Good News Monday: Mass Trials

"You need a lot more slavery," explained the rat-faced merchant with the weird little cap on the back of its head. It's an economic necessity; they're doing jobs that Americans won't. It's also the right thing to do, removing them from their savage tribal all against alls and teaching them about civilization. You don't want to split up families, do you? Eventually the negro will become a good little American, maybe better than you. You won't regret this, that's for sure. Now cough up the shekels for this dusky, stinking semi-human cargo.

Jump ahead to the Current Year and very little has changed. We need endless turd world invasion. It will help muh economy and look at this poor dead tar animal, aren't you all busted up? Incredibly, we're actually fighting back against this insane jewish con. The enemygrant is being returned to the Latin American sewer, something that kind of, sort of, resembles a border wall is getting built and we're paying for it. It would have been nice thirty years ago, but I guess we'll take it now. This tepid resistance to our planned destruction has our semitic enemies up in arms. They haven't seen anything yet.

A leaked image from inside a federal court shows dozens of immigrants in orange jumpsuits with their hands and feet shackled in the process of undergoing a 'mass trial' in Texas.

Animals in orange, the kosher biological weapon in chains, about to be sent back to the nation-shaped drug cartel and garbage heap that birthed this alien dog shit. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Pablo. They have to go back.

Under the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, scenes like this one in Pecos, are becoming more the norm according The Intercept's reporter Debbie Nathan.  

In Clown World "zero tolerance" means the occasional half-assed gesture, as opposed to the former policy of doing nothing and rapidly hurtling toward jew-authored collapse. We're actually enforcing some of our laws, this is absolutely shocking. What's next, finally discussing White self-interest and how invasion columns of may-hee-can criminals aren't really part of that?

Nathan, who has been covering border and immigration issues for three decades, tells he finds covering mass trials particularly upsetting.

The jew is upset that we're trying to get our head out of the kosher noose they sold us.

Removing the rot.

Many of the immigrants coming into the United States are poor families from crime ridden countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. They often seek asylum citing the daily violence in their home countries.  

Muh crime-ridden shithole countries. Let's bring in some of the la-teen-oh scum from these backward experiments in non-White malfunction, what could possibly go wrong? We need a lot more Hondurans in Montana, a lot more.

Last month attorney general Jeff Sessions announced a 'zero tolerance' policy that will see every unauthorized border crosser charged with a crime even before they can even request asylum.

Mr. Magoo suddenly gets tough. He blindly stumbles around, mumbling incoherently about higher principles and avoiding conflicts of interest and then accidentally pulls the "deport them all" lever, thinking it was something else.

In April alone, 50,924 people were detained after crossing the border without papers, including 4,314 unaccompanied children and 9,647 family units, according to US Customs and Border Patrol. 

I've crushed several thousand roaches out in the open. Take that, millions in the walls.

'The atmosphere is extremely subdued,' Nathan said. 'People are very exhausted, very demoralized ... You get the feeling that they don't know whats going on.'

Look at the poor sad Aztec enemy, greasy tears sliding down its fat brown face. The drug mule is tired and isn't having a fiesta. Oy vey, this is the taco holocaust.

Public defenders only have mere minutes to meet with each defendant, when the judge asks a question the entire room must answer in unison to save time.

"Are all you foreign filth here illegally?"
"Si, senor."
"You're being deported."

I can't wait for the day we have similar assembly-line removal trials for the "African-American" and the kike.

Meanwhile many of those standing in the mass trials have no idea where their children are.

Natural conservatives, strong family values, sure to vote for Rubio, etc.

'It's horrible, I've been pretty broken by all of this,' she said.

 Our jew enemy is angry the "immigration" machine gun is jammed.

The person who took this photo, while breaking the rules of federal court, is said to have felt compelled to do so after witnessing the effects of the Trump administration's policy first hand. 
For the semitic cultural marxist the ends always justifies the means and laws are minor obstacles to work around or ignore entirely. Meanwhile, the good conservative worries about meaningless principles, cooperation with the kosher pit of vipers, the opinion of his enemies and other loser distractions.

In one hearing for 32 defendants he handed down time served - no fine or further jail time and the convicts were sent to an ICE detention center to later be deported. 

Get 'em out of here!

The government sees the new policy as a necessary deterrent to illegal immigration, but the critics say it is cruel to refugees and asylum seekers fleeing violence in Central America to be separated from their children in the process.

These are poor little refugees fleeing "war." Wow, that mess in Syria has spread absolutely everywhere.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit challenging the policy, calling it a violation of human rights.

While you worry about paying bills, your marriage, your children, getting projects done at work and the rats in your basement, those same rats only worry about one thing: destroying you.

'Separating families is more than cruel and unnecessary - it's torture,' the ACLU said.

Oy, the evil not-see torture of the worthless animal. Look at its poor larva, isn't this horrible, you unclean meat? I don't believe this shit, but maybe I can use it as a weapon against you.

 You make a very compelling argument.


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