Honoring the Chiraq Fallen

Today we should take time from stuffing our fat faces and inflicting our pathetic out-of-shape bodies on onlookers to put down the estrogen drink with the little "U" on the bottle and remember those who sacrificed for our zionist occupied government. Let us honor the sodomites, the women, the illegal immigrants, the negroes, the "minorities," (and, I guess all those dead White males, yuck) the cross-dressers, the diesel dykes and all the other "heroes" of the American golem. They died for the jew, they were cannon fodder for soulless globalism. Let's also take this lucid moment before you go back to your empty materialism and self-destructive habits to remember the tar monsters lost in the Chiraq war. Every morlock "limited" is a terrible tragedy, so much potential for future criminality lost, the slow victory in endless tribal warfare between racial inferiors.

At least eight people have been killed and 25 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday at midnight, police said. 

We're all equal. The negro is a White person that got left in the oven too long. They should start approximating civilized behavior any day now. We're probably one or maybe two wasteful and doomed government programs away from fixing this permanent underclass of idiotic and dangerous genetic refuse. The money we're taking out of your pocket in punitive taxation might be the magic bullet that transmutes the groid into a cut-rate White, aren't you excited?  

Last year over the entire Memorial Day weekend, seven people were killed and 45 others were hurt.

We've already exceeded last year's dead negro storage contents (of their character) and have a legitimate shot at having a higher total of nightmare creatures seeking free medical care after getting blasted by their fellow worthless animals. Despite this, there's still a few cranks who insist there's no such thing as progress.

A 15-year-old boy is among the wounded after being shot in his back and hips. Police said he was shot just after 11 p.m. Sunday night in the 1800-block of West Cullerton Street. 

A fully mature negro "baby" gets zapped. You'll get the bill for this nonsense. Did I mention that race isn't real and we're all the same? Whites are bad and the jew is g*d's chosen, of course.

The boy was walking towards a car when a dark minivan pulled up and someone inside shouted a gang-related slogan before firing shots. No one is in custody.

LOL. Time to shout some slogans at the mosshead. "All in for Jeb, mudda fudda!" followed by the nigga body (Ah!) becoming much more aerodynamic.

Investigators said China Marie Lyons-Upshaw, was in her bedroom in the 800-block of East 49th Street when she was shot in the chest. She and another man were playing with a gun when it hit the ground and went off.

Evolutionary dead-ends take the "gun challenge." We bee playin witt diss beam, beeech. Lemme bawnce diss off dee floo. Sheeeeeet.

Classy and educated proud black woman ended by gun mishap.

Meanwhile, a young mother was shot and killed over the weekend on her doorstep while she was celebrating her 2-year-old's birthday. Bobbieana Lyons, 20, was hit by stray bullets near 76th and Halsted streets.

It just occurred to me that maybe the kosher portrayal of the "African-American" on the electronic synagogue isn't entirely honest.

And at around 1 a.m. Monday on the West Side, two men got into a fight inside a car near Flournoy Street and Laramie Avenue. They got out, then one man pulled out a gun shooting a 31-year-old man twice in the chest and once in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Your flat tax proposal is impractical within the current economic zeitgeist, my good man."

"No, fine sir, it's been carefully researched and run through the most accurate available Austrian School models. Let's continue this discussion outside of the motor vehicle, shall we?"

Police are trying to curb gun violence this holiday weekend with 1,300 extra officers on patrol and help from state and federal partners. But the statistics so far are hard painting a very violent picture.

We threw a giant net over the negro and la-teen-oh areas, but somehow they got free and are killing each other.

80 I.Q. magic negro and the jew wire-puller.


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