Chicago's Frightening Incidents

The negro will get better tomorrow. When some Oriental sits down to write "Well, That Didn't Work: A History of the Ghost Slaves in the Land of the Baizuo" this ant-man historian is going to marvel at our stubborn refusal to learn obvious lessons, even after having them rubbed in our face repeatedly. By Current Year it's obvious to anyone but an idiot that the "African-American" is a failed race that needs to be removed, but this truth must never be articulated. You don't want to ruin your life over this, do you? Are you some dumb-ass hero? Just pretend the morlock is fully human, it's much easier. By the time they destroy everything you care about you should be safely dead. You like your shekels, right?

The warm weekend weather was accompanied by a sharp increase in gun violence on Chicago's streets.

We need common sense heat control. Summer was created for a primary rural and agrarian nation. Our founders couldn't have anticipated the effects of warmth on urban environments or disadvantaged "minorities" suffering from "poverty." It's time to build giant cooling domes over the la-teen-oh and tar monster areas and maintain the temperature near the freezing point, year round. Don't worry, working Whites can fund this well-conceived idea.

Five people were killed and at least 35 others were wounded in shootings since Friday evening.

Total tribal war in the Chiraq all against all. Dark creatures torn from a nightmare express the content of their character. The inability to correctly hold a firearm in dusky paws results in a depressingly low hit to kill ratio. You'll get the bill for this, too.

Crime scene technicians dusted for fingerprints and cataloged evidence early Sunday morning in the Gresham neighborhood, as detectives investigated the death of a man who was found behind the wheel of a minivan with a bullet in his chest.

"This is an example of being 'limited' while sitting in a car, the most dangerous activity a congoloid can engage in," explained Sherlock Holmes. "The hood games are afoot."

Community activist Andrew Holmes is calling for people to help police, the same week Supt. Eddie Johnson attended an intelligence briefing in the 11th District on the West Side and promised saturation patrols in some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods.

Meet America's next President. Well, if it was mulatto and not mired in decades of "muh rahts" corruption, it might have a chance. Sorry mosshead, no jewish rocket is getting strapped to your primitive body any time soon.

Hope and change.

“The City needs help, the police department needs help, so the community has to keep stepping up to help the police department, and we still have to have the resources we need to quell this violence,” Holmes said.

We need to get that giant net thrown over muh community.

But Saturday night in East Garfield Park, a 12-year-old boy was shot and critically injured after someone opened fire into a crowd gathered on the sidewalk in the 3300 block of Madison street. The boy was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition.

Pound sign never again. Gun crime. The 19th anniversary. Think of the poor little Curious George. Give up your rights, shkotzim. 

Just a few hours later, two more people were shot in the same apartment complex. Investigators believe the second shootings may have been retaliation for the earlier ones.

You know what? I think you might be right!

In one of the weekend’s most frightening incidents, a drive-by shooting outside Mount Sinai Hospital targeted a group of people as they waited for word on a relative who was shot earlier in the day. Two women were wounded in the gunfire.

The circle of jungle monster life. Take a bullet to the "booty." Get free medical care courtesy of White tax-payers. Get shot again outside the hospital. Repeat until made good. 

Holmes has a message for chicago’s violent communities as summer approaches: "think twice before you put your hand on that gun, because sooner or later, you’re going to have a set of handcuffs on you."

Yeah. How about that? We coming for you, nigga! In other news, no arrests were made in any of the dozens of shootings.


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