There's a Word for That

Forgive the short absence, it had everything to do with temporarily losing my internet access here in the secret Arctic not-see base from which these postings emanate and nothing at all to do with becoming an unperson or a victim of a "random" attack. Please watch the following amazing video.

We now have an all-purpose response to the weaponized treacle our jew enemy likes to deploy against us. Let's try it out.

"I read today about a baby may-hee-can with Down Syndrome, two left hands, transgenderism and a face that isn't all that pretty being stuffed into a doggie cage by evil fascists on the open border of our rapidly dying country."

"Whomp whomp."

"Six million precious jews were systematically murdered in homicidal gas chambers and turned into cleaning products and living room furniture."

"Barkevious, a good boy who was just about to turn his life around and go to college, was gunned down by "racist" police after he pointed a gun at them."

"Look at this poor dead sand monster washed up on the beach. You are now morally required to allow your ancestral homelands to be invaded by millions of fighting-age moon cultists."

"Did you hear about the poor children hurt by barrel bombs (like in Donkey Kong?) full of deadly nerve agents in Syria? We need to go to war there for the jew (and let in all the rapefugees this insane kosher intervention will cause).

"You can't nuke that Xenomorph nest from orbit! The installation has a certain monetary value attached to it!"

We're not going to allow our jewish enemy to use our empathy and sense of justice, qualities completely lacking in the racial inferiors they're attacking us with, against us any longer. Hear a semitic tear-jerker? Whomp whomp, mudda fudda.


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