A Random Incident in Norway

We need a lot more foreign invasion in White homelands. If you don't believe me, ask anyone: the cultural marxist true believer, the international banker, the "conservative" false opposition, the cuck-o-lick priest, the religion of peace jihadan building up a terrorist cell, the delusional White do-gooder or even the jew nation-wrecker behind it all. They'll all agree, the death of your nation is a great thing. The enemygrant will pay for your retirement (moose-limbs don't age), do the jobs you won't (collect generous welfare payments) and add incredible enrichment to your otherwise bland and dull Nordic home (murders, rapes, grenade attacks, self-driving trucks, etc.). If you have a problem with any of this, you're a "racist," the worst sin you can commit other than not dying.

An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested after an 18-year-old Norwegian cashier was stabbed to death in an apparent random attack while working at a store in his tiny, rural hometown.

Random incident, completely isolated tragedy, unlikely to ever happen again, go back to sleep. It sure is odd how these "random" occurrences never happened before the moon cult invasion, but you could go to prison for saying anything so keep that rictus smile on your face and keep agreeing with whatever the poisonous mushroom tells you to believe. It's bliss.

At just before 10 pm on Saturday night, police were called to an attack at the Coop supermarket in Vadsø,  said local media, reporting that victim Håvard Pedersen was found with cuts to the throat, and declared dead shortly after emergency services arrived at the scene. 

It's a small price to pay for the fleeting rush of virtue when the boat vomits out its sand monster contents, eager to loot and destroy. You're "doing the right thing." You're a hero and an example for all. Throat slashed. Bled out on the floor of a consumerist temple, a sweet savor to the kosher Ba'al we kneel before in cowardly obeisance.

With the help of a private boat after the suspect jumped into the sea, police arrested a 17-year-old Afghan at just before 8 am on Sunday morning. He was questioned by detectives on Monday, when they told reporters it was “too early to say if the 18-year-old was a random victim.”

Be aware that this "teenage" piece of foreign dog shit is probably at least 35. We must save the "children," defined as fighting age criminals seeking "random" Eloi to hack to pieces and feast upon. Does this prove we're not "xenophobic?" I sure hope so.

They're really grateful for our suicidal weakness.

At a press conference in Vadsø, which has a population of just 5,064 people, Finnmark police prosecutor Ylva Helen Kvikstad said the suspect had arrived in Norway in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor and was given a temporary residence permit.

Your tiny Scandinavian village must be flooded with moon cultist "minors." An indigenous population is targeted for destruction by the satanic jew and its biological weapons. This is genocide.

“As far as I know, there was no pending deportation decision hanging over him,” she said, adding that the suspect “seems to be fine, other than the very serious charges he is facing”.

The important thing is that moe-ham-head is fine after that insignificant unpleasantness we're going to forget about. We certainly aren't going to deport the enemy army or resist it in any way. Our kosher eulogy is going to be full of so much faint praise when the maggot-riddled corpse of our country and people is lowered into the frozen ground, I can't wait. 

Acting mayor of the town, Otto Strand, said it was “outrageous to think that such a tragic event could strike someone just going about their everyday business”, but stressed that “there are some tens of asylum seeking minors in Vadsø”.

It sure is shocking, but the important thing is that we need a lot more cube worshiping animals in our formerly happy and healthy community.

The murder provoked some discussion on social media, according to regional newspaper Adresseavisen, which reported that the victim’s family believe it is important not to focus on the fact the 17-year-old suspected killer is not Norwegian.

You lose what's almost certainly your only child to horrific violence perpetrated by a desert alien and your first concern is making sure you don't get called mean names by the enemy that wants you violently dead and already destroyed your bloodline. Wake. The. Fuck. Up. It's a hard truth, but there's a lot of Whites that simply aren't salvageable and will have to be cast out of our restored nations to join the non-White sewage they so vigorously defended. Then they'll be devoured and forgotten.

Representing Pedersen’s close relatives, legal counsel Edel Hennie Olsen said the family “does not want any speculation” over the case, telling NTB: “They have no desire for this to be presented in such a way that it could end up encouraging racism.”

Yes, anything but that! If we learn the obvious lesson from this sickening crime we dishonor the victim. Let's pretend everything is fine. I'm no "racist," no sir. Why are you pressing that scimitar into my exposed neck? I apologize, I shouldn't have asked, that's culturally insensitive. Well, off to the grave.

One of the victim’s co-workers said that he had sounded the alarm over the Afghan two weeks before the murder, reporting that authorities responsible for refugees and asylum seekers in Vadsø had dismissed his concerns.

The West in current year. We knew this alien turd was dangerous, but authorities were afraid of being called names, so a free range Norwegian had to die. Murder victims, 40 years of child-rape, whatever. Being called "islamophobic" by a semitic enemy that wants you completely destroyed? We would literally rather die.

Police confirmed that they had spoken to the teenager on two occasions within the last month after reports of “annoying behaviour”, NRK said, reporting officers had “explained [to the suspect] that, among other things, he should not be following young girls”.

R.I.P. Norway. I don't know what else I can even say about this vile horror. I'm getting physically ill. Sold out for shekels and a cynically manipulated desire to help others. No one cares. A tiny White minority, surrounded on all sides by worthless dark monsters, abandoned and betrayed by our greatest ally the traveling merchant, all alone and backed against the wall. Don't follow those young girls, moe. If it isn't too much trouble, I mean. You know what? Never mind.

Conservative Norwegian news website Document commented that the case bears a number of striking similarities to a knife attack in July last year, when a 15-year-old girl with an Afghan background fatally stabbed 17-year-old Marie Skuland and seriously injured a 23-year-old Norwegian woman at a Coop in a mall near Kristiansand. 



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