Sensitivity Training

Please watch the amazing video at the link below.

Starbucks "Anti-Bias" Training Video.

Yes, this is real and not an elaborate parody, a disclaimer that has never been more necessary than here in the final hours of our dying country. A pan-faced negress discusses the savage inequalities of Amerikkka, including getting followed in stores. Shame. Shame. Shame. Pattern recognition is bad. Self preservation is bad. The rule of law is bad. Noticing reality is bad. You're hurting nigga feelings (Ah!). You need to die. She then describes herself as a "teen of color." Is there any other kind?

Next up, another genetic alien has a rare moment of introspection when it realizes it's disturbing people merely by its presence. Maybe we'd all be happier with our own kind instead of being forced together in an ugly jewish globalist bazaar. I know, pretty wild. Instead, let's learn to pretend we're happy around Curious George, develop the "American Look" and avoid committing Face Crime. Our sad tar monster says it has become "numb" to the lack of enthusiasm for its dusky presence in a nation founded by and for Whites. It really is a tragedy. Time to go back to Africa.

These pathetic "I felt bad once around da wite debil" tales are followed by an abbreviated and insulting discussion of the "civil rights" movement that focuses on muh lunch counters and evil bomb throwing Whites while for some reason neglecting the central role played by the jew in this disastrous attack on our homeland. In a bit of inadvertant comedy, we cut to the present day Starbucks chimping, where no discernible improvement in the "African-American" is in evidence, despite decades of appeasement, special programs and White self-hatred indoctrination, like in the ham-handed kosher training video we're currently watching.

Sixty years later the jew and its biological weapon are still causing problems.

An heroic jew stands up to the fascism of property rights while the shit-colored "businessman" is fitted for matching bracelets. "They didn't do anything," offers some cat-lady from off camera while the nightmare animal leers menacingly. Our multi-culti paradise, this is totally sustainable. The groids are escorted out. This was wrong. You must learn sensitivity to their pathology, shkotzim. Your minimum wage job is about to get a lot more interesting.

We end with a montage of hostile brown faces, the soulless slaves promised by the talmud, moronic human garbage that represents an existential threat to everything we value. A few soy-boys and pink-haired war pigs are thrown in for comic relief. What can YOU do, shktozim? Why haven't you killed yourself yet? "What kind of country do we want to live in?" Yeah, good question. My vote is for a restored White homeland where the brown slime and the jew controlling it are removed.

The jewish plan for our future.


  1. Don't care to watch their idiotic video; your summation, I'm sure, is dead-on, Modern Heretic.

  2. Tried to watch his short video. Couldn't make it to the end.

  3. Another video documented evolutionary failure.

  4. Another video documented evolutionary failure.


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