"British" Football Heroes in Sex Attack Horror

When you live in Cuck Island, formerly Great Britain, it's important to have your priorities straight as part of the rapidly vanishing White population. Avoiding speech and thought crime must come first, of course. We need more enemygrants, more foreign invasion, more mosques. It's going to be great being a hated minority in my ancestral homeland. Be sure not to have any children. Next, we must become completely defenseless. Common sense knife control needs to happen, the authors of the Magna Carta could not have foreseen the high capacity handles and militaristic assault designs of today's kitchen sets. Now that you've taken all the steps to ensure you have no future, it's time to sit in front of the talmudvision and watch the amazing "pace" of your coal-black football team. Look at that animal run. Soon I'll be dead.

Two British footballers arrested over an alleged sex attack on a British teenager in Ibiza have appeared in court today.

Those horrible "British" and their shocking crimes. This is why Whites must be destroyed as Europe enters "multi-culti" mode, with the jew at the center of this process. Let's take a look at this wayward son of Albion.

As British as the hadiths.

Karlan Ahearne-Grant and Reeco Hackett Fairchild were seen in handcuffs accompanied by police officers ahead of an appearance before an investigating magistrate on the Spanish holiday island.

I think it's pretty clear what's going on here. Yes, you are correct. "Racism." We also would have accepted "xenophobia."

The two 20-year-old Charlton Athletic FC players were arrested after the parents of a British teenager, 19, lodged a formal complaint to police.

If this sickening incident happened in the United Kaliphate the victim would have been punished for Crime Speech and the attacks would have continued for forty years.

In total, three men, including a 26-year-old Briton, have been held over the alleged attack at a hotel in Cala de Bou near San Antonio. The unnamed third suspect was brought to court later on.

Did I mention how "diversity" is a mighty strength? That's what the merchant with the weird little cap told me, anyway.

Detectives have been told one man forced himself on the holidaymaker while another held her down and a third filmed what was happening on a mobile phone.

The content of their character. They were used to pathetic, gelded negro-worshiping sports cucks looking the other way while they raped snow hoes.

'The parents of the 19-year-old victim, who is also British, reported the incident to police.' 

"Also British." Clown world.

This evolutionary dead-end rapist can run really fast.

The spokesman said the teenager and a female friend of hers were on holiday in Ibiza and went to San Antonio on Monday afternoon where they met men from a UK football team in a bar.

I'm not going to agree with the "She got what she deserved, great news!" reaction you sometimes hear after these predictable incidents, but when you climb into the tiger exhibit at the zoo bad things are going to happen and you shoulder more of the blame than the tigers.

'After the incident, the visibly affected victim and her friend left the hotel to go back to the woman's parents. 

The jew on the "tellie" was not entirely honest with that whole "we're all equal" line.

Charlton forward Ahearne-Grant has made 69 appearances for the League One club, scoring seven goals.

Wow. Seven goals. What a hero. Sacrifice your daughters on the altar of "immigration," it's totally worth it for all those goals.

A Charlton Athletic spokesperson told MailOnline today: 'The club have been made aware and are looking into this matter. Due to the ongoing investigation we will not be commenting any further at this stage.' 

Nothing to see here, mate. Please resume your pathetic sports fetishism and vile tar creature idolatry.

 Go red, beat blue.


  1. "Clown world."

    This f-ing upside-down, inside-out lunatic fantasy of a "Western democratic nation" makes my freaking head hurt. Black-hole sun, won't you commmmme?


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