Seven Extension Army

The profound semitic ugliness of the modern world can not be overstated. We're surrounded by pervasive spiritual poison spewing out of the kosher "entertainment" outlets, from the sickening spectacle of the Liberia Ball to "We now return to Dr. Negro and his White harem" on the talmudvision, to degenerate art and vile jungle music. It's like walking around waist deep in a privy. Then you have the semi-human specimens we're forced to share our ancestral homelands with because of various "womp womp" stories and hey, you want to keep that careerism, right? At best the negro and la-teen-oh aliens provide a steady and annoying brown noise in the background, at worst you get moronic all against all incidents like today's topic.

Hair extensions went flying during a wild brawl inside a Walmart in Ohio. 

Here is the final triumph of six millennia of building civilizations, conquering nature and eventually extending ourselves to the heavens above. Creatures straight from a nightmare battle over Chinese baubles inside a business that is little more than a national shame. There go muh stenshions! Strange how negro hair is so different and primitive compared to that of Whites. It's almost like race is more than just "skin color," but we know that's wrong, we're all the same. Just ask g*d's chosen people, who are better than you and deserve to enslave the debased and faceless tan future promised by their talmud.

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Shocking video shows the moment four women exchanged blows shortly after walking through the doors.  

Proud black women who don't need no man and maybe a wise la-teen-ah or two prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that "diversity" is a mighty strength and everything will keep running smoothly when we've been transformed into a less tropical version of Brazil.

The women scream at one another as one of the women grabs onto another's hair extensions.

The mule of the world was making a lot of noise and acting belligerent in public? I'm sorry, I find that very hard to believe.

Paleolithic hold-over loses dat weave in the Wally World.

Within a matter of moments at least seven extensions were ripped out of the woman's head.  

I feel it's important that you know exactly how many disgusting strands were removed from the misshapen prehistoric skull of this tar monster.

Another customer is then heard yelling at the women to get out of the store, located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 

Dey gots two gett up awt of hee-ah. Dem beeches dee fom dee fah leff syde aww dee ass-ent aw mang paw-stah.

Shocked customers are seen by the doors as the women reluctantly leave.

I was "shocked" by the completely predictable failure from evolutionary dead-ends who need to be returned to Africa.

After the women finally left, one of the employees, who helped break up the fight, was forced to clean up the hair extensions. 

Dear Diary: Today at work I had to pry apart enraged she-boons and then clean up what looked like short lengths of black rope absolutely dripping in filth.

It's unclear what caused the fight and whether or not police were called to the scene. 

Now we'll never know what caused the monkeyshines. Disagreements over a flat tax proposal, a debate over the practicality of colonizing and terraforming Mars or an argument in regards to posterior size seem the most likely culprits. Also, no arrests were made. I know, surprising.

Welcome to America, stay as long as you want.


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