Possibly Hispanic

Inside every la-teen-oh animal, every opportunistic brown criminal, is a good little consumerist bar code that is sure to save our future. Just ask any mainstream politician. These obviously incompatible aliens are going to save your pension, mow your lawn and make you cheap burritos. How can you lose, goyim? Remember, if you have any problem with the planned jewish demographic demolition of your homeland you're a "racist" and as such can be ignored and/or punished harshly. We'll alchemize the sneaky little taco benders into good citizens, if you doubt it just consider the tremendous success we had with the "African-American." Pablo is more American than you are, now go die somewhere.

Seekonk police say they've arrested the Rhode Island man who exposed himself to three teens in the parking lot of a Seekonk Target in March. 

I didn't realize that Oaxaca was part of Rhode Island. The amazing things you learn from low-effort memory hole fodder documenting the steadily encroaching collapse.

Seekonk Police asked for help identifying the man caught on surveillance video and matching a sketch based on descriptions provided by the three teenage girls.

The exciting new face of the GOP.

Eduardo Ramos Villagran, 39, matched the description, police said Tuesday.  

Somehow the above illustration, which perfectly matches several million sawed-off invaders from the may-hee-can sewer, was able to catch the natural conservative and strong family values greaser who was beating off in public to underage White girls. The "immigration" act of love. We'll get this worthless and vile scumbag to vote for Jeb Bush, don't worry.

On March 20, the teens went to Seekonk Police to report that while they were in Target that night, they noticed a man watching them from a distance. When they went to check out, they said the man was still watching them. 

The foreign animal is very debonair.

The girls got into their car and then saw the man in front of their car exposing himself. After yelling that they were going to call police, the man ran away.

You're on your own, teenage girls, after your parents failed you so spectacularly. At least the victims of the sickening la-teen-oh degeneracy weren't punished for "racism," like in the United Kaliphate.

The man was described as a possibly Hispanic man, with a medium build, about 5'6" tall. He was wearing a knit cap, dark-colored jacket and khaki pants.

Well below average height, dressed like a bum, chorizo hanging out...yup, that's the brown inferior from the Latin American anus.

Police say Villagran was identified as matching the description and when he was shown surveillance images, admitted that it was him. 

Eyyyy, daat's meee, eye theeeeennnnkkk.

Wetback pervert got arrested.


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