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We Awakened the Sleeping Golem

A shocking and highly credible incident recently occurred in Indiana when "not-see" symbols were crudely spray-painted on the refuse shed of a synagogue. Yes, instead of attacking the actual satan house the evil "racists" kindly selected a minor side building for their "hate." This was very considerate. Even more shocking, the symbols of nawrtzee evil were actually correctly made, for the most part. That triple digit jewish I.Q. doe. Certainly there are no elements in this 100% legitimate hate crime that suggest "Hey rabbi, watcha doin?!?" Now we must come together as a community to denounce "anti-semitism" and remove the rights of the hated shkotzim who forced us to do late night painting so we could use it as a cudgel against healthy White America, I mean attacked our sacred crap shack.

More than 1,000 community leaders, faith leaders and residents filled the Congregation Shaarey Tefilla Monday evening in a massive show of support to …

The Real Superhero

A Holocaust survivor turned out to be the real superhero at the Comic-Con convention in Southern California.

Meet your newest hero, shkotzim! It's the amazing Holohoax Jewess, the chosenite with the magical carpet bag and direct line to g*d. Able to be gassed six times and survive, the owner of the world's only ballpoint pen in the early 1940s, capable of going without water thanks to a miracle mouth-pebble, possessing super vision that can identify the ethnicity of victims based on the color of crematoria smoke, more powerful than a deportation train locomotive, able to leap over and destroy your traditional institutions in a single marxist bound! Look, hiding in the back of the globalist bank! It's an infiltrator! It's a nation-wrecker! It's Super Jew!!!

Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax, 90, who survived three Nazi concentration camps, was the main draw of a panel on “Art During the Holocaust” at the popular convention last week in San Diego. 

LOL. Meet Goldmanova Sachs, w…

An Unpleasant Experience

At the gym where I train strength and endurance for the ultimate race war, they have a talmudvision in the locker room set to the sports channel. As I was walking over to pull the plug, as much a part of my workout ritual as the strict form squats and paused bench press, I heard the negro panel discussing how to remove the few remaining Whites in the Negro Felon League. 85% non-White is, apparently, not a sufficient amount of "diversity." This sort of open hostility toward Legacy America is quite common in Current Year, but it was still surprising that a rapidly failing semitic Liberia Ball monopoly would continue to push an extreme anti-White agenda, even at the cost of millions of shekels. We finally found something the jew loves more than the dollar almighty: destroying the hated shkotzim.

Even so, there's always the amateur Rwanda Rugby, right? Passively watch the dusky "student athletes" in the SEC (Systemically Excluding Caucasians) conference, suck on yo…

The Piles of Garbage Movement

We need to open the borders, empty the prisons, abolish the rule of law and give everyone lots of free things. This opening sentence is getting closer and closer to accurately describing the national vision of the American leftist. While Nationalism struggles to rebuild the damage caused by decades of "We'll just run away from the rot and I'll be safely dead by the time it really becomes a problem" jewish century big boomin', the cultural marxists continue to drift toward the complete and total insanity that obviously wrong ideas like "We're all equal!" will eventually necessitate. Obviously, this is a struggle we can't afford to lose. A restored nation state or a constantly burning hell populated by vaguely humanoid creatures fresh from a nightmare: these are the choices. As the battle comes to a head, the delusional communist useful idiots make their final pitch and leave behind heaps of litter.

Cleanup has begun at what, for five weeks, was th…

Cucktianity: A Very Serious Sin

I care about my family, my country and my race. None of this requires an apology. Suicide is a sin, after all, not a virtue. To restore our nations we must also restore healthy traditions and spirituality. We can longer passively cede moral authority to scumbags that want us raped, murdered and replaced by brown slaves. Simple put, we're the good guys and they're the villains, criminals, delusional weaklings and hypocrites wrapping themselves in White robes and proclaiming their righteousness while calling down destruction on everything that matters. We've got a pope that belongs on a rope and an army of pathetic cucks acting as another enemy within, in concert with the jew behind all the attacks. The days of respecting these people and the insane drivel they bleat out are over.

An Italian bishop has said that he would be willing to see an end to Christianity and the dominion of Islam if it meant saving migrants’ lives, Italian media reported Monday.

The battle for the soul…

After Further Investigation

Forcing all races, religions and cultures together in a hellish nightmare state is not only the best possible idea, it's the unstoppable final stage of history. When the inevitable conflict occurs in this hominid Petri dish, it's obviously the fault of evil White "racists" and definitely not biologically preordained reality that can't be wished away with jewish communism or muh talmud. Yes, something needs to be done about those wicked Legacy Americans that aren't dying fast enough. They'll even impotently resist the brown tidal wave drowning everything they care about in highly dubious incidents. Just the other day I heard the shocking story of an innocent and virtuous moon cultist who was the victim of "hate." Shame. Shame. Shame.

A server at a Texas steakhouse who went viral for sharing what appeared to be a racist message from a customer lied about what happened, his employer said. 

Well, the important thing is it could have happened and we a…

Chiraq: That's How We Roll

It takes a special kind of reality denial to look at the negro animal and think to yourself "That's fully human." The "African-American" is so obviously divergent from and inferior to other people groups that pretending we're somehow going to turn them into cut-rate Whites, after decades of spending and bleeding, goes beyond mere stupidity, weakness and cowardice. This is the pathological modern White tendency toward comfort, "justice" and conflict-avoidance that our jewish enemy preyed upon. At some point we made a deal with the semitic devil: we'll pretend this worthless dark dog shit is our "equal," in exchange for a few decades of prosperity before the darkness closes in from all sides. Now, kosher satan is here to collect. Fortunately, the new generation of Whites is not so feckless. The disastrous jewish century, the age of lies, is over. We're going to reclaim our lands.

At least 39 people were shot over the weekend across …

Paul Ryan Battles "Racism," Promotes Cuckservative Values

The biggest danger facing our coming utopia of open borders, eroding rule of law, soulless materialism, spiritual poison and demographic disaster is the vile evil of "nationalism" and "racism," or, if you prefer, what every sane White person used to believe before the disastrous jewish century. If we're going to have our strident kosher bazaar, you'd better stop caring about your race, your family or your nation and start stepping aside for your replacements, namely the mindless brown slaves promised by the talmud. If you're still not convinced, here's the biggest cuck and useful idiot in Washington to explain why may-hee-can and moose-limb invasion, total negro savagery and jewish usury actually represent the founding vision of American. It sure wasn't race and soil, that's for sure.

Conservatives should "fight back" against the alt-right and white nationalists, and do a better job reclaiming classic terms to stamp out identity pol…

About to Go Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread it far and wide.

You're watching a preview of the coming all against all, where worthless "diversity" attacks itself after the Whites who tolerated this demographic disaster are dead or fled. Maybe the jew wasn't entirely honest with us when it was promising lavish pensions and docile little brown people to do jobs that are icky or difficult. Instead, the mule of the world encroaches on a "whip" and begins going "ham" on another mud monster with what looks like a security baton. And I'm proud to be an Amurr-kwan, where at least I know I'm free.

Another Hottentot wanders into the frame, a proud black women who don't need no man, full of grim determination to assist in Aunt Jemima's club rampage. In a bit of artistic brilliance, wacky music normally associated with comedy "blooper" reels plays over this footage of the coming cannibal state. The death of ou…

A Random Incident in Norway

We need a lot more foreign invasion in White homelands. If you don't believe me, ask anyone: the cultural marxist true believer, the international banker, the "conservative" false opposition, the cuck-o-lick priest, the religion of peace jihadan building up a terrorist cell, the delusional White do-gooder or even the jew nation-wrecker behind it all. They'll all agree, the death of your nation is a great thing. The enemygrant will pay for your retirement (moose-limbs don't age), do the jobs you won't (collect generous welfare payments) and add incredible enrichment to your otherwise bland and dull Nordic home (murders, rapes, grenade attacks, self-driving trucks, etc.). If you have a problem with any of this, you're a "racist," the worst sin you can commit other than not dying.

An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested after an 18-year-old Norwegian cashier was stabbed to death in an apparent random attack while working at a store in his tiny, ru…

The Mere Presence of a Weapon

Yesterday's subject was the tragic death of an armed 37-year-old "teen" at the hands of "racist" police in the Chiraq all against all. In final analysis, I might have been too hasty in my judgment of the dead tar monster. Because I'm fair and balanced and full of inoffensive moderate opinions, today I'm going to offer some of my formidable internet platform to a faceless cultural marxist who is an expert on the "intersections" of race. No, we're not going to be tracing DNA ancestry, this just means it's a communist who also participates in the modern kosher victim racket. I can't wait to hear what this "marginalized" voice of color has to say about the failed Michael Brown audition in the Chicongo zoo.

The recent fatal shooting of a black man by a Chicago police officer has sparked an intense community reaction, prompting the police department to swiftly release body camera footage in an effort to defuse tensions.

This &qu…

Chiraq: The Community Needs Answers

In cities completely annexed by Africa, the search for the next Michael Brown continues against a backdrop of savage tribal warfare, staggering negro idiocy and "wuh bee muh rahts" screeching. The tar monster lives matter and the White "five oh" are obviously "races" against good boys who are busy slowly correcting their pathological and damaging existence and preparing to go to college. Now we just need a single scrap of legitimate evidence to support this grotesque jew-promoted lunacy. The auditions continue in the Bodymore all against all, in Detroit Rot City and the Midwest Mogadishu. All of them are disappointments, but there's no shortage of worthless and violent living fossil "babies" getting blasted while "unarmed." We'll find the pervasive but invisible "racism," even if we have to blatantly manipulate facts to do it. Then everything will burn.

The man shot and killed by police in Chicago in the United States …

This Heinous Act

When it comes to phony hate crimes, cynically and lazily performed by racial inferiors to encourage violence against normal White America, there doesn't seem to be an example so obviously false that the entire corrupt system won't spring into action. We'll get pompous speeches about "who we are," national media coverage from kosher fake news outlets, blowhard promises to severely punish the imaginary White "racists" and every alphabet soup agency from the depths of the swamp deploying itself at great expense. Then the entire pyramid of bullshit collapses under its own weight, Barkevious or Shlomo is caught with paint-covered hands and suddenly there's other things the goyim need to know about (Russians "hacked" the election!). Consider this example from back in June, featuring what might be the most obviously faked attack on an innocent "minority" dirtball.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Michigan chapter is offering a …