Banana Investigation Finally Ends

White genocide is fully justified because our long-dead ancestors failed to live up to modern cultural marxist standards of right-think and sometimes we commit "microaggressions," like failing to have a rictus grin carved into our faces in the presence of the wonderful "minority." If you don't think that's enough of an excuse to support a decades-long, systematic jewish attack, have you considered the phony hate crimes? Yes, these highly dubious incidents prove, once and for all, that "hate" is real and please ignore that rabbi slipping paint-soaked hands into pockets. We know the evil White male must be behind it, and if it takes months of searching for the real criminals that ultimately yields no result, it's a small price to pay for the Earthly paradise of victim groups, semitic attacks and the "American look" we're trying to build.

Nearly one year after a hate crime rocked American University’s campus, University President Sylvia Burwell announced in a memo on Friday that “no suspect has been identified in the case” and that “all credible leads have been exhausted” in the investigation.

I'm literally rocking. Yes, a shocking "hate crime" tore apart the communist indoctrination center, leaving student loan debt victims completely unable to "even." The inquisition was called in, the witch hunt was conducted, but for whatever reason the White malefactors remain at large, no doubt planning their next horrific outrage.

“I know this is disappointing,” Burwell said in the memo. “I recognize the anger and grief that many experienced because of this traumatic event and understand that this is not the outcome we hoped for. We must create our own path to healing as a community.”

If I was a negro I'd spend every waking moment thanking the blind, senile, idiot gods of my savage and backward failed race for living in a White nation instead of the African all against all, but gratitude is not something you find in the tar monster. Instead, lets walk around in a sullen drooling haze of "I be so sad, mudda fudda" and "I hate duh wite debil." If "diversity" is such a mighty strength, how come all it does is create conflict and misery?

Bananas, some of which were marked with the letters “AKA” and “Harambe,” were found hanging from string tied in the shape of nooses on May 1, 2017, sparking national media coverage and days of protests led by black students.

From the bombastic verbiage presented above, I assumed this incident involved a simian being dragged behind a pick-up truck or something. No, it was bananas. This total and complete bullshit earned national coverage from the jewish media and led to predictable monkeyshines from the Shit Creature-American.

The AU Police Department is the lead agency on the investigation, with the assistance of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI and Metropolitan Police Department, Phillip Morse, assistant vice president of University Police Services and Emergency Management, told The Eagle this semester. 

The entire corrupt system deploys itself; we must find the evil "klan" member responsible for what's either a goofy prank or a complete hoax. Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this, White tax-paying chump.

Even though all credible leads have been exhausted, the case remains open, university spokesperson Mark Story said. Burwell noted in her memo that “if someone comes forward with additional information, it will be investigated.”

The important thing is it could have been real and there's no statute of limitations on lynching produce to honor the memory of a dead great ape. A banana investigation in a banana republic. To call this clown world doesn't seem strong enough. "We used to have massive investigations over hate fruit," we'll have to explain to our grandchildren once the negro, jew and la-teen-oh have been removed and our country is restored to sanity.

The executive board of AU Student Government, including president Yamillet Payano, vice president Solomon Self, comptroller Christine Machovec and secretary Kris Schneider, echoed the disappointment in the outcome of the investigation. 

The executive board, including jews and some token mystery meat, totally agrees that it's sad we didn't catch the evil "racists."

“It is unfortunate that the perpetrator in this case has not been brought to justice, but it’s also important to recognize all that has been achieved over the past year as a community -- without this justice,” they said in a statement.  

We really got to do a number on our White jew debt victims over this, just wearing them out, so at least there's that. Buy and read this textbook on "White privilege" you worthless shkotzim. You need to be destroyed. This is justice.

In the months following the hate crime, campus security has been a hot topic of discussion among students, faculty and administrators. Since May, multiple flyers — targeting African-Americans, immigrants and Jews — have been posted on or near campus.

Appalling hate messages like "It's okay to be White" and "No more illegal immigration, please" have been spotted. The may-hee-can invader, poisonous mushroom and jungle monster are all busted up over this, don't you feel terrible?

AUPD has increased its surveillance efforts on campus in the hopes of preventing similar incidents.

Big jew is watching you.

In the past year, Burwell said the University has “taken important steps” to address public safety as well as launched a diversity and inclusion plan to improve AU’s campus climate.

We've really stepped up our "fewer Whites in everything" efforts, let me tell you. Learn a trade, White man.

“Colleges and universities continue to be targets of hate,” she wrote. “American University will respond, unified, with resilience and determination to pursue our goals.”

Tiny Puritan villages in the New Canaan continue to be targets of witchcraft, evil eye and forest demons, she wrote. We will respond to the crop failures, early winters and marital bed impotence with resilience and determination, hunting down the teenage girls responsible.

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  1. I think these guys did it. They are already wearing their prison uniforms.


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