The Never Again Education Act

There are many specialized skills that you must master to enjoy success in the ugly, strident globalist bazaar that is your inevitable future. Certainly keeping your mouth shut, avoiding face crime around the "minority" and not having children will be of paramount importance, but this is not to say you shouldn't have a strong understanding of history as told by soviet propagandists during Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt. To compete with the Chinese ant farm abroad and the hordes of alien invaders infesting your homeland you're going to want to be able to coherently discuss the "precious six million" and "homicidal gas chambers." Fortunately, the completely corrupt American government is on the case, making sure no child is ignorant of the skull-smashing machines, fire pits, color-coded crematoria smoke, the dogs with poison teeth, the killer falcons, "I was raised by friendly wolves," the shrunken heads, "I was gassed six times with no result" and all the other highly plausible kosher stories.

The alphabet soup of American Jewish organizations has called on Congress to pass a bill that would use private donations to provide middle and high school teachers with resources for Holocaust education.

If you think being White is not a crime and an inherent sin, you're a "racist." Meanwhile, the merchant has dozens of well-funded hate groups to attack the shkotzim. Today, we need you to learn about the electric belts and the killer submarine engines in your publik schmuel. Tomorrow, we'll want you to die for Israel in an illegal war, or allow in another million rapefugees, or meekly accept the latest outrageous spiritual poison passing as "entertainment." 

 Jew devil wants more holohoax indoctrination.

Led by the Jewish Federations of North America, over 76 Jewish groups wrote a letter to the House Education and Workforce Committee expressing support for the legislation, titled the Never Again Education Act, which already enjoys bipartisan support.

The One Party System bows down to the chosenites. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. 

“Teachers face many barriers to teaching the Holocaust, including a lack of awareness of where to find resources, a lack of funding to take advantage of these resources, and a lack of knowledge for how to incorporate the subject into their curricula,” reads the joint letter from Jewish organizations. 

To say nothing of Pablo who speaks no English and doesn't know how to use a toilet, Barkevious standing on a desk "rapping" about its penis, Moe-ham-head and his "cool clock" and Johnny who is regularly attacked for being White. Into this roiling ocean of pathology and pathetic, moronic evil it's important that we introduce a pack of semitic lies whenever possible. We'll incorporate it into every subject! Today in holohoax math we'll be learning how the total is always six million, even as the numbers we're adding steadily decrease. In Science we'll be discussing how you can put a peddle in your mouth and then won't need to drink water for several years. History is, of course, already a steady vomit stream of muh slavery, White Man Bad and homicidal shower rooms.

“This program will help teachers overcome these barriers at no additional cost to the taxpayer.”

Destroying the hated gentiles even takes precedence over worshiping the almighty shekel.

The bill also says that Holocaust education programs should serve as “a means to raise awareness about the importance of preventing genocide, hate, and bigotry against any group of people.”
This will teach you about bigotry, goyim. In unrelated news, we think you're unclean cattle who should be killed or enslaved.

“Learning how and why the Holocaust happened is an important component of the education of citizens of the United States.”

It should be the only requirement for citizenship. What's more all-American than slavish devotion to the jews and their lies?

Democratic Congressmen Carolyn B. Maloney, Nita Lowey and Eliot Engel of New York, Ted Deutch of Florida and Marc Veasey of Texas, as well as Republicans Dan Donovan of New York, Peter Roskam of Illinois, Kay Granger of Texas and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, co-authored the legislation. 

Muh democracy. Ruled over by satanic yids.

Trust me.


  1. Man, do they have a nasty surprise coming.

    On Judgement Day, it'll be a sight to see when the so-called Chosenites discover that, contrary to what they previously believed about themselves, they are MAYBE 1/12 (or 1/6, at the very most) of God's Elect.

    There is clear distinction all through the Bible (not the devil-inspired Talmud) that the House of Israel and the House of Judah are two SEPARATE entities. The latter group is made up of 2 out of the 12 Tribes, primarily those of Judah and Benjamin, and they are indeed "Jewish". However, the former group makes up the vast majority of God's Elect: 10 out of the 12 Tribes. Unlike their cousins, The House of Israel is NOT Jewish.

    Those "lost" 10 Tribes of Israel, Issac's Sons, may have spiritual amnesia, but they're most certainly not lost.

    We created and populated the entire West, the former lands of Christendom, and have been blessing the world for 2,000 years while our devious, wicked cousins have been plotting against us. We are the Saxons, and it appears we are waking up.

    I sincerely hope to witness the day God pays the Jews back for their centuries-long treachery.


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