Germany: Rapefugees Attack Ambulance

Two migrants have attacked the crew of an ambulance in Ottobrun. The emergency doctor suffered a broken jaw, brain injuries and lost several teeth, Abendzeitung reports.

Welcome to Germanistan, a rapidly dying country that absorbed the full impact of the disastrous jewish century and now has the lost the ability to defend itself from even the most obvious threats. With a holohoax memorial on every corner and a mosque right next to it, the vanishing White population sleepwalks through a dark nightmare of open borders, eroding rule of law and foreign invasion. Only the complete destruction of their nation can possibly atone for the imaginary crimes committed during Europe's Second Kosher Suicide Attempt and there's little evidence to suggest they're not willing to make this sacrifice on the semitic altar, a sweet savour to the false gods of "multi-culti" and "tolerance."

The emergency vehicle drove up to the nursing home on “Ottostrasse” to assist emergency responders and responders from the Ottobrunn fire brigade, who were treating a life-threatening illness there.

Your ancestral homeland needs to be overrun with dark animals from the third world anus. If you don't believe this, consider this picture of a crying child. You don't want to make children cry, you filthy shkotzim. Get that "immigration" shotgun back in your mouth.

At that moment, a 20-year-old African migrant attacked the vehicle and threw a full bottle of whiskey on the window on the passenger side of the vehicle from about one and a half meters away.

The best part of all the suicidal generosity is reaping the rich rewards, like a shattered, bleeding face courtesy of a tar monster enemygrant. At least this proves I wasn't "racist." I mean, it does do that, right? Please don't let me be called names by the jewish devil who wants to see everyone I care about raped and murdered by jungle monsters.

The bottle broke through the window, hit the emergency doctor sitting in the car in the middle of the face and knocked out several teeth.

Did I mention that we're all exactly the same and Africa is going to produce lots of brilliant scientific minds and we've got a people race to win and don't forget about your pension. Catch a bottle with your face, it's the right thing to do.

The exciting "diversity" of "women and children" fleeing "war." 

She suffered a broken jaw, traumatic brain injuries and facial cuts. The paramedic who drove the vehicle, suffered light cuts from the splintering of the glass.

It's a small price to pay for the immense value of sullen and dangerous negro animals flooding the streets of a city that has been completely White for thousands of years. 

The migrant duo, who were violent earlier that evening, are a 17-year-old Ethiopian and a 20-year-old Eritrean who are said to be unaccompanied ‘refugees’.

These are poor children who were cruelly separated from their families. No wonder they attacked "racist" medical personnel, it's a natural reaction to all the "xenophobia." We hold these truths to be self-evident...

The migrants fled and later attacked the ambulance. The men were arrested but the police faced heavy resistance from people who wanted to help them.

Back in the United States, we're being told it's wrong to report negro and la-teen-oh crime to the police. In Western Europe that rule of law has completely collapsed, as mobs of rapefugees defend shit-colored scumbags who attacked a doctor for reasons that, I'm sure, made total sense in their primitive monkey brains. It looks like the jew and the communist useful idiot weren't entirely honest with us.

The bottle thrower will meet the local magistrate on Saturday.

The most modern-day Germany sentence ever.

Yeah. We'll see about that.


  1. They invade our Vaterland, our people give them whiskey, and they waste it like this. Obviously inferior to the North American Indian, who knew instinctively what to do with firewater. Perhaps supplying them with “grape drank” laced with lithium citrate might help.

    The best of our people were murdered 1939-1947. The Führer was right. If Europe wishes a future worth living, it is high time we take-up the Hakenkreuzfahne.


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