Obtaining an Assault Weapon

What is responsible for the Chicago all against all? It's a question that's probably best avoided, or answered dismissively with mumbled remarks about global climate chaos or secret ingredients in malt liquor, but some brave semitic organizations are finally willing to admit the unpopular truth. It's your gun rights. You need to give them up because brothas keep getting hostile and "drawing down on dem hoes." Once you're completely defenseless, goyim, the schwoogie should start behaving itself for the first time ever. What do you mean you're not convinced? Well, have you seen this low-effort piece of degenerate art? I'm sure you'll be ready to surrender your inherent right of self-defense after you look at this, it's really something.

It's like a bike-sharing station, but with what appear to be AR-15 rifles.

Get ready to have your "square" button-down mind completely blown by this amazing kosher social commentary. Like, far out man. You can get a death stick like you're sharing a bike, whoa. That's really groovy and profound. You can't hug your children with those kind of arms, oh wow.

No, the "gun-sharing station" in Daley Plaza is not actually real, it's more a symbolic piece of public art.

It's more an example of one the worst arguments for one of the worst ideas you'll ever see, courtesy of our friend, the traveling merchant.

If there were no guns the negro and la-teen-oh scum would become model citizens.

The exhibit, called the "Chicago Gun Share Program," holds a row of 10 replicas of AR-15 rifles. The exhibit is structured to make it look as though getting a weapon is as easy as renting a bike.

You can just go buy a steak knife like it's a bike or something. No one needs to own a sledgehammer. Here, cover your elbows and knees in bubble wrap before they hurt someone. This idiocy will eventually end the tribal warfare. You can trust me, I'm a jew.

The protest art piece is an illustration of how easy it is for an ordinary citizen to obtain an assault weapon and came about as a partnership between Chicago-based advertising agency The Escape Pod and gun safety organization the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.   

Fully-automatic military quality assault weapons with extra-large clips! I walked into a K-Mart and left five minutes later with an StG 44. Warn us of the dangers of inanimate objects, completely kosher goyim control groups. Disarming the good people will stop the bad ones, it just makes sense.

"Our hope is to raise awareness of this important issue. We're hoping the Chicago community can take advantage of this ... and learn how simple it is for a civilian to obtain a weapon of war," said Max Samis, Brady Center press secretary. 

My weapons of war. Let's meet this handsome devil. My son, the press secretary!

Jew-soyboy hybrid wants you completely defenseless against the evils its tribe unleashed.

"Our goal here is to start a conversation on one of the more burning issues of our day, and in the process, raise much-needed funds for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence," said Vinny Warren, The Escape Pod executive creative director.

We're hoping to raise a lot of shekels. Turn in your guns, demands the jew, before flying into a frothing rage, cursing and ranting in hebrew. Get this chosenite its "much needed funds," you damn gentiles.

The poisonous mushroom.

"This issue is especially relevant to our home town of Chicago, which has suffered more than most from the plague of gun violence."

There's a plague in Chiraq and, believe it or not, it's not responsible gun ownership among the shrinking White population. Sometimes we call this virus the "African-American" or la-teen-oh.

While visitors to the exhibit can't actually get a gun, they can make a donation to the Brady Center and learn more about the campaign's gun safety efforts.

Did I mention we really want your geld, shkotzim?

"We're grateful that this will raise awareness of this important issue and support our efforts to enact gun safety reforms," Samis said.

Wow. What a hero.

The jew wire-puller and the 80 I.Q. magic negro that failed.


  1. I hate to see Chicago called “ChIraq”. Iraq didn’t vote itself into the hell it’s in. It was invaded and occupied by American scum on behalf of the jews. Chicongo is getting exactly what it votes for.

    1. That's a fair statement. I wonder how many jews actually believe the nonsense they're peddling, and how many jews know good and well its all bullshit but continue pressing on in hopes the goyim don't find out?

    2. Jews are pathological liars to the point that they do believe the lies they tell. I had very recent firsthand experience with this. I did some work for a jew I know. He’s a bottom of the barrel jew. Likes to party too much. So much so that it actually impedes his jewish swindling. I caught him in a lie so blatant and provable that it was pathetic. He REFUSED to own up to it, doubled down on it, and eventually tried to turn the tables and blame me. It was quite a spectacle and a case study, being as jew wise as I am.

  2. The Dead Fish in the gefilte barrel all support Commissar Idi Amin.
    It beez about edukashun, he mumbled. Commissar Idi Amin will take the Dead Fish to School. Happy Magic Lamp Genie Out of Bottle Day.


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