The Careless Driver

Jewish globalism is a cult of ugliness and death. Everything beautiful, everything tied to traditions and a happier past, must be destroyed to pave the way for a nightmare state populated by genetic potlucks loping around aimlessly and being fitted for kosher chains. In service of this semitic disaster, carefully planned "accidents" are deployed against the shkotzim, from the "refugee crisis" to muh separated families and now a may-hee-can piece of dog shit destroying a bridge that, coincidentally, had been targeted for destruction by a corrupt local government.

A covered bridge in Illinois was severely damaged by a box truck just sixteen days after being designated a federal historic landmark. 

The past is bad and "racist" and needs to be erased. Take down that statue, severely damage an old bridge with the enchilada wagon, rename everything after jew communists, wetback slime and negro criminals. We have always been at war with East Asia. There is no ancestral heritage, no call of your blood and soil, only the present disaster and the coming crash.

Witnesses said careless driver Eriberto Orozco plowed over the picturesque landmark in Long Grove on Wednesday despite signs prohibiting trucks and buses from crossing.

NAFTA because we have-ta, just ask any of the merchants with the weird little caps. Another fragment of a world we're rapidly losing is crushed by a la-teen-oh fuck wad. Oh well, just an honest mistake. Maybe the burrito enthusiast and foreign opportunist was a little "careless," but come on, no one is perfect. This vile brown animal is still a better American than you.

Lo siento mucho.

The 30-year-old's vehicle struck the top of the bridge just before 4pm, causing  serious damage. He was cited for ignoring a stop sign and traffic control device.

It would be wrong to seriously punish this two-legged locust and besides, we don't want to separate Pablo from his 29 children. They might cry, and that's what we base our national policy on.

'There were no injuries, but very extensive damage done to the bridge, and Robert Parker Coffin Road is closed in both directions.' 

That awkward moment when everyone wants to say the obvious and "racist" truth about this, but can't because there's careerism and materialism to protect and I should be safely dead by the time my country becomes a colder version of Columbia.

Orozco's truck weighed 15,000 pounds, more than twice the 6,000 pound limit.

No, really, this was all just an accident.

The bridge, which was built in the early 1900s, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 11 after a campaign by locals.

For sure it's safe now. We can go back to our negro ball and pills. Muh Constitution will protect us, everything is fine. We need a wall. We need mass deportations. We need to break the power of the jew nation-wrecker.

The listing drive stemmed from plans drawn up by village officials to replace the bridge with a two-lane modern structure.

Yeah. How about that. Right now it's even money this taco animal was paid off by these same officials. Otherwise, it was merely a case of drinking an entire bottle of tequila, climbing behind the wheel and experiencing "Eyyyy, eye speeeeekkkk no eeeennngleeeeeshhh" in the face of multiple signs trying to warn the discount chalupa express away.


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