NFL Death Watch: The Whole 15 Yards

Be sure to watch the Liberia Ball, shkotzim! Don't worry, we've got the brightest semitic minds working overtime to ensure that last season's negro ugliness will either be confined to areas that aren't captured by your electronic synagogue or are harshly punished by ceding valuable gridiron real estate. Yes, the cargo cult ceremonies dedicated to your dead nation (Be sure to support our brave women, sodomites, la-teen-oh illegals and Iowa farm boys in Iran!) will no longer be ruined by the legendary gratitude and discipline of the "African-American" and the tragic mulatto. Gulp that estrogen drink with the weird "K" on the bottle, stare glassy-eyed at a vile tribal spectacle and for g*d's sake, keep spending. Seriously, we dying hee-ah, as the schwoogie might say.

NFL owners on Tuesday mulled the possibility of assessing an in-game penalty against teams whose players kneel in protest during the national anthem.

This penalty will cause the kickoff that goes through the back of the end zone to go through the back of the end zone, but even more. This will stop the monkeyshines, now get your weak, pathetic overweight White body (Ah?) back in front of the talmudvision and resume your role as the eunuch cuckold who worships the tar monster. This is the best way to spend that Sunday, goyim, trust me. You certainly don't want to spend it with your family, or get into weight training or something. No, blob it out with your Senegal Soccer.

Sports Illustrated reported that NFL owners met in Atlanta and discussed how to handle anthem protests moving forward.

After complaining about how humid the room was and the small portions of food, of course.

Ah, those kneeling schwartzers, what can you do?

One suggestion was to have the home team decide whether both teams would be on the field for "The Star-Spangled Banner," or remain in their respective locker rooms.

With the negro animal safely confined in a cage, I mean "locker room," we should be able to pretend that our country still exists.

If the teams chose to come out, a team would be assessed a 15-yard penalty if any of their players protested during the anthem. 

Before you make those "kill Whitey" gestures, Barkevious, let me remind you that it will cost you 45 entire feet.

Dem debils be giving 15 yards and a mule? Sheeeet.

Sports journalists took to Twitter and roundly criticized the concept. 

Meanwhile, normal healthy Whites turned off the kosher mess.

Multiple NFL players took a knee during the national anthem prior to games for the past two seasons in an effort to raise awareness of racial inequality and social justice issues, such as police brutality.

It was definitely about "social justice" and had nothing to do with a giant brown middle finger extended at their White fanbase. My dusky knee is on the turf, this should reduce "racial inequality," like how Whites aren't allowed to play most positions and are a tiny minority in the Botswana Ball.

President Trump routinely criticized those who protested, calling for them to be fired or punished by the league. He went on to criticize league commissioner Roger Goodell for his inaction on the issue.

The New Jersey Generals of the USFL will be avenged.

Two players who were among the first to take a knee during the 2016 season — Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid — are now free agents. They have filed separate lawsuits against the NFL claiming owners colluded to keep them off of a team because of their history of protests.

Here's hoping the mixed-race abomination's jew lawyer is victorious, accelerating the death of the Togo Tackle Time.

 Mulatto mischief-maker's legal council for frivolous lawsuit.


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