An Unpleasant Experience

At the gym where I train strength and endurance for the ultimate race war, they have a talmudvision in the locker room set to the sports channel. As I was walking over to pull the plug, as much a part of my workout ritual as the strict form squats and paused bench press, I heard the negro panel discussing how to remove the few remaining Whites in the Negro Felon League. 85% non-White is, apparently, not a sufficient amount of "diversity." This sort of open hostility toward Legacy America is quite common in Current Year, but it was still surprising that a rapidly failing semitic Liberia Ball monopoly would continue to push an extreme anti-White agenda, even at the cost of millions of shekels. We finally found something the jew loves more than the dollar almighty: destroying the hated shkotzim.

Even so, there's always the amateur Rwanda Rugby, right? Passively watch the dusky "student athletes" in the SEC (Systemically Excluding Caucasians) conference, suck on your ball gag, try not to think about what a sick joke this entire rotten edifice is. Moronic tar creatures who can barely read or write are placed in "higher education" to play a degenerate child's game and are rewarded with illegal paychecks, worship from gelded White losers and unlimited access to snow hoes who are attending marxist "White man bad" courses in between getting raped by these evolutionary dead-ends. Sometimes we get a trial years later, where a completely debased victim is shut down by some jew attorney and the foul sickness and evil quietly continues because "Look at that monkey run!" and scoring the big "tug" is more important to many Whites than the future of our embattled people.

A woman who says she was raped by two former Tennessee football players testified Wednesday and explained why she initially told police she didn't want the men arrested. 

Somehow this case has received little attention from the pound sign me too brigade. The silence from kosher "women's rights" groups is deafening. The jew feminists took the day off. A shattered woman who lost her soul to the evils of our spiritually leprous modern world must stand alone against the entire crooked apparatus dedicated to making sure a Sudan Soccer team wins at least six or seven entire games each year. A 28-24 "bowl" record is not cheaply purchased and certain sacrifices, like your daughters, must be made.

She says A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams raped her during a party at Johnson's apartment Nov. 16, 2014, hours after a Tennessee football victory over Kentucky.

Before you get on your high horse about this sickening glimpse into the profound ugliness of a dying nation, let me remind you that they were able to beat "Blue" in the big game.

"They looked like animals," the woman said. "I was intimidated."

Yeah. No kidding. Creatures straight from a nightmare claim a free-range White (I'm assuming, the name of the victim wasn't released) as a war trophy. It was worth it, I really like watching them pile on top of each other and run around while I stare at the wall and sometimes pretend to "direct."

Super Orc sex monster.

Johnson was a star linebacker and Williams was a defensive back for Tennessee at the time, though they were suspended from the team less than 48 hours after the party and never played for the Volunteers again. Each faces two counts of aggravated rape.

Wow, what a hero. An innocent "African-American" who was a really good linebacker loses its gravy train of Zulu war captives, "bling" and endless White obsequiousness via "racist" accusations. Maffin Luffah Kang died for nothing.

Defense lawyers have said the woman intentionally had sex with both men at the same time and lied that she was raped afterward.

The jewish legal team swings into action. Nutty and slutty, Your Honor. Every shiksa wants to be brutally violated by two schwoogies at the same time. Despite decades of kosher miscegenation and promiscuity indoctrination, this is still not the case.

Jew lawyer defends the biological weapon it unleashed.

The woman has acknowledged having consensual sex with Johnson on two occasions prior to the evening in question. She was at the November 2014 party with a friend visiting from out of state when the two of them went to Johnson's room with Johnson and Williams.
If you don't talk to your daughter about racial reality someone else will (the telavivision chosenite) with predictable and disastrous consequences.

Her friend testified earlier this week that Williams tried forcing her into sexual activity at the same time before the friend got away and left the room.

Go to college, gentiles! Rack up massive pound of flesh debt, tour the depths of the negro sewer and leave an unemployable, soulless ruin. You can't use bankruptcy to remove the usury, by the way. Don't even think about it.

"If the encounter had ended there, I would have left the room and described it to myself as an unpleasant experience but wouldn't have reported it as rape," the woman said.

We'll just chalk up my rape by an ape as some unpleasantness to forget about, but then the second coal monster started rutting away.

She said Williams left but returned a minute or two later and locked the door at Johnson's suggestion. She said Johnson then stepped aside as Williams started to rape her. She said she immediately started saying "no" and asking to leave, but that both men put their hands on her mouth.

The content of their character. When the pathology of the American White (We're all equal, I love negro ball, no one is going to hurt me, etc.) intersects with the pathology of the American negro.

The woman said the two men took turns raping her at first, then they both raped her at the same time. She said that when it was over, Williams yelled at her to stop crying.

We need a lot more of this in Wyoming. Think of how it would improve your Eritrea Eggball team! 

Stephen Ross Johnson, who represents A.J. Johnson but isn't related to him, noted how she had told an investigator she had thought there was a possibility she might have sex with A.J. Johnson that night.

Isn't related to negro client.

"I took [his] question to mean, would it have been outlandish for me to think if A.J. and I had been alone in his room, that sex would have occurred," the woman said Wednesday. "No, that's not out of the question. But what he didn't ask was did I think sex was going to occur with [my friend] and Michael in the room."

If you want to press that big red button, Mr. Putin, I wouldn't blame you.

Woooo! Having our women destroyed by the jew and their dark weapons is the tits, bro!"


  1. Heretic, you are the Jonathan Swift of our age. Saeva indignatio and the courage to write the truth. It's heartening to know there's another MAN out there - perhaps Many! We will win.

  2. Agreed Dennis. Also with a dash of humor, often like Swift as well. I simply cannot believe that it is "normal" or seen to be normal in this day and age for young white girls to routinely have sex with these black sports players who are just one level above an animal. They are all about their base needs - they want food, air, and sex. I would not be surprised to see one beat his chest. One thing is for sure, the damage that's been done by the marxist New School for Social Research, otherwise known as the Frankfurt School - then Columbia University - has done serious damage to our nation and the western world in general. Of course there is no doubt that the primary religious affiliation of these players has been Jewish - and anyone who claims that there is not a chain of Jews through media, Hollywood, academia, government, NGO's, and zillions of Jewish Organizations for the Continued Debasement of the White Christian People of the World (((JOCDWCPW) too bad it doesn't roll off the tongue better....))) is being deliberately obtuse or desperate to avoid the truth. There's no other way. Modern Heretic is essential reading for them all.


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