Conspiracy of Silence

You've probably never heard of the holocaust. Six million precious jews were lost in homicidal gas chambers. This event occurred during an historical obscurity called "World War 2" and is almost never mentioned in any form of media, let alone taught in our schools. As a result, the memory of the gentile crimes against g*d's favorite people has rapidly faded. We need to take action to ensure that we never forget the horrific crimes committed by the unclean meat, as recorded by soviets, communists and scumbag opportunists. If there's one record that should survive into the future, one monument that should stand above the blasted apocalyptic wastes of our near-future, it's the fact that evil "not-sees" made the poisonous mushroom do honest work, once.

Documents from the post-war Auschwitz trial have been classed part of the UNESCO "Memory of the World Register", underlining their significance as "common heritage of humanity", Germany's foreign minister said Wednesday. 

Highly dubious war propaganda must be protected. The story of a jew being unsuccessfully "gassed" six times is part of our human inheritance, maybe the single must important part. The dogs with poison teeth, the skull-smashing machines, the deadly soviet submarine engines, the color-coded smoke, the killer falcons, the fire pits...these semitic tall tales must be preserved for a windblown tomorrow.

The 1963-1965 trial of 22 Nazi officials who ran the Auschwitz death camp marked a turning point when Germans faced up to their role in the Holocaust. 

Yes, you are uniquely evil, you German devils. You need to be destroyed, possibly by massive mud world "immigration" from without and kosher spiritual venom from within. But I thought it was done by something called "nawrtzees?" No. Germany is bad. It must be destroyed. Here's a million more moe-ham-heads.

Unlike the better known 1945-1946 Nuremberg trials where judges from the Allied powers presided over the hearings of top Nazis, the Frankfurt trial was the first in which Germans prosecuted Germans.

Yeah. (((Germans))).

In 183 days of hearings, the trial "paved the way for an entire society to take a critical look in the mirror at the role of Germans as citizens, participants, followers and criminals," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

This crushing guilt over events that never happened has been very psychologically healthy for our people, suffice it to say.

Classifying the court material from the Auschwitz trial in an international register is an "insurance against forgetting", said Hesse science and arts minister Boris Rhein, in remarks carried by national news agency DPA.

The documents are "an important element in the fight against ongoing denial and relativizing of Nazi violations," added Maas.

These outrageous lies are not only true, they represent a worse crime than any of the atrocities that actually happened, like 100 million killed by communism during the disastrous jewish century.

Maas also underlined the role played by former prosecutor Fritz Bauer, one of Germany's fiercest Nazi hunters.

Wow. What a hero.

Trust me.

He fought against a conspiracy of silence on the Holocaust at a time when many Nazis still occupied prominent roles in the justice service.

If there's one word I associate with the holohoax and the endless kike wailing that accompanies this fraud, it's "silence."

Some 1.1 million people, most of them European Jews, perished between 1940 and 1945 in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp before it was liberated by Soviet forces.


  1. They now claim that the trauma of the holocaust is genetically transmitted. So they will never run out of holocaust victims or a basis to file claims.


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