Another Useful Idiot Murdered by Invader

We're going to win. The more dire the situation, the longer the odds, the tougher the fight, the stronger our people become. It's hard to imagine a greater existential menace than what was handed to us by the disastrous jewish century. Now, we're pushing the dark tides of oblivion back. If the 20th Century represented the final kosher assault on our lands, the early 21st is all about purifying and refining our race for the righteous struggle that will end in our total victory. Today's Iron Youth are being forged in the crucible of the desperate semitic attempts to stop the final reversal, the final solution, and the end result will be unstoppable heroes of invincible steel. Meanwhile, the weakness and corruption melts off and is eradicated. One such example is a dedicated cultural marxist from Germany who decided to climb into a truck (not yet a self-driving one) with a sand monster behind the wheel. The results are predictable.

The body of a 28-year-old female hitchhiker from Germany has been found in Spain following the arrest of a Moroccan truck driver believed to have been involved in her murder. 

German Sophia Lösche went missing on the 14th of June after she got in a truck while attempting to hitchhike from Leipzig to Amberg in Bavaria, according to investigators. Her body was found Thursday evening near a petrol station just outside the Spanish city of Bilbao, Bavarian tabloid Tz reports.

My Eurabian vacation ends in disaster. Maybe the semitic evil I was parroting actually has consequences and "doing the right thing" doesn't shield me from the predictable consequences of my actions. Normally, I'd have some sympathy for the victim, no matter how debased and pathetic, but this is no ordinary case as we're about to see.

News soon emerged that Lösche had previously been involved with volunteering for a pro-open borders activist group in Greece where she helped with a project called “No borders kitchen” on the island of Lesbos.

Imagine a childless madwoman running through the streets of Vienna in 1683. "It's all over, we can't stop the alien invader, give up and convert to their demonic false religion, give up and die!" No one pays her any mind, there's a battle to win. "Open the gates! We'll serve them food!" she screams, lost in total insanity and sickening depravity. The Polish Hussars emerge from the trees, the soldiers from The East, untouched by the kosher "prosperity" and spiritual poison killing The West. The army of allah melts like snow in June, screaming to their powerless snake idol as they flee and are cut down.

Earlier this week, police arrested a 40-year-old truck driver in Spain in connection with the young woman’s disappearance who some in the German media claimed was a Moroccan national. 

A moose-limb committing violence against a White woman. I mean, are you sure? Sounds pretty far-fetched to me, we all know it's a religion of peace and these are women and children fleeing war and I read somewhere about a moon cultist with Down Syndrome...

The finding of the woman’s body came after the 40-year-old allegedly admitted to placing her body near a petrol station. The body was said to have evidence of violence and burn marks when police discovered it.

The enemygrant is going to save your pension, do jobs you won't, be a responsible citizen, probably won't rape your dead body...

Her brother Andreas Lösche, a member of the Green party and a local politician in the Bavarian city of Bamberg, wrote after the arrest of the 40-year-old trucker: “We would like to point out that the nationality of a possible perpetrator has nothing to do with his actions. Sophia was active in supporting refugees and was committed against the right-wing.”

May history forget Europeans like these ever existed. Your sister has been slaughtered by a foreign marauder and your reaction is to worry about Thought Crime and proudly signal your devotion to the State Religion. You are a pathetic piece of dog shit, Andreas. Fortunately, this reprehensible cowardice and sanctimony is going to be physically erased, possibly by truckers from some backward desert sewer, in the troubled times to come.

The 51-year-old politician claimed that right-wing “racists” and others were using the disappearance of his sister for political gain and that he had received death threats as a result of his comments saying: “Already, some of us are getting hate comments right through to death threats from right-wing people.” 

The killing is not the first time a pro-migrant activist has been allegedly murdered by a foreign national in Germany.

Yeah. No shit.

In December 2016, 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by Afghan asylum seeker Hussein Khavari who claimed to be underage but was later revealed to be an adult. 

There might be a lesson here, somewhere.

Full Story.

Spiritually murdered by the jew, physically murdered by a sand monster.


  1. "May history forget Europeans like these ever existed."

    No, my friend, may history REMEMBER these beguiled and depraved wretches... and look upon them with disgust and shock.


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