The Undocumented Governor

White countries are for everyone. Borders are "racist." All human beings are equal and completely interchangeable. We must move the entire population of Africa into formerly White nations and don't forget the wonderful moe-ham-head-dans. It's easy to spout this sort of drivel from behind the walls of your mansion, but what happens when a crazed piece of negro garbage decides the borders of your property and house are also completely negotiable. Surprisingly, the globalist useful idiot and jew pawn suddenly starts having forbidden "extreme right" opinions when a homeless "The aliens are trying to eat my brains" groid bashes in the front door.

A homeless man who was arrested last month after breaking into California Gov. Jerry Brown's home in Sacramento reportedly said he only tried entering the mansion because he figured the sanctuary state politician was "an open-door policy kind of guy."

Honestly, this is a very good argument from the cardboard box morlock. If you're going to promote invasion and communism, it should go for you personally, right? It wasn't just empty semitic rhetoric parroted to keep a sinecure, was it? We know you must be sincere, you're a proud member of the evil party and a jew puppet.

The California Highway Patrol said 51-year-old Steven Seeley was arrested April 19 and treated at a hospital for cuts he received while breaking a window to get out of the home in downtown Sacramento, located about 10 blocks from the Capitol.

That 70 I.Q. has consequences. How to get up out of diss crib? I know, let me go through the window. Negro defenestration, another exciting new development in California's descent into becoming a shit-hole province of may-hee-co.

In an interview with KCRA-TV on Sunday, Seeley claimed he heard what sounded like a large cat roaring nearby, and ran in to an unlocked side door.

Durr wuz tigers an sheeeet. Reverting back to its stone age jungle memories, the Crabgrass-American chases a better life of "big pimping" in dat tribal warlord mansion.

“He’s an open-door policy kind of guy, so I figured the door would be unlocked, or else I wouldn’t have ran over there if I thought the door would be locked,” Seeley told KCRA.

LOL. Part devil and part child, completely incompatible with even the most basic requirements of civilized behavior.

Yeah, I know.

In an interview from the Sacramento County Jail on Thursday with the Sacramento Bee, Seeley said he has never been diagnosed with a mental disorder, but said he does experience delusions and may be confused about the series of events.

In other words, a completely normal negro mind. Delusional self-worth (aspiring rapper, all dem hoes want muh dikk, etc), confused when trying to interface with a country designed for people with a triple-digit I.Q., we hold these truths to be self-evident...

"I thought the governor was in trouble, I thought he was in danger of being attacked by the wild animals, so I walked in. I yelled 'Jerry!'"

Yo, Jerry! Wut up? Dem lions be chasing dis nikka an sheeet. I'm movin into and trappin out dis beeetch.

Once inside, Seeley told KCRA he hid in a closet after hearing growling again, and then jumped out a window into the fenced-in yard and fled. 

These things are allowed to vote and hold office.

The 51-year-old said that he is an almost daily methamphetamine user, and sleeps inside a shuttered hotel located across the street from the governor's mansion.

After decades of negro appeasement you can really see clear improvements.

CHP spokeswoman Fran Clader told the Associated Press that Brown was not home at the time, but California First Lady Anne Gust Brown was upstairs. She didn't have any contact with Seeley, according to Clader.

This is why you're not reading about a "rape gone wrong."


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