Chiraq: The Community Needs Answers

In cities completely annexed by Africa, the search for the next Michael Brown continues against a backdrop of savage tribal warfare, staggering negro idiocy and "wuh bee muh rahts" screeching. The tar monster lives matter and the White "five oh" are obviously "races" against good boys who are busy slowly correcting their pathological and damaging existence and preparing to go to college. Now we just need a single scrap of legitimate evidence to support this grotesque jew-promoted lunacy. The auditions continue in the Bodymore all against all, in Detroit Rot City and the Midwest Mogadishu. All of them are disappointments, but there's no shortage of worthless and violent living fossil "babies" getting blasted while "unarmed." We'll find the pervasive but invisible "racism," even if we have to blatantly manipulate facts to do it. Then everything will burn.

The man shot and killed by police in Chicago in the United States over the weekend appeared to reach for a gun in his waistband in body camera footage released by authorities yesterday. 

Yeah. So it would "appear."

Nightmare animal wasn't actually unarmed after all, imagine that.

Chicago police released two versions of the same video. One of the versions showed the events in real time and the other was in slow motion. Both versions showed four officers approaching Harith Augustus, 37.

LOL. Meet noble Caesar, reborn as a 60 I.Q. shit creature. This 37-year-old "teen" was cruelly taken from us by the blue klan for no reason. It's obvious from watching the slow motion footage that this animal didn't do [anything]. These new body cameras are going to expose all the "racism," you'll see, they promised. Instead we got a front row seat for the predictable failure of completely incompatible alien monsters that need to be returned to Africa.

In the video, officers tried to grab Augustus, who pushes the officers' arms away and flails his arms. 

The negro has a certain quiet dignity and smooth "cool" about it, just ask the jew who creates the fictionalized versions of this two-legged virus. Tonight on "Doctor Liberia," Dr. Barkevious Napoleon is pulled over by a lynch mob with badges and must survive "racist" grabbing. 

It was reaching for a sandwich and/or a poetry anthology.

Augustus then rolls over the hood of a police vehicle and appears to reach to the right side of his waistband, where police say they saw a gun.

We have the actual footage, fake news. We can dispense with the "allegedly." I mean, are you going to believe the poisonous mushroom or your lying eyes? You don't want to get called names, you unclean gentile.

Neither of the videos has sound, said Superintendent of Police Eddie T. Johnson, because the first 30 seconds of audio buffers as soon as the videos are activated.

Now we'll never know if this criminal groid "couldn't breathe."

Johnson also said the video has been edited to zoom in, freeze and slow down on key parts (like showing the waistband).

It's obviously been edited to conceal the "racism!" 80 I.Q. magic negro grapples with the amazing magic hoodoo of the White man. "Wuh it bee slowin, mudda fudda?" wonders the Top Cop, as its yellowed eyes struggle to absorb this novel stimuli and drool escapes its gaping maw. 

Completely unqualified negro token and its jew handler.

"Last night was a very difficult situation for everyone involved. On one hand we had a loss of life, which no matter the circumstances is always tragic," he told media yesterday.

Losing this dangerous and moronic jungle creature is an unbelievable tragedy, like something from Shakespeare or Sophocles, we're all busted up.

Police initially approached Augustus because "they thought (he) might be armed," Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said over the weekend.

Are you sure it wasn't just a "racist" opportunity to harass a completely innocent and wonderful "African-American," because that seems much more likely.

Augustus was shot in the altercation and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police recovered a weapon at the scene, but the slain man did not fire his gun at officers.

Thank you for the resume, but there's clear pictures of your "nine" and even video of you trying to deploy it. The fact that you died is a plus, of course, but it's getting a lot harder to push these deceitful kosher narratives on a White population suffering from severe negro fatigue. Next!

Asked if the man had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Waller said, "As we know right now, he did not." Yesterday, Johnson confirmed that Augustus did not have a conceal carry permit.

Yeah. I was surprised, too. The genetic alien not obeying laws? Pretty incredible.

Local residents had asked for more police presence in the area where the shooting took place but as news of Augustus' death spread, protesters took to the streets on Saturday night.

"Wee bee wantin moe pigs up in dem streeets, but dey can't bee doin nuffin wann dey durr." Equal parts demon and child, a failed branch of humanity, the only humane solution is there removal from White nations.

Some threw rocks and bottles at police while one protester could be seen stomping on the hood of a police car. At least four people were arrested and several officers were injured.

The content of their character. The negro should begin approximating the minimum standards of civilized behavior tomorrow.

The city's Civilian Office of Police Accountability said it is committed to a thorough, objective and unbiased investigation of the shooting. It asked for the public's patience and cooperation.

Please don't burn down the entire city. We're going to waste lots of time and money investigating this open-and-shut case of negro pathology. 

Full Story.

A useful image for muh thorough and objective investigation.


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