Whites to Blame for "Minority" Sex Disease Outbreak

The consistent and predictable failure of the negro animal and the la-teen-oh invader can always be laid at the feet of a shrinking White population that is expected to lug around the brown burden. We must fund doomed programs, agree to kosher absurdities like "systematic racism," be steadily replaced in everything as quickly as the dubious competence of the worthless dark mass will allow and then accept all of the blame when this jewish madness ends in total disaster. After all, you had a frown on your face around a queer nigga body (Ah!) riddled with anally infected plagues and this is why said body can't survive.

The teenagers tucked their hands into their sweatshirt pockets as they shuffled to form a circle. Some gazed at the asphalt, trying to avoid the game they had been drafted to play.

What could this "game" possibly be? Liberia ball? Galloping dominoes? Muh slavery make-believe?

“It’s like hot potato/musical chairs, but with a penis,” said the girl leading the group.

This pathetic clown world lunacy is sure to fix the problem of "muh dikk" and dat down-low.

The church auditorium was decked out in streamers and balloons. Kids chatted around tables with piles of Mardi Gras beads and condoms at the center.

Muh JUDEO-christianity. Still trying to civilize the savage, still failing miserably.

The teenagers, the girl explained, would pass a plastic, life-size penis around the circle. Whoever was holding it when the music stopped would have to unroll a condom onto it, completing each of the eight steps they had been taught a few minutes earlier.

Good kids, turning that life around, aspiring Rosie O'Donnell bedroom implement wrappers. These sick and worthless creatures are definitely fully human.

The recent all-day event, called Spring Into Love, was intended to get high schoolers more comfortable talking about sex. The hope is that an open dialogue will make them more likely to seek out condoms and STD testing, and eventually reduce the spread of disease.

If there's one plan that's likely to succeed it's attempting to reason with the tar monster.

It’s clear that the traditional ways of preventing disease — patients seeing a doctor regularly to get screened and treated — have not been working, said Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, L.A. County’s interim health officer.

Surprisingly, basic future time orientation, planning ahead and connecting cause and effect aren't popular among the shit-colored walking nightmares who must receive our endless appeasement. Dis bee wite pippo sheeet, mudda fudda. I ain goin to no bama carr dokk tarr, beeech.

The county recently created a Center for Health Equity to evaluate the way certain public health issues are intertwined with social factors such as income and education, as well as racial discrimination.

Finally, we get the real answer. Barkevious took a positive load because of "racism" from the Whites who are either dead or fled. Because Pablo was poor, it impregnated its 12-year-old cousin. La-ah can't read or do basic math, which resulted in four bastard piccaninnies before finally dropping out and becoming a permanent drain on "social services." Come on, use your imagination.

 Groids and greasers getting the "syph?" Don't worry, a skeletal jew is on the case.

“This is such a natural human interaction, and yet it’s so stigmatized,” said Valerie Coachman-Moore, who oversees WeCanStopSTDsLA, the coalition of advocates that put on the event. “People are having sex? Yeah.”

There's nothing more "natural" than having your rectum annihilated by a sodomite freak with GRIDS.

“The one thing I never do, and I hope others don’t as well, is blame these young people for not taking care of themselves,” said Barbara Ferrer, head of L.A. County’s Department of Public Health.

Still, we have to blame something. How about Whites?

Researchers increasingly view public health problems as shaped by the environments in which people live. Neighborhoods where people of color reside, for example, are more likely to be pollution-ridden and have fewer parks and doctors — factors that directly affect people’s health.

Come back Whitey, we dyin' hee-ah. "Eyyyy, look at all deee 'pollution,' mang," thinks Pedro while squatting down to defecate into some bushes.

”This is not just their problem, it’s a community problem,” said Jim Rhyne of WeCanStopSTDsLA.

It's almost like whenever the la-teen-oh or coal monster gather in number you see the same pathology.

Nationwide, STD rates have been climbing for the past five years. More people were diagnosed with syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea in 2016 than ever before.

Clearly the answer is more jewish "sex education."

Aaron Cohen, the communist jew who invented "sex education" to promote promiscuity.

But the picture is more complicated when it comes to the high STD rates among minorities. Gay and bisexual men make up the vast majority of new syphilis cases. In L.A. County, syphilis rates among African American women are six times higher than white women and three times higher than Latina women.

I know, I was surprised, too. The "ratchet" and la marrana are more likely to be unclean and, in an even bigger shocker, the sodomite degenerate is responsible for most of the infections. Just amazing, wow.

Northover said that officials need to evaluate what’s called structural or systemic racism, the way housing or education policies may negatively impact people and their health.

If there was only better "housing" and less "racism" from Whites the boathouse bug chasing would stop. This was a real argument.

Studies have found, for example, that people with HIV who had low levels of literacy were less likely to follow their treatment, and that poorer Americans were more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, increasing their risk of STDs.

It's caused by poverty! And yet, for some unknown reason, the racial inferior and confirmed bachelor are over-represented.

There also tends to be a mistrust of the medical system among African Americans, making them reluctant to seek care.

I beee scurred aw dee wite man hoo-doo.

“We need to take a wider lens,” said Northover, who added that she’s still trying to get to the bottom of what’s driving STD rates.

Great idea. That and a narrower anal opening.

But the still-growing case numbers suggest the approach needs to be reimagined, said Dr. Michael Hochman, a senior health deputy for the supervisor.

More wasteful programs seems like a winning solution. Get your wallet ready, decreasing ranks of California tax-payers.

“If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, then that’s insanity,” Hochman said.

Yeah. No shit.

It's hard to believe the jew was able to convince Whites these creatures were "cool."


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