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The Careless Driver

Jewish globalism is a cult of ugliness and death. Everything beautiful, everything tied to traditions and a happier past, must be destroyed to pave the way for a nightmare state populated by genetic potlucks loping around aimlessly and being fitted for kosher chains. In service of this semitic disaster, carefully planned "accidents" are deployed against the shkotzim, from the "refugee crisis" to muh separated families and now a may-hee-can piece of dog shit destroying a bridge that, coincidentally, had been targeted for destruction by a corrupt local government.

A covered bridge in Illinois was severely damaged by a box truck just sixteen days after being designated a federal historic landmark. 

The past is bad and "racist" and needs to be erased. Take down that statue, severely damage an old bridge with the enchilada wagon, rename everything after jew communists, wetback slime and negro criminals. We have always been at war with East Asia. There is no anc…

The Trinitarios Gang Apologized

Dirt, old scraps of paper and feelings of affected righteousness are magical and transform even the most worthless brown alien into a good little citizen in our globalist shit bucket. All people are exactly the same, everything is equal, you're bad and must be destroyed. When you've been replaced we'll have an earthly paradise of dark creatures picking at burning ruins and the jew trying to enslave them while at the same time fleeing the total disaster it caused. You would be a fool not to want this future for all the children you aren't going to have because they might become a Hitler and you want the shekels that fall off the kosher table, you unclean dog. Even now, we can get glimpses of the coming all against all if we fail.

One teen was arrested and six other suspects were charged in the mistaken identity, machete murder of a 15-year-old boy outside a Bronx bodega.

Those crazy "teens" and their youthful exuberance and innocent pranks. Whether it's see…

The Never Again Education Act

There are many specialized skills that you must master to enjoy success in the ugly, strident globalist bazaar that is your inevitable future. Certainly keeping your mouth shut, avoiding face crime around the "minority" and not having children will be of paramount importance, but this is not to say you shouldn't have a strong understanding of history as told by soviet propagandists during Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt. To compete with the Chinese ant farm abroad and the hordes of alien invaders infesting your homeland you're going to want to be able to coherently discuss the "precious six million" and "homicidal gas chambers." Fortunately, the completely corrupt American government is on the case, making sure no child is ignorant of the skull-smashing machines, fire pits, color-coded crematoria smoke, the dogs with poison teeth, the killer falcons, "I was raised by friendly wolves," the shrunken heads, "I was ga…

Germany: Rapefugees Attack Ambulance

Two migrants have attacked the crew of an ambulance in Ottobrun. The emergency doctor suffered a broken jaw, brain injuries and lost several teeth, Abendzeitung reports.

Welcome to Germanistan, a rapidly dying country that absorbed the full impact of the disastrous jewish century and now has the lost the ability to defend itself from even the most obvious threats. With a holohoax memorial on every corner and a mosque right next to it, the vanishing White population sleepwalks through a dark nightmare of open borders, eroding rule of law and foreign invasion. Only the complete destruction of their nation can possibly atone for the imaginary crimes committed during Europe's Second Kosher Suicide Attempt and there's little evidence to suggest they're not willing to make this sacrifice on the semitic altar, a sweet savour to the false gods of "multi-culti" and "tolerance."

The emergency vehicle drove up to the nursing home on “Ottostrasse” to assist emergen…

Missing Canaanite Generals

The election of Donald Trump is the greatest achievement of American White Nationalism in the last fifty years. I'm not even sure if there's a credible second place that wouldn't look unbelievably pathetic and trivial compared to this staggering victory over the kosher One Party System. Trump isn't perfect, no one is, but for the first time in a generation, at least, common sense steps are being taken to not merely slow the jewish rot, but actually reverse it. To bicker about doctrinal purity is to completely miss the point. Our views are becoming mainstream. This isn't the final victory; it is merely the first of many. We're going to save our lands and the jew is terrified. If you had any doubt that Trump is legitimate, just look at the latest chosenite wailing.

Hundreds of Jews crowded the steps of the New York City headquarters of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to protest the government’s policy of separating families at the southern border.

It's str…

Another Useful Idiot Murdered by Invader

We're going to win. The more dire the situation, the longer the odds, the tougher the fight, the stronger our people become. It's hard to imagine a greater existential menace than what was handed to us by the disastrous jewish century. Now, we're pushing the dark tides of oblivion back. If the 20th Century represented the final kosher assault on our lands, the early 21st is all about purifying and refining our race for the righteous struggle that will end in our total victory. Today's Iron Youth are being forged in the crucible of the desperate semitic attempts to stop the final reversal, the final solution, and the end result will be unstoppable heroes of invincible steel. Meanwhile, the weakness and corruption melts off and is eradicated. One such example is a dedicated cultural marxist from Germany who decided to climb into a truck (not yet a self-driving one) with a sand monster behind the wheel. The results are predictable.

The body of a 28-year-old female hitchhik…

Seven Extension Army

The profound semitic ugliness of the modern world can not be overstated. We're surrounded by pervasive spiritual poison spewing out of the kosher "entertainment" outlets, from the sickening spectacle of the Liberia Ball to "We now return to Dr. Negro and his White harem" on the talmudvision, to degenerate art and vile jungle music. It's like walking around waist deep in a privy. Then you have the semi-human specimens we're forced to share our ancestral homelands with because of various "womp womp" stories and hey, you want to keep that careerism, right? At best the negro and la-teen-oh aliens provide a steady and annoying brown noise in the background, at worst you get moronic all against all incidents like today's topic.

Hair extensions went flying during a wild brawl inside a Walmart in Ohio. 

Here is the final triumph of six millennia of building civilizations, conquering nature and eventually extending ourselves to the heavens above. Cr…

There's a Word for That

Forgive the short absence, it had everything to do with temporarily losing my internet access here in the secret Arctic not-see base from which these postings emanate and nothing at all to do with becoming an unperson or a victim of a "random" attack. Please watch the following amazing video.

We now have an all-purpose response to the weaponized treacle our jew enemy likes to deploy against us. Let's try it out.

"I read today about a baby may-hee-can with Down Syndrome, two left hands, transgenderism and a face that isn't all that pretty being stuffed into a doggie cage by evil fascists on the open border of our rapidly dying country."

"Whomp whomp."

"Six million precious jews were systematically murdered in homicidal gas chambers and turned into cleaning products and living room furniture."

"Barkevious, a good boy who was just about to turn his life around and go to college, was gunned down by "racist" police after he poi…

Yet Another Example

You need to make yourself as defenseless as possible, goyim. This way you can be safe from the crime committed by inanimate objects, like the self-driving trucks of Western Europe or the military-level fully automatic assault machine guns that have a bad habit of going off on their own. Once you are completely unable to fight back against the negro and la-teen-oh animal, let alone your own zionist occupied government, everything will be fine.

If you're not convinced, consider all the shocking and heartrending tales of "open shooters" and realize it was that extra handle on the rifle that was mostly responsible. However, you might want to ignore the vast majority of these incidents (we, the chosen, will decide which ones deserve to be blown out of all proportion) since they tend to conflict with another kosher narrative that's certainly in your best interest: the idea that the negro monster is your equal or even somewhat compatible with a civilized White nation.


Other Sex Crimes

After discussing the "races" arrest of a completely interchangeable Liberia Ball monster, I assumed the jew lawyer would perform the rabbinical magic act and it would be the last we'd hear from this worthless tar creature for a little while. Well, that time is already over, as the coal-black Mr. Touchdown is apparently guilty of a lot more than "house hunting" and getting "profiled" by overly-sensitive and evil Whites who need to be destroyed. In fact, the morlock's failed attempt at a "robbery gone wrong" seems downright tame compared to the latest revelations regarding this negro sex monster who was worshiped by pathetic White sports cucks.

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. has been arrested on charges of rape and other sex crimes on the day he was to appear in court on an unrelated burglary charge.

A animal from a nightmare goes full muh dikk in a dying country. This walking piece of dog shit was promoted by our jewish enemy. Wat…

"British" Football Heroes in Sex Attack Horror

When you live in Cuck Island, formerly Great Britain, it's important to have your priorities straight as part of the rapidly vanishing White population. Avoiding speech and thought crime must come first, of course. We need more enemygrants, more foreign invasion, more mosques. It's going to be great being a hated minority in my ancestral homeland. Be sure not to have any children. Next, we must become completely defenseless. Common sense knife control needs to happen, the authors of the Magna Carta could not have foreseen the high capacity handles and militaristic assault designs of today's kitchen sets. Now that you've taken all the steps to ensure you have no future, it's time to sit in front of the talmudvision and watch the amazing "pace" of your coal-black football team. Look at that animal run. Soon I'll be dead.

Two British footballers arrested over an alleged sex attack on a British teenager in Ibiza have appeared in court today.

Those horrible…

The Most Harmless Thing

Kellen Winslow II was arrested in connection with an alleged home burglary earlier this week, but the former NFL tight end says the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding.

A Liberia Ball tar animal enjoys the "offseason" by demonstrating the typical behaviors associated with its failed race. This worthless groid was paid millions of shekels to participate in a degenerate semitic circus, but still reverts to the criminality and idiocy that defines the "African-American." Hold on though, it has a defense. Surprisingly, this morlock dindu nuffin and is presumably a good boy getting ready to turn that life around despite the staggering success already enjoyed courtesy of debased White sports cucks.

Denise White, a spokesperson for the agency that represents Winslow, told Dennis Romero of NBC News that Winslow was house hunting for his mother-in-law when a resident from the community he was visiting called the police.

"I bee hawse hunnin an sheeet," explains…

Chiraq: Bogus as Hell

The only difference between the negro animal and Whites is "skin color." Ignore the sloping forehead, the brow ridge, the muzzle, the smaller frontal lobes and the attendant reduction in intelligence and reasoning, the burry hair, the flat nose, the complete inability to create anything resembling a working civilization and the piles of dead nigga bodies (Ah!) in the Chiraq all against all. The genetic alien is your equal, ask anyone who doesn't want to lose their job for Crime Thought. We'll blame the latest round of tribal warfare on warm weather, pilgrims, muh slavery, "racism," secret ingredients in King Cobra malt beverages, the magic negro police chief getting sick and being replaced by a la-teen-oh bugman, whatever.

Nine people were killed and at least 29 others were wounded in weekend shootings in Chicago.

Another triumph in the permanent struggle for "civil rights." The nightmare animal is clearly improving, isn't it obvious? We should…

Good News Monday: Bulgaria Marches Against Degeneracy

There are two Europes. On one hand, you have the rapidly dying nations that fully embraced the jewish planned demolition of their ancestral homelands. In places like the United Kaliphate, El-France, Swedenistan and Germanistan the indigenous population is rapidly being destroyed by a combination of semitic well-poisoning within and endless foreign invasion by "women and children" fleeing "war" from without. On the other side, you have White countries that actually have a future who are resisting the kosher attacks. Which way, threatened and hated White minority? A mass grave dug with kosher hands and a moose-limb shovel, the complete destruction of everything that matters for fear of being called names by our enemies or Nationalism, healthy White families and a hopeful future? In Bulgaria, they've reached a decision on this matter.

Thousands of supporters of normal marriages between men and women and the traditional family gathered for marches and demonstrations…

Forward in Reverse

As a compassionate conservative I feel it's very important that we immediately grant amnesty to the millions of "undocumented" foreign invaders. You know, just like the boner pulled by Saint Ronald Reagan in 1986 that solved this problem once and for all time. We can be sure that this time it will work correctly because suicidal ideas need to be tried over and over again until we're absolutely certain the predictable failures and disasters aren't just crazy coincidences. Besides, a full third of these burrito enthusiasts will vote for our false opposition party and I don't think you need a pocket calculator to realize how sensible this is for our future success.

Police in Houston, Texas, released video that shows the lead-up to a man allegedly running over his ex-girlfriend three times, leaving her dead in the street. 

Somewhere the "Gipper" smiles and gives the thumbs up. Natural conservatives, full of strong family values and inspiring devotion to …