Peak JUDEO-Christianity

We're all g*d's children, carrying the glorious spark of the infinite somewhere deep within ourselves. The MS-13 animal, the negro rapist, the moose-limb waving a bloody knife after cutting a priest's throat, the chosen merchant, and, I guess, even you, the "racist" evil White who needs to die, all are precious in the eyes of a blind and senile false g*d who has abandoned us to our vices and wickedness. The sacred value of every single brown alien, combined with the problematic nature of the rule of law has led to a California (Where else, right?) cucktian church making a bold new stand against the basics of civilization and anything resembling a future for their dead state.

Standing on the front steps of First Congregational Church of Oakland late last month, Nichola Torbett issued a declaration.

Let the word go forth, courtesy of a brave champion of concepts like "Your sin is just fine" and "Suicide is a virtue."

Muh feckless sanctimony should protect me from the coming collapse.

“We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing,” Torbett, a white church volunteer, said in front of churchgoers who held photos of African Americans shot dead by law enforcement.

Well, you heard it here first. Laws make Baby Jesus cry. We can no longer attempt to hold the negro and la-teen-oh filth to any standards, no matter how modest. They must be allowed to run wild. Here's a picture of Barkevious, cruelly gunned down by "racist" police after this good boy who was about to turn his life around and go to college pulled out a gun and fired at the "five oh."

The church, she promised, would never call the cops again in nearly every circumstance. Dozens of members had agreed to do the same.

What could go wrong? Once they find out you're a good cultural marxist useful idiot I'm sure the brown horde will lose all interest in devouring you. "I did the right thing!" screams the pale victim as morlock fangs tear out chunks of flesh.

"How do police help? They often don't," Torbett later said in an interview. "So, especially as white people, why call them?"

I have to admit, this is impressive logic. Of course, you need to be armed and ready to defend yourself and I wouldn't expect too much out of the 90 I.Q. blue lives, but I'm not going to argue against the most basic elements of a functional nation while my reptilian dead eyes stare into the distance.

This is a crazy person.

As videos of the aftermath of white Americans dialing 911 on African Americans for taking part in innocent activities have repeatedly gone viral.

Innocent activities like loitering, making a scene, acting aggressively, chimping out, etc.

They call it “divesting” from police. The church is part of a tiny but growing movement among liberal houses of worship around the nation making similar vows. They include another church in Oakland, one in San Jose and one in Iowa City, Iowa.

Vows of poverty, silence and ignoring "minority" pathology, the usual.

It’s mostly white ministers and majority white congregations leading the efforts.

Typical White behavior. While our enemies are consolidating gains and planning their next offensive, slumbering Whites are engaging in pointless and damaging virtue signaling. Not being called names by a jewish enemy that wants us violently dead is more important to these doomed free-range cowards than our continued survival. 

At Colorado State University, administrators are grappling with an incident last month in which a white parent called police on two Native American students touring the campus. The woman told a 911 operator that the teens, who joined the tour late, were acting “really odd" and wore dark clothes with "weird symbolism."

Hopped up on the "firewater" from the "pale face," Injun Joe menaces student loan debt victims. We must struggle with this shocking incident where common-sense self-preservation somehow prevailed over obeying the synagogue of satan.

Waffle House has come under fire for recent videos in which police aggressively arrested black customers at restaurants in the South.

Firss dey kame foe dem cray-zee azz niggas actin da foo in dat waffel hawse an sheeeet...

Conservative media have accused the Oakland church of being anti-police, and questioned its commitment to safety. ("All I got to say is ‘Oakland, California’ and immediately you know we are talking about nutcases,” one commentator said during a YouTube broadcast).

LOL. You're not wrong.

On Facebook, dozens of people are signed up to attend a July workshop at the church. It’s called “How to NOT call the PoLice (Sheriffs & Kkkorts) Ever.”

Those evil KKKorts (wut) in the "racist" justice system. Let's just look the other way while everything burns.

Pritchard said the ban wouldn’t apply if there was a shooting or other life-threatening violence. But nearly everything else is fair game.

It turns out this is all just empty posturing and hypocritical moralizing. I know, who could have predicted?

At most, a few dozen people usually show up for Sunday service.

Big surprise there. I screech vile lies at empty pews and go home to my cats. Next month we're getting converted into a mosque and I'm probably going to get closely acquainted with a moon cult scimitar.

Members are largely lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer; about half are white.

We've got some sodomites, a few diesel dykes, some moe-ham-heads who enjoy jerking off during the sermon and the worst, most pathetic Eloi you'll ever meet.

The policy was first put on its website during Holy Week, when Christians recount the last days of Jesus’ life before his death and resurrection. “NO MORE STATE-SPONSORED CRUCIFIXIONS IN THE NAME OF ‘SAFETY,’” the posting said. The church likened today’s police to those who sentenced Christ to death.

Come for the moronic blasphemy, stay for the confirmed bachelors, cross-dressing freakazoids and staggering failure to address the world as it actually is.


  1. I have more respect for the brainwashed Boomers who fought against Europe's only firewall between (((Bolshevism))) and ourselves in the 40s, that sat on their hands while the Chosenites "legally" opened our borders in the 60s, than I have for these "good Samaritan" wastes of air. All I can say is "Mayest thou quickly reap the whirlwind that thou hast sown, cucks."

  2. The witless lesbo freak opened her arms and home to the dark skinned beasts and was murdered and raped for toller-rents.
    The Jew. Mind cancer that destroys the soul.

  3. She needs a kick in the twat. Or she should be subjected to "muh specialty" of each group's unique contributions to destroying our society -- "The MS-13 animal, the negro rapist, the moose-limb waving a bloody knife after cutting a priest's throat, the chosen merchant," to maybe wake her out of her boobish rainbow colored fantasy. Wow. Just unbelievable - "state sponsored crucifixions?" I don't think Jesus will like that comparison at all....


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