Mistakes on a Plane

We gain numerous benefits from the presence of the negro. I'm not just talking about the "economic necessity" of doing jobs Americans wouldn't two hundred years ago. Consider the vibrant diversity of a massive and worthless population of identical looking and behaving dangerous morons. Isn't the tar monster hip and cool, goyim? Looking at how pathetic and hateful the "African-American" is, it's hard to believe this kosher shuck ever gained any traction and a true testament to our cowardice, apathy and inability to figure out how exponential growth works. Now, here we are, surrounded by living fossils who are above criticism, not subject to laws and given every hand-out and special treatment imaginable. The only solution is deportation.

A drunk passenger was escorted off a flight from St. Croix, to Miami on Wednesday, after getting into a fight with another passenger on board the aircraft.

Welcome to the soul plane, where the jungle animal becomes hostile from the secret ingredient "racists" put in cheap booze. Amazing White technological achievement and living fossils with alien genetics not shared by any other race don't mix as well as the jew assured us they would.

Shocking footage taken by a fellow passenger Bill Bolduc shows Jason Felix repeatedly punching another man who asked him to calm down after a flight attendant refused to give him beer. 

Do you find this shocking? Maybe you would if you spent the last sixty years in an underground bunker with nothing but a talmudvision for companionship.

Simian monster and long-suffering mystery meat in our glorious "diverse" kosher globalist market.

He stood in the aisle banging on overhead bins and ranting at other travelers when he demanded another drink.  

The negro is very debonair.

Another passenger on board American Airlines flight 1293, captured the incident on camera and shared the videos to YouTube. 

Hide behind a camera. Don't actually do anything. When the collapse comes I wonder how many Jew Tube videos we'll get of Whites documenting their final moments before being devoured by morlocks.

In the clip, Felix, who is dressed in a mostly black tee shirt with the word 'unity' written across the front, a black hat and a white du-rag, can be seen facing off with a flight attendant. 

There's a certain irony.

The flight attendant tells the man, 'Please sit down. I'm not bringing you any more beers. We'll be there in an hour.'

Wah bee muh brews, mudda fudda? Sorry sir, you can't have any more. This is the worst "racism" I've seen since that shoah in Switzerland. 

A man in a blue plaid shirt can be seen standing behind Felix, appearing to wait for the opportunity to pass him.

Beep beep sucka, can a nigga get thru or what?

When we see more footage, we now see the man in plaid punching Felix.

I know, who could have predicted this? Maybe we're not actually all the same. 

 Another "diversity" success story.

The flight attendant comes back into view and calmly approaches the fray, prying the men apart and eventually telling the man in plaid, 'go up there,' and gesturing up the aisle.

Wanted: Patient and delusional Whites to pry apart negro brawls. Must heal quickly.

After the fight breaks up, the captain comes over the speaker and says, 'The seat belt light is on. Please return immediately to your seats.' 

This is your captain speaking. The monkeyshines are over, please resume staring at nothing with glazed over eyes, awaiting the inevitable collapse. Also, put on your seat belt.

The camera then returned again to show four Miami-Dade County police officers boarding the plane and escorting Felix off the aircraft. 

Four 90 I.Q. blue lives to do the job one male stewardess did earlier. Sounds about right.

Bolduc said the entire situation lasted for more than an hour, and several passengers were forced to try to calm Felix throughout the scenario.

Enjoy a relaxing vacation, shkotzim. Spend an hour trying to calm down an agitated and sloppy drunk representative of a failed branch of humanity.

He praised the way American Airlines employees on the flight handled the disruptive, violent man.

Our last heroes.

'At one point, there was discussion of diverting the aircraft and landing before Miami but we made it there without additional people being hurt.'

We're experiencing negro turbulence and will now attempt a crash landing. Hold on to something.

Travel to the tropics, see exotic animal life.


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