-teen-oh animal behavior. Now dangerous racial inferiors finally have a place where they can fully express their genetically preordained pathology without fear of reprisals and it's hard not to be extremely pleased with this development. Sorry about the bathroom, Pedro had a burrito bomb before passing out drunk in a stall. That negro hit you repeatedly? Well, we can't hold them to our White laws because of "racism," so I guess you're just going to have to live with it. It's called "tolerance." Oh no, the morlocks have started a fire. I expect many amazing lessons will be learned from this exciting kosher experiment in chaos and societal breakdown.

Everyone is welcome at your neighborhood Starbucks. This includes just hanging out or using the bathroom.

This includes menacing paying customers and shooting up in the restroom. Don't worry, that yello…

This Appalling Escalation

Basic pattern recognition is going to interfere with your success in the ugly globalist bazaar we're building more than any other vice. It's good to practice the affected ignorance that will serve you well in your shekel chases while everything your forebears built burns. Today's subject is a good training weight for this noble endeavor, an opportunity to shrug your shoulders and say "I guess we just need more spending" while reflecting on the explosion of moon cult crime in Londonistan. It really is quite baffling why this is occurring, I'm at a loss. More knife control might help and don't forget censoring "hate speech" on jewish data collection websites. This naughty talk is making the moose-limb hostile. Time to go to prison.

Sadiq Khan’s London has seen an “appalling escalation” of serious crimes including murder, violent robbery, and home burglary in the last year, according to new police data.

Welcome to the London owned by a desert alien …

Taken Aback by the News

As you already know, your local Starbucks is the designated location for typical negro behavior, a sort of lawless simian sanctuary where the jungle monster can fully express the content of its character. In between waiting for its "business meeting," Barkevious is now encouraged to steal, destroy and assault the delusional leftist Eloi on the premises. It's the least we can do to atone for the time the evolutionary dead-ends were mildly inconvenienced and then promptly chimped out. But wait, there's more! This same sugar shack has now shown "racism" toward the la-teen-oh invader, so it's time to gather up your MS-13 cholos and head down there, vato loco. You and your fellow animals, who definitely are not people, are now invited to transform the place into a less habitable version of Guatemala.  Better hurry, there might not be any gringos left to victimize.

Nearly two weeks ahead of their day of nationwide racial bias training, coffee chain Starbucks i…

$2.8 Trillion Down the Toilet

We need a hundred years of war for Israel. This insane drivel isn't coming from mental patients smearing their own waste on padded walls, it's coming from mainstream politicians from both sides of the same kosher shekel. Defending the interests of the merchant is the reason we have a military, the reason for invading other nations, sacrificing White lives, leaving everything in ruins and ultimately ending up with more of the "terror" we were supposed to be fighting. Yes, we will defeat some nebulous concept while praising the Great Religion of islam and allowing their jihadans to infiltrate our country. Somehow it just didn't work out. Mission accomplished for our jewish enemy.

The U.S. has spent as much as $2.8 trillion on the fight against terrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a study published Wednesday.

In return we gave up our rights, allowed in enemygrants from shithole countries, got maimed or killed and helped establish ISIS. …

Conspiracy of Silence

You've probably never heard of the holocaust. Six million precious jews were lost in homicidal gas chambers. This event occurred during an historical obscurity called "World War 2" and is almost never mentioned in any form of media, let alone taught in our schools. As a result, the memory of the gentile crimes against g*d's favorite people has rapidly faded. We need to take action to ensure that we never forget the horrific crimes committed by the unclean meat, as recorded by soviets, communists and scumbag opportunists. If there's one record that should survive into the future, one monument that should stand above the blasted apocalyptic wastes of our near-future, it's the fact that evil "not-sees" made the poisonous mushroom do honest work, once.

Documents from the post-war Auschwitz trial have been classed part of the UNESCO "Memory of the World Register", underlining their significance as "common heritage of humanity", Germany…

Obtaining an Assault Weapon

What is responsible for the Chicago all against all? It's a question that's probably best avoided, or answered dismissively with mumbled remarks about global climate chaos or secret ingredients in malt liquor, but some brave semitic organizations are finally willing to admit the unpopular truth. It's your gun rights. You need to give them up because brothas keep getting hostile and "drawing down on dem hoes." Once you're completely defenseless, goyim, the schwoogie should start behaving itself for the first time ever. What do you mean you're not convinced? Well, have you seen this low-effort piece of degenerate art? I'm sure you'll be ready to surrender your inherent right of self-defense after you look at this, it's really something.

It's like a bike-sharing station, but with what appear to be AR-15 rifles.

Get ready to have your "square" button-down mind completely blown by this amazing kosher social commentary.Like, far out man…

Just a Bad Day

We should be able to educate the negro and transform it into a cut-rate version of a White person. They just need more Whites in their classrooms, or none at all, depending on what doomed and damaging idea the jew is pushing at the moment. We will fill a Neolithic tar creature with a love of learning, as long as we keep spending, keep appeasing, keep bleeding. Inside that dangerous genetic alien lurks the next great doctor, oceanographer or rapper. When the efforts to uplift a failed branch of humanity predictably collapse into disaster we'll be sure to blame it on "racism," the legacy of jewish slavery, the lack of resources (even as the worthless groid dumps hundred dollar textbooks out the window) and what about muh "bad days?" Please ignore the fact that the dark inferior is one "bad day" away from total and complete Dark Continent savagery.

On Tuesday, a student at Cedar Hill High School in Texas appeared to assault physics teacher Bobby Soehnge d…

Chiraq: "Teenagers" went Wild

Local alderman now says cops were "vastly outnumbered" and an internal review is underway to determine why police "early warning" system about mob actions failed. See our full update on this development HERE. Our original report follows.

Every now and then I like to start with the punchline. Somehow the advance scouts failed to notice the dark mob and the representatives of the decaying rule of law were vastly outnumbered by "teens." How could this happen? Everyone knows we have the best technology and doctrines in the critical field of controlling tar monster wilding. I'm sure the review will correct whatever one in a million flaw prevented the Blue Lives that Matter from throwing a huge net over the monkey metastasis. This is unlikely to happen again, be sure to plan your summer vacation to Chicongo, Drillinois.

At least four people were injured and two arrests were made after a large group of teenagers went wild near Chicago’s historic Water Tower o…