Forward in Reverse

As a compassionate conservative I feel it's very important that we immediately grant amnesty to the millions of "undocumented" foreign invaders. You know, just like the boner pulled by Saint Ronald Reagan in 1986 that solved this problem once and for all time. We can be sure that this time it will work correctly because suicidal ideas need to be tried over and over again until we're absolutely certain the predictable failures and disasters aren't just crazy coincidences. Besides, a full third of these burrito enthusiasts will vote for our false opposition party and I don't think you need a pocket calculator to realize how sensible this is for our future success.

Police in Houston, Texas, released video that shows the lead-up to a man allegedly running over his ex-girlfriend three times, leaving her dead in the street. 

Somewhere the "Gipper" smiles and gives the thumbs up. Natural conservatives, full of strong family values and inspiring devotion to the traffic laws of our wonderful globalist shit pot. We'll get these worthless aliens supporting the Paul Ryans of this world, don't you worry.

Officers say the man, a previously deported Salvadoran illegal immigrant, also ran over three men who were standing near her at the time.

If you ever wondered why there weren't more la-teen-ohs in NASCAR, here's your answer. A foreign looter appropriated moose-limb culture and drove down an undocumented road. Maybe we exaggerated this monster's devotion to free trade, global markets and "diversity."

Houston police officers responded to a call on Telephone Road in the southeast part of the city Sunday morning at 2:10 a.m. A man driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck reportedly ran over a woman who was his ex-girlfriend three times.

Those crazy "men" and their wacky but endearing behavior. Probably White, imitating a country and western song or something. I don't think you need to know any more about this, shkotzim. Did you know there's African tree hockey on your talmudvision?

Police officers initially identified the driver as Rigoberto Alexander Escobar and said he is about 35-years-old. 

Rigoberto here (Yeah, really) is hardworking and decent. He's a better American than you are, cattle. You should be glad that you're being replaced by this walking garbage.

 Eyyyy, I support small government and individual rights.

The driver then “goes into reverse and runs over them again,” a police department spokesman told KTRK ABC-13 Sunday morning.

They're not human. They're animals. If we're going to have a future, these scumbags must be sent back to the hopelessly backward shithole countries that spawned them. 

The driver then “drove off to the other side of the roadway and drives northbound. And then, for whatever reason, makes a U-turn and strikes our victim again as he is driving up the roadway.

It's almost like these sawed-off invaders act in a fashion inconsistent with Western logical traditions, but that can't be true, since we're all the same.

Witnesses say the truck dragged the woman’s body down the road after the third impact. Officials pronounced her dead at the scene.

I can't wait for the "ripped from the headlines" dramatization on the electronic synagogue where this greaser magically becomes White.

The driver fled the scene after the assaults, police told Breitbart Texas.

The Speedy Gonzales act.

Officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Breitbart Texas that the Salvadoran national now identified by ICE as Roberto Caballero Escobar is a previously deported illegal immigrant.

Behold the dreamer, a doctor and a lawyer, a hero who loves his new home more than you could ever imagine, a fine specimen of humanity by any metric you want to use. We need a lot more of this and by the way, stop trying to split up families, you horrible "racist" monster.

“ICE previously removed Caballero on June 10, 2005, after he illegally entered the U.S. near Tucson, Arizona,” Oberle said. “He was removed to Guatemala as an expedited removal after he lied to immigration officials regarding his country of origin. He illegally reentered the U.S. after his removal, which is a felony.”

Yeah. I guess the KKKort can tack on an extra month or two to this creature's murder sentence.

Family members told the local ABC affiliate that the suspect was dating the woman for about five years. They said there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship. Dixie Rios leaves behind four children.

Meanwhile, Whites are having no children, because of jew-promoted materialism, saving the "environment" or fears the child could be the next Hitler.

 They were separated from their mother after I repeatedly drove over her lifeless body.


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