Just a Bad Day

We should be able to educate the negro and transform it into a cut-rate version of a White person. They just need more Whites in their classrooms, or none at all, depending on what doomed and damaging idea the jew is pushing at the moment. We will fill a Neolithic tar creature with a love of learning, as long as we keep spending, keep appeasing, keep bleeding. Inside that dangerous genetic alien lurks the next great doctor, oceanographer or rapper. When the efforts to uplift a failed branch of humanity predictably collapse into disaster we'll be sure to blame it on "racism," the legacy of jewish slavery, the lack of resources (even as the worthless groid dumps hundred dollar textbooks out the window) and what about muh "bad days?" Please ignore the fact that the dark inferior is one "bad day" away from total and complete Dark Continent savagery.

On Tuesday, a student at Cedar Hill High School in Texas appeared to assault physics teacher Bobby Soehnge during class after Soehnge took his phone away.

Yeah, it sure "appears" that way in a video that completely recorded the incident. Today's lesson in racial physics: every White action of groveling debasement has an equal and opposite aggressive reaction from the shit monster.

The student in the video can be seen "knocking papers off a teachers desk, cursing and then shoving the teacher's face," WFAA reported.

We're just one program away from fixing the simian failure. That violent mosshead should settle down as soon as your check clears.

The video — which was uploaded to Facebook by Chris Hunt, whose daughter attends the school — sparked outrage as it went viral on the social media platform.

"Maybe the jew wasn't entirely honest," thinks Sally Soccer Mom as she observes the possible negative impact the jungle animal might have on my school districts.

"Give me my f**king phone. This is the last time asking your stupid ass," the teen yelled at the teacher before shoving his face. "Give me my damn phone."

The content of their character. Please forgive me, "African-American." I didn't mean to get my face in the way of your brown paw.

Weak White fatbody is menaced by a rag-head.

The teacher gave in and gave the student his phone back.

This pathetic incident is almost the perfect metaphor for the kosher "civil rights" movement. You've got to obey the rules, negro. This is followed by the jew-encouraged big chimping. Okay, you actually don't have to follow the law, please stop the idiotic destruction. I'm sorry I was "racist." 

"I was shocked to see such egregious behavior," said principal Michael McDonald. "That’s not something we condone."

I had no idea a negro could act like that. I think I need my fainting couch. That's not how they behave on the talmudvision.

"[The teacher] actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged," said McDonald.

Things that didn't happen dot text. Sorry I donn split yo wig yew fuggin milk mudda fudda. Gibs me summ aww dat luvv.

"He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year. They have a great relationship and that was just a bad day the student was having."

I actually have a really good relationship with this poisonous snake. I feed it mice and it seems real appreciative. I can't believe it bit me, probably just having a bad day or whatever. Well, time to die.

Full Story.

They're improving a lot.


  1. Thank you for all the work that you are doing to get out the truth and in such an entertaining way.


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