Our Democratic Civilization

In Italy's Senate chamber on Tuesday, an 88-year-old survivor of Auschwitz spoke to the newly formed right-wing populist government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, reminding the legislators that Italian racial persecution in 1938 paved the way for the Holocaust.

Before you start acting in your self-interest, goyim, I would like to remind you of the precious six million lost in homicidal gas chambers operated by not-sees fascist Italians like you. I was personally gassed to death seventeen times and my entire family was made into a living room set. Get back in the mass grave my tribe has prepared for you, crawl down into the darkness with Germany, France, England, Sweden...

Liliana Segre, who this year was made an Italian senator for life, received a standing ovation from the packed chamber just before the government's confidence vote, when she noted she is one of the few people still living in Italy to have the numbers of Auschwitz stamped on her arm.

Our goal is the complete annihilation of European jewry. Let's put numbers on your arm for some reason. Teutonic villainy, how does it work? The poor traveling jew, powerless and unfairly persecuted, a senator for life, spewing hate at a nation under siege from foreign invasion and internal spiritual sickness promoted by the same poisonous mushroom. Slap your hands together, you lousy shktozim. Die for the jew.

"I refuse to think that today our democratic civilization could be dirtied by special laws against nomadic people," Segre said. "If it happens, I will oppose it with all the energy I have left in me." 

Muh kosher democracy. I can't get my way, so I'll just bring in "nomadic people" until you can't win the snout count. Then my semitic hatred against you and everything you care about can be fully expressed. I'll use all my energy for nation-wrecking.

Evil jewess is against common-sense nationalism.

The Conte government proposes to close nomadic camps of the Roma people throughout Italy.

When they came for the Asiatic grifter scumbags. The precious "camps" of criminal aliens, a mighty strength for your dying country.

"I have known what it is to be clandestine, to be an asylum seeker," she said. "I have known jail; I have known hard labor, working as a slave when I was a minor in a satellite factory of a concentration camp." 

They made me do honest work once, the worst thing that can happen to a chosenite. You're supposed to do the heavy lifting while I collect usury profits, you unclean meat.

Italy's League party, a majority in the new government, campaigned heavily on an anti-immigrant platform, with the slogan "Italians First."

Make Italy Great Again.

"The fun is over," said Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, head of the League party, during a break in Tuesday's Senate hearing, referring to the presence of illegal immigrants in Italy.

The kosher fun and games are over, you jew piece of shit. We're waking up and we're not happy. 

The government proposes to send 500,000 illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin.

The jew loses control of another country. We're going to save our homelands. The alien opportunist, the moe-ham-head enemygrant, the African evolutionary dead-end and all the other worthless dark animals are going back.

Segre reminded the government that the expulsion of the Jewish minority in Italy from schools, professions and society paved the way for the Italian Shoah of 1943-1945.

Before you try to get that "immigration" shotgun out of your mouth, let me remind you that the last time you resisted kosher suicide you ended up punishing your enemies.

Conte thanked Segre for reminding legislators of that "very painful page" of history.
"Time goes on and we move further away from that phase of history but we must never allow ourselves to forget," he said.

Yeah, thanks a lot, Yentl. Real powerful stuff, this deceitful and self-serving drivel. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The Senate gave a vote of confidence to the Conte government with 171 approving, 117 against and 25 abstaining.

The day the merchant failed.


  1. This needs to be on good news Monday.

  2. If they'd have hooted her down, there might be hope for Italy; as it was, with the PM toadying her, not so much.

  3. "...an Italian senator for life..."
    And, judging by her obvious age, that means maybe another year or so, thanks goodness.


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