About to Go Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread it far and wide.

You're watching a preview of the coming all against all, where worthless "diversity" attacks itself after the Whites who tolerated this demographic disaster are dead or fled. Maybe the jew wasn't entirely honest with us when it was promising lavish pensions and docile little brown people to do jobs that are icky or difficult. Instead, the mule of the world encroaches on a "whip" and begins going "ham" on another mud monster with what looks like a security baton. And I'm proud to be an Amurr-kwan, where at least I know I'm free.

Another Hottentot wanders into the frame, a proud black women who don't need no man, full of grim determination to assist in Aunt Jemima's club rampage. In a bit of artistic brilliance, wacky music normally associated with comedy "blooper" reels plays over this footage of the coming cannibal state. The death of our country has a dignity all its own. Incredibly, we get even more "diversity" as a wise la-teen-ah leisurely enters the fray. With her siesta interrupted by the monkeyshines, conflict seems inevitable. I'm sure glad we had slavery and then open borders, both encouraged by the jew under the guise of "economic necessity," the legacy of our bargains with the semitic devil is truly incredible.

Eventually, after taking several more blows with the rod of correction, the final dusky actor in this taut drama is able to disgorge that brown body (Ah!) from the "rizz-ide" and engage its fellow racial inferior in a modified Greco-Roman clinch. Elsewhere, in a metaphor for the coming political climate if we fail, the health at any size shegress and the cheap lettuce and twenty brown children factory also enter into brawl ridiculous. At this point, a White boomer attempts to intervene, horse-collaring a coal monster to the ground, while a few feet away the may-hee-can invader is getting wrecked by the morlockess. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 2020 Democrat Party Convention.

 Vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Without any true resolution, the ugly scene ends. Did the la-teen-ex somehow turn the tables? Could Boomer Bill wrangle two wild nightmare animals in time to continue spending his children's inheritance on empty materialism? We'll never know. We are informed that the more aggressive genetic aliens will now be charged by our "racist" justice system and, presumably, punished unfairly because of the "color of their skin." 

She a good girl, she didn't do [anything].


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